Finance Ministry proposes to reduce the state security forces and arms spending

Finance Ministry proposes to reduce state security forces and arms spendingThe Ministry of the Russian Federation of money developing plans to sequester the military budget with 2 constructive ways. In 1-x, in 2013-2015, maybe there will be retrenchment of the army and the Interior Ministry. In 2-x minister Money Anton Siluanov said that the direct costs to the federal budget for the program from the municipal arms (LG-2020) for this period is likely to be cut by comparison with the earlier plan drawn up by 20%.

Thought Ministry of Finance specifically to reduce spending on the LG-2020 in today's government documents is not registered. President Vladimir Putin has assured not so long ago, the military and the defense industry that military spending, in particular on the development of weapons will not be subject to sequestration, recalls "-independent newspaper."

The idea of reducing the State Russian army has been negatively perceived by the Chief of General Staff of the Army General Nikolai Makarov, the process of discussion "Main directions of economical policy …" else first of July, but in the final text of the document, such initiatives remain.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Finance Tatyana Nesterenko explained that the initiative is to reduce the state security agencies is to reduce the structure of the Armed Forces and other troops of the proportion of conscripts by 10%. She noted that it could be done in three years. With all this Nesterenko recalled that earlier the President of the Russian Federation claimed to reduce the number of recruits by 15%, "We believe that it is possible to cut and 20%."

"We ignored the proposal" — that responded to the initiative Ministry of Finance Nikolai Makarov, noting that the Deputy Minister Tatyana Nesterenko of money "is not minister defense and not the president. "

Meanwhile, last week, "The main directions of economical policy for 2013 year and the planning period of 2014 and 2015 "was approved by the government at all, and plans to reduce staff numbers of troops have gained legal status.

Sources in the Ministry of Defense publications have pointed out that the government prepared a draft presidential decree on the downsizing of the army and the Interior Ministry nor minister Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, neither the Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov will not endorse.

"The Government, through Ministry of Finance planned significant increase in spending on defense, national security and law enforcement and the very same horrified these plans, stating the probable their sequestration. Fear justified because there is a supreme opportunity of deepening global economic crisis. Sequestration of defense and other security costs in 2013-2015 — a reality. Just at the moment, apart from Ministry of Finance, no one wants to think about, "- said a member of the Academy of Military Sciences Colonel Edward Rodyukov.

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