From Gods to Triglav (Carbo Vedaniya)

VOLODIMIR (Kurowski Vladimir V.)
Supreme Magus Generic Vognischa Native Orthodox Faith, Kiev.
from the magazine "Vedic Culture"
Speaking of Slavic spiritual tradition should be noted that the basis of Native Faith-Veda — Slavlenie rule, in Ukraine-Russia more fully preserved in the Podolsky-Carpathian region. To this day in some villages celebrated holidays, dances and games are found in the honor of their gods. Although it should be noted that their internal "esoteric" meaning for most people a few lost. At the same time, it is on this earth to date secretly and openly living descendants of the Magi Praslavii, Rodnovercheskoy Power, which was formed in the Podolsk province after the baptism of Kiev (really — Volkhov, officially — Bolkhov principality). Some of them, inherited from their ancestors Dar Vedaniya usually continue volhovat, as herbalists, healers, bone setters and various healers, teaching traditional medicine people know not of unity with nature and the native gods. Another part is engaged primarily in spiritual activities, speaking Guardian (Guardian) A kind of (people), Faith-Veda and their ancestral lands. No one but themselves do not know where and how they live. Knows only that they prihordyat to those who are in great need, or ask a student. Their pupils are basically the same medicine men and healers who remain for days and weeks in the woods on the holy places, looking for the truth.

As the blood descendant of smoke, priests, warriors and Sventovita pursuing his spiritual search, I had a chance to (intended) to meet these people. During the sacrament, I clearly understood that I was in Mezhdumire. I can not say anything is for sure, but I know that's when Maine was granted the Book and Sword. After that, I opened the "inner" sense and it was given the power to interpret Carbo Rod God that were in the book. At the same time, I realized that these pieces of speech, "Carbo" remained in my family in the form of wise sayings, proverbs and precepts, they all came together, and. Once in a moment, everything was clear and simple. While writing this book, I knew it was a message from the gods — passed ancestors, so sometimes there is a syllable ancient and mysterious. H
Well, now, the reader will judge …
Native Orthodox Faith Faith is the original birth-Veda-Ukrainians Rusich (Slavs-Rusich) that exists on the ground under a variety of names as long as there genus Sons of the Sun, and will exist forever, our nation is still alive.
Our faith is sacred and is generated by the Gods of rules that have come and are coming to the holy land of Rus-Ukraine. On Bright Epoch it is united us with the Gods, creating Iriy on Earth and in the dark age of unbelief, and the collapse of the variability of the true Orthodox Faith becomes elusive and lives in the hearts secretly preserved in domestic orders and generic understanding of reality.
We are living through times when our philosophical concepts, rituals, festivals and customs Orthodox stolen and assigned themselves outsiders pastors. All our native, light and good and evil called black, all our holy looted and desecrated. Ukrainians-Rusichi as tree without roots, dry and die, not knowing Mother Freedom and Truth.
Know that the prophecy of the Magi-ancestors proclaimed a thousand years ago, is coming true — the native Orthodox Faith reborn!
We Orthodox Magi, the covenants of the Ancestors, back after a long silence to reveal Rusichi life — giving the light of knowledge and wisdom Births Slavic, inspire them to life on the eternal God and the Pocono Family Ancestral relatives.
We bring an understanding of the age-old knowledge of the rules, carved on tablets of the Spirit Family stored in the stories, epics, legends, songs and ceremonies, savings Veda people and entrusted to us by our ancestors.
Now, when the world entered during dawn Svarog, transit times by morning Svarog, the native Orthodox Faith is the perfect spiritual by the Ukrainian people, those found Forefathers worldview that will save us for life in the new era of the universe and bring together for good.
Coming great changes, humanity will suffer great trial, which showed up clashes between births and natural disasters. Pipes Stribozhi proclaim Gods Battle Axe of Perun and is built around the low-lying and ignorant. He klichet Rusich-Ukrainians to wake the faithful descendants, the descendants of the righteous and were shoulder to shoulder with the Gods are native to the great spiritual battle to get peace and joyful life for thousands of years.
We rechem: "The world will be saved when everyone returns to his ancestral roots, to revive the faith of their ancestors is consigned to oblivion, to know yourself, Rod Feel your heart and unity with the human race."
God is one and the many simultaneously, each clan knows it in its own time and in their own names, in fact, aware of the same. The human race — the tree, and the people — different branches. Unbecoming the branches of one tree each swearing.
Native Orthodox faith teaches people to live right in the world Pocono Reveal, to live in unity with nature, developing soul, cultivate their divine essence, purifying ourselves and Mother Earth from mud and dirt millennial reign of spiritual darkness.
Our faith is designed to combine the spiritual, physical and material forces of the Ukrainian-Rusich to implement a comprehensive commitment Rod Slavic live in truth and justice, free and honest in his own powers on home soil.
