France and the highest mountains can be lower




Scientists and glaciologists studying the properties of glaciers, reported that the highest point of the highest European mountain Mont Blanc for the year fell by 50 cm reaching 4807.5 meters.

Reducing the height due to the snow storms that swept part of the snow with a snow cap, as well as with global warming, causing the melting of ice, which adds to the rock massif peak another 27.5 meters.

Located on the territory of France is Mont Blanc still retains primacy highest in Europe. However, due to a decrease in fixed, there is a possibility that after a while the highest point in the mountains it will be another peak, located 500 m west of the established top. Its height is now 4792 meters.

According to scientists, the height of Mont Blanc, is constantly fluctuating — when in 1984 it was close to the present and accounted for 4,807 m, in 2001 the highest point of the mountain towered already 4,810.4 meters.

Battery News, 05.08.2004 15:10

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