For setting fire to the KGB were given seven years

Today in court Bobruisk Bobruisk district ended the criminal investigation into the arson of the local KGB building. Eugene Vaskovich found guilty, Artem Prokopenko and Paul Syromolotov. The verdict of the Judge Paul Kartsinina each received seven-year imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony.
Eugene Vaskovich, Artem Prokopenko, Paul Syromolotov found guilty on two counts Criminal Code"Malicious hooliganism" and "intentional infliction of damage in a large scale."
The verdict guys not unlike that offered the prosecution. Toustsik prosecutor asked the court to sentence them to terms ranging from seven to eight and a half years of strict regime colony. According to the prosecutor, china wine was fully established the previous investigation. She argued that the defendants' actions could lead to the destruction of the KGB building. Losses could amount to about two billion rubles. The attack on the KGB, she said, was a clear challenge to the public with a demonstration of its byaskarnastsi.
Attorneys with the position of the prosecutor did not agree. They asked the court to take into account that the defendants gave testimony under pressure. Moreover, they did not have to burn the headquarters of the KGB, as advocated by the prosecutor, and the only damage it. Arguments prosecutor urged the court lawyers, formulated on the basis that just might happen. The real loss from the attack were 253 thousands of rubles, and the money already paid. We talked about the lawyers and the Belarusian TV propaganda film about the attack on the headquarters of the KGB of the defendants. The film records with the investigation. Their clients have shown there as people who do not have their own beliefs in life that are ready to crush all in its path. Lawyer Vaskovich drew attention the court that his client had explained his action as a response to the disproportionate actions of law enforcement bodies of Belarus in respect of the young people who are demanding freedom and democracy. The lawyers asked the court to punish the boys, without depriving them of liberty.
Syromolotov Prokopenko and in his last words, spoken of repentance and asked the court for relief in punishment. Eugene Vaskovich said he did not regret perfect. He called himself a Lithuanian, and added that it is his sacred duty — to defend the national Belarusian value. For them I am ready to die, because life is short, and the eternal homeland, said the guy. He does not scare difficulties, and he will take advantage of them. Finished his short speech Vaskovich cry: "Long live Belarus!".
Once the lawyers said they would appeal the verdict Bobruisk Mogilev Regional Court.

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