In summer 7511 holiday Svyatovit months Cherven day 15th on the sacred mountain Bogit Colo Guardian of the Faith has decided that the time has come to revive the ancient Russians, Ukrainians old faith of their ancestors and the knowledge that theirs by birthright. It was opened to people Vognische Native Tribal Orthodox Faith, Brotherhood lurking Volkhov Births Rus-Ukraine, which has saved the Pocono and the Holy Faith Russian custom. Today, generic Vognische a spiritual association Native communities of the Orthodox Faith, and is open to accession and association as single confessors and Native Communities of Faith. We strive to achieve unity between the Ukrainian Rodnoverie, bless and help all people, associations and religious groups who hold sacred commandments of the Ancestors and the main purpose of life see the victory of the Spirit Rod in Rus-Ukraine.
We predict a victory Pocono Family in Russia while the assertion of national customs in every country of white people race. Therefore, we make efforts to reach an agreement and the association of healthy national forces of our nations.
Veda: defeat Rusich-Ukrainians were not due to lack of worthy sons and daughters, and the lack of true understanding of the rules. Therefore generic Vognische poses a challenge to every Orthodox Rodnoverie: body and spirit to cultivate, spiritually and financially stronger, build healthy families with children, to protect the purity of the blood of some sort.
Generic Vognische headed by the Supreme Magus Native Orthodox Faith Volodymyr (Kurowski), which was designed to native gods, Supreme Rod and Light Ones Ancestors approve triumphed over Manifest.
Supreme Magus Volodymyr recognized Native Colom Guardian of the Orthodox Faith, Magi and all Orthodox Rodnoverie first magician in Colo-Pervovolhvom Guardian Magi, heads of Vognischa.
It's time we, the descendants of the Great Clans of the Glorious, to establish their truth on their land, hear the word of truth about the ancestors of the Light, feel the heart and soul, the mind to comprehend the Ancient Sun Pocono Russia, to know the nature of the True Faith, Righteous Faith, Orthodox Faith.
Let Native Gods lead us right paths, the paths to the correct gate Iria Slavic!
Kolo Guardian Generic Vognischa
Mother of the Orthodox Faith.
Sanctuary Rod
Bogit mountain, summer 7511
Cherven month, day 15.
Carbo vedaniya Pocono Rod Almighty
Pocono Family God, eternal and incomprehensible great wisdom of the Holy Faith-Veda was transferred forefather Oriyu native gods are right. Pocono one — a set of legal rights that govern the universe. Every Orthodox them yourself feel should and feeling, with Rod together to gain his protection and live happily in the joy and goodness of the Light of God. Holiness is commanded in the beginning, the ancient Magi, The Guardian wisest Carbo was carved saints. And displays because in different ways: as cuts made up on the plates, and then on Matica Svetovid carved temples, or on the rocks of turned around temples and shrines to protect roskladyvalis Kin, the Kolo (Circle) creating living phenomena, and it was those carbo Saints svetolikih number 360.
360 — number is not simple, it is a sign of Rod God, and from the year Svarog folds it in the terms of (Colo), the Living God is the phenomena of Triglav. There Colo different: larger and smaller, and the full nature of colo 360.
According to the ancient Faith, family and righteous people to know, the wise men, the ministers — Carbo Pocono Family first thing to memorize that the interpretation of these things easy for people to carry their clans, the right way of instructing the Government Glorious. No magician until then is, until the carbene as his name secret, will not know. This very age-old wisdom, Rod Almighty commanded to keep holy for their children. When they reach the age of the child, tell them to its hourly knew and lived with her, saving Pocono. Knowledge embodied in Pocono, is eternal and unchangeable, although at different times and different people in different ways to realize it. Of people have varna (caste) and birth is different, just as different is the water in the wells. Ukrainians-Rusichi! Carbo sanctify through the life-giving, strength Rod filled and will have eternal life with the Gods in the Triglav. Over Karbi wondering will hear the appeal of the right and see the light that is to us from Vyriya pours.
Thus, conducting brimming over Karbi hesitation able Sacred Silence are, and then you just open the way, the road will be free and easy. And go, Ukrainians-Rusichi bright as Slavs to the gods in glory of the Eternal. Pocono you tired of life support and just in time, it should be right to meet, worrying about his soul. And the law does not have a single Karba lose, because it is your inheritance, which since ancient Russians must always remain. With the loss of even one of the spokes of wheels pulled out of the living phenomena, God's ordering of the world is crumbling, and the lost knowledge of Rod big trouble coming. Dark Nav on expanding immensely and all the work is ashes. If management actually lose at least one, pray for the return to the World Reveal forefather Oriya. Why should Magi-Guardian of the right to go year after year, life after life, Father cry, that on the Tablets of the Spirit Rod Carbo read it and in the World Reveal reaffirms. Then again, life gets better, Lad descend to Earth, all the way to the true guide and love and concord reign for a thousand years. As long as the Generic Vognischa be alive.
