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Temple-fortress, Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, that Murovanka, much more fortunate. Although the church has nothing to do with his pashtovachnym views. In the church rests a small village street, where half of the homes have already been uninhabited. Towers battlements towering over the slate roofs of the village dying. I came, when the church service had just ended. Several of old peasant women reluctantly went out into the yard.

Older"All we wanted to do. And the composition. And flax stored. Were all destroyed. Then another, and lightning struck. And burned our church. But a little burnt. Quickly extinguished. Now go and pray. As has become all things are possible. "

Reporter"And here, in Murovanka, which tourists come?"

Older"Come. A lot happens. And far and near. And the big buses. Most come. "

That's what really lucky muravanskay church, so this is an unofficial guide. A former teacher, a resident Murovanka Elena Rudinskiy just in love with these walls. About the temple she can talk for hours. And happily it does for all guests Murovanka. She knows it seems every little stories and each brick.

Helena"We in the church have such a brick, which were lined with vaults of the temple. And even see where they were reach. Brick, which is called a "royal lily." Which symbolizes purity and virginity of the Mother of God. And our church was consecrated in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Will show a brick with the imprint of the cat's feet. I'll show you a piece of tile, which was a temple covered. The roof was not used to that. Perhaps you want to climb the tower and to see it all. These towers are preserved stairs. "

I have had the honor — gave rise to the temple tower. A narrow spiral staircase, built of polished bricks for pavtysyachagoddya, led me to a small platform from which opened a fantastic view of the surrounding hills. The most lyapidarny landscape, when viewed through the ancient battlements, immediately acquires historic charm. Especially when you consider how much blood has been shed on these very steps.

Helena"A lot of that can be told. And about the Cossacks, who in 1656, the year were here. Detachment of Cossacks rushed to the temple. At that time the church was Uniate. Just because the temple was plundered by the Cossacks. Even the killing of one of the priests, Theodosius Baratynskii . At that time, the ill-fated church was robbed twice. Uniate-bazylyanin Roman rozhitsami entered the Murovanka, frightened locals that if the Cossacks appear, everyone can pick up. And a lot of that took on the vault. Ummm. Somewhere left the monastery. stayed there. summer of 1915. Temple turned into a storage facility for prisoners. And the best of the icons, and five bells, and church things were taken to Moscow diocesan office. How evacuated and taken out. And the altar Part converted to zernyaskhovishcha. icon "Last Supper" was shot. revalvernyh Five holes of shots. "

The abbot of the temple, the young priest Michael Marinkina, sees the main problem of the church in its zanyadbanastsi. By the way, is not the first time I notice with pleasure that young priests bad Belarusian.

Michal"In fact, there is a problem. Everybody says that something must be done. That the Ministry of Culture should help such a monument. And in fact, to help financially, this yet. Much to our regret. All in name only. Although you can find many information about the church on the Internet and in the guidebooks. "

However much I looked into the church wall, and a large decline and have not found the naked eye.

Michal"Here, the walls need repair. Roof. We would like the church to look historically. Make the roof of shingles. But in order to conduct research and so on, all of this takes money. And because the church is in the rural areas, rural parish does not have this ability — to make money. There is much to be done, to not be ashamed in front of tourists from Europe. "

Reporter"And where did you survive?"

Michal"From prayer to God."

However, after numerous scandals unscientific restoration, after which the Belarusian temples overgrown siding and golden bulbs such neglect does not scare me. These walls stand for more than a century. A tile can wait a scientific basis. Surprised more. At the Minsk columnar no tourist pointer that would have brought tourists to this masterpiece. The words of the priest's wife Helen, a pretty young woman.

Helena"Previously, there was a small pointer. But due to the fact that widen the road, it was removed. And the billboard had to put on the left of the gas station. "

Reporter"You want to put a billboard on their own?"

Helena"We were promised praspansiravats. Image of the Temple, photography. How to get there. After all, many winds. Go to one Mozheikovo. But where should we have five million? "

Reporter"What's going on here, and the funeral rites of baptism?"

Helena"Three or four baptism for the year. Once a month the funeral. "

My attention was drawn to the song "Yas mowed clover," which resounded from one of the courtyards. Sang a song with all his woman — he could hear a little tipsy. I followed the voice and found a strange group of six people of different gender and age. But the combined noble idea to spend the night for a reason. Judging by a few empty bottles, the evening was just beginning. tangle-legs have added peace of mind and have not instilled aggressiveness. I have gone in vain. 'Cause I told the amazing and mysterious story that recently occurred in the area.

Girl"You know that in Lida Dozhinki be?"

Woman"They say that Lukashenko would kill for …"

Reporter"Who said that?"

Woman"Grandpa old."


Girl"You know what, honestly? As. The girls went to Minsk to sell the car. It was a ride to my grandfather. Stopped. The villages of this grandfather. And I myself, they do not inquire of him — he said, "Girls. Machine you today, nobody will buy it. Houses will go will be a big trouble. A" Dozhinki "will be the last in my life. And there will be many deaths in Lida." They drove these girls home, in their car no one bought. It is a man hitch-hiked. They put him to her. Just look back, where his drive, and he's already dead. "

Woman"People in Lida. I believe and not believe. All Lida says. Last Dozhinki and the last of his way. And for what it clean? Some years may. Maybe it was invented? Who knows … "

I promised the guests, be sure to pass that the President of the danger that awaits him on "Dazhynki." That, however, is now doing. But back under the arches of th
e church. Where Allen Rudinskiy found for me especially dear to her exhibit.

Rudinskiy"This is a brick-glove. Was done manually. Dried in air, and this cat walked. And on the altar area there are many prints of human fingers. Greetings from the past centuries. We were greeted by our ancestors. In the legs need to bow, that this temple was built. And here we are thinking about how to save it. "

The temple, which stood during the Cossack plunder the temple, a survivor of gun fire Karl the 12th, the church has been preserved during the Soviet anti-God has all the chances to get scientific, competent and lovingly done restoration. Today, about whom it is taken care of.


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