Foreign language tutors teach, not teachers in schools

Receiving a high school diploma, a rare Belarusian graduate may freely speak a foreign language. The authorities have recognized this, and this year the students in the study of foreign languages there is a material change. First of all, the mandatory language training begins in second grade. In addition, the number of lessons — one hour per week in all classes. And the third — it is planned that students will have to take final exams in a foreign language.

Changes occur at the request of Alexander Lukashenko, and officials of the Ministry of Education already have reported that the "deficiencies in personnel, who will teach foreign languages, not even in the countryside." Meanwhile, in reality, the situation is different.

Grodno region

"More than 90% of high school graduates do not speak a foreign language"

Many rural schools in Grodno and now do not have enough teachers of foreign languages. And the level of proficiency of graduates of rural schools is assessed as very low.

Head teacher of high school in the village of Grodno region Golovachi Maria trigger says that a typical problem for these schools — the lack of appropriate specialists.

We are fortunate that pensinerka agreed to take part-time, let alone the rest — a young teacher, she is fully loaded …

"If even such a small school like ours, that one teacher will still be missed. We are fortunate that pensinerka agreed to take part-time, let alone the rest — a young teacher, it is fully loaded."

Mistress says that in the past they have proven to District Board, the school has provided paid services to students, more organized groups, and in addition to the teacher taught the language for those who want, but for the money.

True, it did not solve the problem with a knowledge of the language.

"Practice is literally no no, to any German friends we meet, we will not leave, do not hear spoken language, language laboratory is not, because it is expensive. And we must begin, apparently, from this, that children can hear the normal pronunciation of the language. "

Dmitry Kukhlei, the father of a student, one year and worked as a teacher of a foreign language at school. He talks about the teaching of foreign languages in school as follows:

Dmitry Kukhlei

"It's like a profanation, especially since there is no interest in students, and the school administration refers to it, if only to put a check mark. Child to know a foreign language well, it is necessary to study each day. Later, in the classes we have a lot of children — it is not contributes, completely missing any equipment. "

Mister says that her daughter is now in school, and he has already require funds to repair classes, and no one thinks, than these classes will be equipped, as means for it at all. And that's what should:

"The result is that more than 90% of school leavers do not speak a foreign language. Certain percentage of people have to have a certain level, but they are trained tutors, and not a teacher in the schools."

"A study of the Polish language was transferred to the electives"

The Grodno region many representatives of the Polish minority. Previously, many wanted to finish university in Poland, including palyanystyku. At first, when they came back, there were prospects of finding a job at home, but the situation has changed.

Gorodenco Angelica Orehvo acting head of the Union of Poles, unrecognized, she graduated from the Department palyanistyki in Poland. It is known that the Polish language misses the Belarusian schools in a number of major foreign languages, studying her pupils shrinking.

Angelica Orehvo

 "Since 2005, the number of those who study the language. Changed as possible, to be exact — a form of learning. Earlier prevailing teaching of the Polish language as a separate subject in a second foreign language, but now most of them in schools where there is still a Polish language She studied at extracurricular activities or clubs. Except, of course, Polish-schools and small numbers of those that still exist in the Polish language as a subject. "

Things to elective — optional, do not require a high level of knowledge, do not have a well-crafted training programs, said Angelica Orehvo.

Vitebsk Region

"Exam — it's not an indicator as to get out will still be a teacher"

Senior teacher at the Vitebsk remember that exams in foreign languages at the end of the school have already been introduced.

In addition, the introduction of compulsory exam for foreign language somehow affect the quality of students' knowledge, English teacher Galina Sinitsyna skeptical. She even mentions such a ridiculous case:

Teachers have learned to get out … The main thing — just to superiors were satisfied …

"I remember one guy pulled out a ticket that does not know. So he was carrying a abracadabra Just the sound set! And in the same committee are people who do not know the language, so we did not have issued. Did set him a good rating because that he was not silent! Same thing now is, because teachers have learned to get out. most important thing — only that authorities were satisfied! So the exam — this is not an indicator to get out will still be a teacher. "

In Orsha high school number 2, where she worked Galina Sinitsyna, this year expect three new foreign language teachers. About the same number of them coming every year, but they do not stay for a long time:

"The salaries of young teachers miserable. Uncategorized — and the category is given only after a few years of work — young professionals receive just under 300,000. Only way — to take 25-30 hours. And then the fact to give knowledge in a system they have no time or opportunity or desire. Moreover, young teachers are not going to work all my life in school. "

Therefore, the majority of foreign language teachers — are middle-aged, as, for example, German teacher George Stankevich. He recalls that in the Beshenkovichi area where he lives, has always been a shortage of foreign language teachers, so we had to work at once on two or even three schools:

George Stankevich

"Frames in the village never was. I remember from my own youth, if the schedule was German, we shouted" Hurrah! "So they went to play football. And so it continues, one in three school district did not have enough teachers. So I worked in two, and three schools — "closed" the entire direction here on the road two primary schools and one secondary. "

With his professional experience George Stankevich know that two hours in the study of a foreign language in a normal school — is extremely low. And another hour, added the ministry of education — is not salvation:

"For two hours a week, except that you can not forget the German alphabet! And three o'clock does not solve the problem. And it is the same as that of the Belarusian language: teach 2-3 times a week, and she's native language, and no one on it does not say: In order to speak a foreign language well to be in an environment where it is native. My own example: Afte
r high school I was in German could not connect two words, until I got to Germany. 4 months I worked as a farmer, slayed the basis of language, and is a matter of technique was to go to college and become a teacher. "

Unfortunately, says George Stankevich, foreign training of Belarusian young people can only dream of. After all, foreign language teachers do not even have enough textbooks, not to mention the modern language laboratories. The only thing is — it's an order of the Ministry of Education.


"Young professionals to work for low wages do not want to"

In Mogilev current school year will begin with a shortage of teachers. The education sector in the region is in need of teachers of physical and mathematical structure, chemistry teacher, biology and foreign languages. Not enough defektolyagav and social workers. P

Over the past five years, less than five hundred schools in the region have distributed 2,650 new teachers. However, this is not enough. The department of Education Executive Committee recognizes that applications for teaching staff are not satisfied. Officials complain year after year:

"That's this year's application for teachers of physical and mathematical structure is made only to the fifty-one percent. And in the last year and the year before that it was all for thirty-three percent of the bid. Great need is to urban educational institutions. Zamatsavanasts There's a very low rate. Rehearsing two years, leaving young professionals. But in rural schools and teachers trapped pensioners. They are overgrown family home, "- explains the situation expert council.

How can cover a shortage of teachers in schools?

Percentage of working pensioners is quite high, we …

"No teacher — so two teachers at low wages even more happy. Till two rates it can then take charge and get a million. Fact that in the region there are pensioners — so it is a necessary measure. Percentage of pensioners is quite high we have," — Board of Education recognizes the specialist executive committee.

Teacher with thirty years of experience Jeanne Sherbina believes that the problem of shortage of teachers in the meager salaries:

"I have already experience goes, and category — and I'm getting somewhere five thousand a penny. A young specialist naked salary, allowances especially not. Interns work for a salary not want. Works off and go. Someone in the police is coming. "

Young people, says interlocutor comes to teacher ties to get a graduate degree. There is much easier to do than in other higher education institutions.

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