For future laser weapons

For future laser weapons

In favor of the popular Russian film in the fantasy genre is one of the magicians claimed: «Everything that is created by our imagination, should exist in the universe.» In 1927, in his own fantasy novel «The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin» AN Tolstoy described the history of the creation of the device emitting the «death rays.» Maybe the idea of ​​the existence of such a device appeared after the creator of the examination, with the placed abroad, in 1924, the work of the British inventor Grindella Matthews. Or on the idea of ​​a miracle weapon in AN Tolstoy came after reading a novel by HG Wells’ War of the Worlds «(1897). In this work, the young Englishman carefully outlined the action «heat rays»: after the fall of the beam at least some thing — that ignited simultaneously, reaching belokalilnogo flame, with all this by emitting a blinding light.

Although the AN Tolstoy read that writing a novel inspired by his two incidents: bewitches view of the Shukhov Tower, with receding rapidly upward in the form of sections of hyperboloids, as the story of an old friend AN Tolstoy — Venison about the Siberian inventor designed double hyperboloid, but died under mysterious circumstances.

Humanity has always been trying, first, to use the new invention for military purposes, and then to address civilian tasks. Maybe it’s because the military authorities at least some of the states just made development financing instrument associated with the future and this fact is cleverly used scammers. Such as Grindell Matthews, who received from the British War Office 25 thousand pounds, showed military operation simple photocell instead of the expected «death ray.» Italian Ulivi also fooled the British — in the demonstration mine explosion using a device constructed them, he used a «helper» — a mini torpedo. Ulivi, urgent after defecting from the shores of Albion, was able to convince the Italian industrialists and Admiral Fornani actually existence device emitting rays, deadly to all living and nonliving. But after showing it without any trace missing.

I must say that one of the important problems to be solved by the South American and European scientists in the 19th century — is the ability to transfer energy to a distance without using all these wires. This development had a multifaceted destination. In 1-x, wireless power transmission has allowed to save on construction of power lines. In-2, there is a possibility of energy transfer from the source to the basic transport infrastructure: ships, planes, cars, etc. B-3, the generation and transmission of energy in the plurality of one specific point in the terrain adversary could cause explosion naisilneyshy. This development would become the basis for the creation of stunning gun, which would change the whole strategy of war.

Everyone knows that the first to apply the action of sunlight for military purposes was a Greek Archimedes. With the help of specially designed devices, the base of which were mirrors, Archimedes was able to focus the sun’s rays at a certain point and this method to burn Roman ships.

That it was not a legend failed to substantiate the Greek scientist Ioannis Sacasa in 1973. From seventy mirrors he sent a ray of sunshine on the tree through the ship and the ship broke three minutes.

In Russia, the Pope theory and practice of creation «death ray» became Ph.D. MM Filippov. His theory on the transfer of the enormous blast wave length (for example, the explosion itself in St. Petersburg and its consequences — in Constantinople) was seemed to be sheer madness, but the creator of the concept believed that this method he would suspend all war on Earth. After his mysterious and catastrophic destruction became clear that before his own death Fillipov read Trachevskiy own doctor friend that had a series of successful experiments. With animation, he claimed that: «It is so simple, though inexpensive! Surprisingly, as at this time have not guessed. » And although there is no information about the invention Filippova not preserved, modern scholars have presented that Philip could build laser chloride nitrogen.

In 1908, the world rocked sensational reports that Nikola Tesla made frequency machine, stop the power plant in Colorado, which was at significant distance from the laboratory scientist.

After news of the world is going to believe in 1923 in European newspapers report that Germany has a beam weapon that can stop at a distance of aircraft engines, tanks and vehicles. It was at this time there was a stop at eight aircraft engines over one and the same place in Bavaria, who flew on the route Paris-Bucharest.

To model the real system, generating «death rays», came a great Russian physicist Abram Ioffe. In December 1932, after considering the project emitter competent committee, it was decided to continue work on the basis of the Physico-Technical Institute. The scientists standing problem: the radius of the beam acts must be more than 400 meters. Work was carried out under the supervision of Berries and Ordzhonikidze. The result was a field installation, for which required a powerful generator. The project was not implemented due to the impossibility of really great energy potential and the concentration of the highest rates of monetary plan.

In the 30 years were invited to a huge amount of investigative projects ray guns. For example, some Smirnov proposed project VHF transmitter, the effect of which is not harmful to humans, but the rays, creating a resonant currents in the ignition system engines, drew her out of action. Shortcoming of this project was a very small distance at which acted beam installation — about 20-30 meters.

