Forward motion seeking the return of office

August 13 dosledna-educational institution "Moving Forward", which makes the civil campaign "Tell the Truth", filed a complaint against the decision of the Economic Court of Minsk on the recognition of the lease office invalid.

July 29 Minsk Economic Court of Minsk City Executive Committee granted the petition against dosledna and educational institutions, "Moving Forward." Office space rental contract invalidated, which gives a legal basis for the elimination of the institution.

Office of the organization is still sealed after the events of May 18. On that day, the activists of the campaign "Tell the truth!"And in the office," forward "were searched. Three people, including the leader of Vladimir Neklyaeva, detained, they spent three days in jail.

Director of the "forward" poet Nyaklyayeu argues that the campaign "Tell the truth!" will continue in any case. "In the case of cancellation of registration of the" forward "one way out — to register a new organization. We are engaged this issue before the Court, as anticipated is not the best for our development, "- he said BelaPAN.

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