Found a newborn robot

January 27, 2012 16:53

Video uploaded to YouTube, which pulls the handle and legs Sucitu little robot, a few days looked more than half a million people. Someone with pleasure, and someone with horror. Very much like "Baby" on the living. Lies, if he threw some poor single mother. And good people picked up and now do not know what to do with the monster.

Where is it? Why? To scare people?

Enthusiasts managed to answer these questions. They even found a baby daddy. They found one, Chris Clark (Chris Clarke) — known in the UK designer of special effects. Together with experts in robotics he created litter robot so that he moved like a real baby.

— In the pilot program, we have laid a special algorithm that simulates the motor activity of a human baby, — explained the designer. — And it — activity — usually manifested in the newborn spontaneously.

Clark admitted that the robot baby was made for one of the soap operas, who starred on British television. But for what it did not say. Just explained that his product is replaced in the frame of the real baby. And it was covered in leather. The footage, caught in YouTube, sealed structural test and demonstration in front of the delivery to the customer.

As the indifferent observers in robot baby is at least one useful purpose: it saves some real baby suffering from filming the show.

Who knows, maybe the trend will prevail and these children will soon cease to be removed at all?

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