Fold new machine STD-11019M — Forming a modern complex

Construction companies and industries that use paper Folded rolled machines undeniably derive significant benefit, and that's a fact.

"STD-11019 M" (MEM-3303, manufactured by JSC "Moscow mechanical plant number 3") — is a fully updated version of the machine with nine pairs of work rolls (rolls) and is intended for the manufacture of standard folds locks, connecting rods and thin-walled profiles, and for the rolling of complex compounds to order.

  • Fold rolling machine
  • Fold rolling machine

Folded rolled machines are designed for standing seam joints and different types of profiles, C-shaped rails and snap connection elements used in finishing and construction work, and in the manufacture of circular and rectangular ducts.

The effective development of the enterprise, providing the necessary funds to save the most important stages of production all offer Folded rolled machines.

Fold rolling machine indispensable for profiling the edge of strip or sheet metal. That allows you to create high-quality and reliable seam connection. The material used for processing steel is uncoated and zinc, aluminum or copper coated.

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