First maser action that resembles science fiction apparatus described «death ray», was created by Theodore Maiman in 1960. He was baptized by the laser.

This device has become an indispensable assistant to the population of the earth. It is used in various fields ranging from microsurgery and home appliances to Astronautics. And, of course, in the military field, as a powerful tool. The main use of lasers in the military sphere — the defeat of shells, missiles and enemy aircraft on approach to their own areas.

More than 20 years and $ 3 billion. It took American scientists and engineers from Los Alamos National Laboratory and the company «Research Mission» to develop «luchemetov.» Distinct characteristics beam rifle kept secret. But a senior South American military Harry Moore misspoke, that the rifle is a chemical laser that shoots small pulses. Under the influence of this laser beam starts to evaporate almost sight. Tests showed that effortlessly destroyed mannequins wearing body armor, at a distance of 3 km. Physicist from the Dortmund Institute asserts that when the laser pulse enters the nose or mouth of a person there is a rupture of human lungs. In case of eye — it is converted into plasma and bursts. And if half the increment pulse power, it will be fatal regardless of the place of impact.

South American scientists are developing humane option laser gun, which stuns and has a paralyzing effect on the enemy fighters and incapacitate electronics and tf.

Another embodiment of the laser weapon created in a military laboratory of New Mexico, called «System active retraction.» This microwave apparatus, how-to «ward off» opponents, heating the water molecules in the human body. With all this pain so powerful that people get away, unable to bear it. Has decided to place the system in combat jeeps of the U.S. armed forces to conduct tests.

Americans have always sought to defend against hostile acts missiles. The program creation missile defense (BMD) involves placing lasers on satellites and airplanes. Competent Commission proposed military department to use for this purpose aircraft «Boeing 747.» In January 2001, the first plane «YAL-1A», kitted chemical oxygen-iodine laser, made its own first flight from the airfield Everett. This laser was developed by «TRV» based on the latest technologies and modern materials (unique plastic, titanium alloys and composites). The laser is mounted on the main deck of the aircraft on the 2-titanium panels. The laser beam passes through a special tube to the nose turret. Beam is focused polutorametrovogo mirror, the field of view of 120 °. Although the crisis Americans have reduced funding for the project, has already experienced the standard works and passes tests, close to the fighting.

But Russian experts at not behind the own American colleagues. Back in time at Holy Trinity Russian Institute innovatorskih and fusion research was created mobile laser complex, located on trailers Chelyabinsk plant. The whole structure consists of a generator laser with the optical resonator and a discharge chamber system formation and beam guidance, cockpit controls and aviation turbojet engine, tanks for liquefied carbon dioxide, aviation gasoline tank. The deployment of this complex is two to three hours.

Currently, this complex is used on fires at gas infrastructure, burning oil film waters crushing rock masses, surface decontamination NPP to defeat insects.

Americans mobile laser devices have found another use. Problem tactical high-energy laser — short-range missiles settlement act. This project is implemented with spices U.S. and Israel. Enthusiasm for Israelis understand this — they need protection from Iraqi missiles and shells «Hezbollah.» Base mobile laser gun is an infrared chemical laser, operating on the consistency of fluorine and deuterium gas. The peculiarity of this consistency is that rays generated with the help of not absorbed by the atmosphere. In tests using this setup were undermined rocket salvo «Katyusha» (BM-13) and «Grad» (BM-21), the laser is not withdrawn at full capacity. For handling of the vast distances uses standard military armor.

The Pentagon plans to introduce «death ray» to deploy a global network of missile defense and the fight against terrorism.

Russian rocket created guns Yuri Sizov considers it likely positioned at civilian aircraft laser systems capable SAM shoot down missiles such as «needle» or «Stinger» — it will allow real confront the threats of terrorist acts. More professional Russian inventor said that Our homeland has efficient laser protection technologies aircraft missiles.

China is also involved in the development of extraterrestrial laser guns. On its own tank ZTZ-99G Chinese positioned laser turret, the task of which is to incapacitate enemy optical systems and dazzle gunners.

On the Russian army were laser systems «Aquilon» and system «Compression.» System «Compression» was capable machine to search glare objects and destroy them available battery lasers.

Taking into account the fact that the work on the creation of combat lasers lasts virtually all countries, our homeland should be ready to respond. As follows, the Russian developers have to create not only laser system attack, and protection devices laser combat systems of the enemy.

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