The program F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is on the right track, but still some major steps to be done, said Pentagon officials at a meeting of the Senate Commission on June 19, reports Defense News.
«Overall, the programm now works steadily, but there are still some technical prepyadstviya pending its own decision,» said MPs arranged Assistant Secretary of Defense Procurement, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall (Frank Kendall). Will complete the development of software blocks, sverhtehnologichny pilot’s helmet, also brake hook for deck variant F-35C.
«I believe that the example program became more stable than it was before. Plane fifth generation is needed for our military aviation, but we made some mistakes in the acquisition process. But I hope that this meeting will allow us to learn from these mistakes. If we create a technique to counter the threats of the future to come, and will use the requirements and technology 12 years ago (possibly refers to the year of the first flight of F-35 layout — approx. «VP»), we will make mistakes, «said Chairman of the Subcommittee Senator Dick Durbin (Dick Durbin).
Managing programs from Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan (Christopher Bogdan) once again warned against the continuing danger of «parallelism in development», which leads to higher prices for the program and the need to make «numerous bug» in the process of finishing all 3 versions of the aircraft.
It was also produced a report that South American fighters in the initial configuration of the combat units will be equipped with software Block 2B (for the F-35B, 2015, and the F-35A, 2016) and Block 3F (for the F-35C, should be ready for delivery at the end of 2017), and for foreign air force will be developed Block 3I (possibly stands for International — «International» — approx. «VP»).
Development of the initial packet Block 2A with disabilities was to be completed in February this year, but in practice it will be done somewhere between January and August 2014, flight tests later version Block 2B, likely to last until December 2014 (the backlog of schedule from 6 to 12 months).
Government Accountability Office Director Michael Sullivan (Michael Sullivan) said that when negotiating the purchase of the seventh installment of fighters will be completed, the Pentagon will send about 34 billion dollars for the purchase of the next 150 aircraft. In his view, the criteria when completed only the least half the required amount of flight tests, the program F-35 as before will be vulnerable to «the effects of parallelism.»

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