Finnish UFO flew to Petrozavodsk?

Two of Petrozavodsk witnessed the celestial phenomena, similar to the one observed on Tuesday evening (17.05.2005) on the Karelian Finns sky.

Late in the evening on Tuesday, the director of confectionery "From Valentine" Valentine Svatovo watched over Petrozavodsk fireball. It is not known, appeared to gaze Svatovo the same ball which saw the residents of the border areas of Finland, but the description of the phenomena are very similar.
Fireball Valentin Svatovo saw in Petrozavodsk in the sky 23 hours 22 minutes, when he was returning home from a candy store. "I saw a bright ball flew and dragged him sinuous white trail — said the confectioner. — Two flashes flashed, and everything disappeared. I'm sorry that I did not have a camera, the show was a stunning beauty! Maybe it's been a heavenly body, but I think that is likely to rocket. "
"I saw this object. May 17 at 23.22, driving a car on the bypass road in Petrozavodsk, in the CHP observed in the direction of the North-west striking, such as welding, ball, drew a one-third of the sky to the horizon in the direction from south-east to north- West — told our readers Valery Alexandrov in an email. — At the time of observation seemed to fall vertically skyrocket but having studied carefully traces left by the subject, concluded that it is — an effect caused by the speed of movement. legacy left by the object, similar to the contrails. Trail all located with a few tuchkami, that the object was moving either horizontally or fell from a very great height. determine whether the location of the wake behind tuchkami allowed the bright glow trail. possible that the bright glow of the track caused by the setting sun, the clouds are were in the shade. Next was pronounced zigzag pattern with disabilities by up to 10% are long track, though the object appeared flying in a straight line.'s trace an object moving uniformly along with tuchkami, keeping form. zig-zag nature of the track means that no part of the local winds and is likely to still move horizontally. object flew one-third of the visible horizon of time is not greater than 2 seconds by gently understated, approximate calculation, a distance of over 30 kilometers. "

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