Firepower (6 films) watch online

Firepower (6 films) watch online
Fire power. On the protection of

If the home country of the tragedy broke out, the government will put guards in response, excellent equipment, and trained forces, and if they are mobilized at the federal level, these citizens — men go to war, one hundred percent merged with regular installments, a huge army and the air force has always been to National Guard, especially in times of crisis.

Firepower. Armored forces

The combat readiness of the modern army depends on the delicate balance between the various types of weapons. Tanks, infantry, artillery and attack helicopters. Languid maneuver divisions are perfectly suited for the highest intensity conflict. Artillery in vain name of the Quinn fights. The development itself for itself does not win the war. Well-organized military units to choose the right equipment and painstakingly trained personnel under the expert management — this is the base of modern armored forces.

Firepower. Ejection

Since the time of the second World War, thousands of military pilots were saved from certain death. The key to their survival — the ejection seat in the cockpit. In the early days of air combat pilots to leave the cockpit downed aircraft. Air Battle has come a long way. But there is one constant, you can not always save the plane, but the pilot's chances of severe as ever. Modern chair catapult shot with the most dangerous part of unsafe aircraft.

Firepower. Martial transport vehicles

In the age of electronics, control planes and bombs directed precisely at the target, the Marines do not have protection, are particularly vulnerable, although their role is just as critical, as in all times. But now they were being taken in battle fighting vehicles, is as sophisticated as those situations are likely to encounter people on the battlefield. New technology and new design promises to revolutionize the future of military vehicles

Firepower. Airborne attack

When on earth meets military crisis response force frisky U.S. Army are suddenly in the right place. In the middle of elite units 82 Airborne Division. Having in the past exploits of the famous, 82 Airborne Division was the striking force of the U.S. Army after the second world war. In the event of crises army relies on these young men who are willing to have planted anytime, anywhere and stay before arriving reinforcements.

Firepower. Radio electronic dogfights

The one who holds the key to heaven, wins the battle. Previously, pilots had to keep the enemy during the fight in sight. Now the vision is carried out electronically, and the picture is accurate and detailed. Now favored smart weapons. It is coordinated by means of air and gallakticheskoy intelligence and control systems, which are a kind of heavenly eyes and brain of modern combat. Modern air combat fought with sophisticated computer technology

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