Therefore thus Magi Guardian, Pocono keepers were Ukrainians, Rusich, their descendants, devise, how to live and how in the world to be. With the advent of pores dark words of the Holy Family men on his thoughtlessness, ceased to hear, only some of Native Gods glory, belly more thought, but having lived all. On the Russian land, native gods bequeathed us — the trouble came. With the advent of the disaster, Vedanie Holy, Velma was lurking, cut and burn it was impossible, magi Guardians his treasured forest. There were those among the priests who are well-fed on the life of Pozar, the enemies came and gave them part of the Vedas, they were Cola Svarog to holidays they allegedly celebrated as usual, to the Faith alien Rusich join. But science is not something priestly science Volkhov, so does not know to this day a fierce enemy of what the Magi righteous ignorant, he does not know that the Guardians know …
Vedanie Pocono over the last thousand years has been treacherous, in the small lost. But now it has been restored, modern language and transferred customary native Orthodox faith is. So, we give you the wisdom of the plain, you scooped handfuls of its water and the Living Faith Native health drink.
In this book only 18 Karbi transferred, those that at this moment, you and your Rod needed, and for the next hour was his come.
1. Carb vedaniya World Order:
Hailing all united in Rhode dwells, the gods came from Rod and Rod are manageable, and the people are the sort of God Manifest in the World. So live births, glorifying forefathers.
2. Carb vedaniya Bjelobog and Chernobyl:
Chernobog Bjelobog with Perun, connecting in Svarga, the world is kept in balance. They are one and there is no one without the other.
3. Carb vedaniya Triglav:
In Triglav staying, will know the strength and weakness, get-Veda as their faith, Falcon Fly over them and only then you will remember Him.
4. Carb vedaniya Alatyr:
Labor in their fields, because labor is your sacrifice to the gods, to have wisdom Alatyr stone, He will protect am, and he'll reward.
5. Carb vedaniya Svarga:
Whether in heaven, or on earth in Colo (circle) of the living conditions all in motion, the truth is that everything has its place and time, knowing it — be wise in deeds.
6. Carb vedaniya essence Pocono:
Gods are right at Pocono packed, and Rusichi Him into the world to bear commanded. Pocono no other, but only to each data Rod Customs and Vedanie essentially it.
7. Carb vedaniya True Faith:
Faith is the truth, because rightly famous, go to the patriarchs Vyriyu, Gods Native holding.
8. Vedaniya Carb Way:
Born, look my way, I'll find this very path, and take from it everything that she can give, and then go to another.
9. Carb vedaniya righteousness:
Live in the world on the right, past Garfunkel falsehood and truth seek and you will have eternal life with the gods in Roda Grand.
10. Carb vedaniya Karna:
The truth in love, for it is you want from the Government. Native sanctify Gods wisdom, body and soul cleansing. Not that Karna will not last with the black wrath of the gods proclaiming to remember you are on the path of righteousness.
11. Carb vedaniya Body, Soul and Spirit:
Kept clean of body and soul, Light Svarog filling, Gods Praise, and will live forever with the Gods in Triglav, merged into a single Truth, and Power.
12. Carb vedaniya blood and race:
Blood — holy. And the blood of our verbs, what we Rusichi all. Should we Births Slavic powers so as not to lose the Pocono.
13. Carb vedaniya Initiation:
As Dazhdbog updated born, So Rusich the world is right, at Svarga, the dedication to the Colo (circle) above the sunrise.
14. Carb vedaniya tribal system:
Go up to the mountain and work, fulfilling their fate, so get over the second, you will become at it, whether with the Gods, and beysya defending his seed, they will lead you to the third, with her — Flights in Svarga.
15. Carb vedaniya Generic Vognischa:
Protect Vognischa delivery, which dwells the Spirit of the Ancestors, the Force gives you, the right to unite with the gods.
16. Carb vedaniya requires:
By right living, our fathers give Tithing should, and one hundredth — in Veles, She is God's kindness to us and so returned Rod gets stronger, in the good pl.
17. Carb vedaniya Mother Earth:
Land Rusov saints, for the gods descend to her descendants who ruled from the One. It is the cradle of our Rod and nurse your children to Protect and honor her, for through his mother.
18. Carb of languages and dialects:
Every kind has its own language, who comes from the Tree Rod, adverbs in the world of the gods proistekaya.

1. Carb of Mirosotvoreniya
Hailing all united in Rhode resides.
The gods came from Rod and Rod manageable
And people are the kind of God unto in the World Reveal.
So live births, glorifying forefathers.
In the beginning there was nothing started: no heaven, no earth, no universe, there was neither death nor immortality, neither day nor night, because everything was in darkness, a sea of primary bezladya {Bezlade — no Lada (benevolent order)} and void — this was Div. And the Diva in some places easier and harder in others, causing severe gathered together and created the Eye-Rod-Eye Alatyr something in the sea of darkness Light-Fire lit up itself breeds. Veda was the light of consciousness and mind Fire and Tear-Dewdrop net, of which Pervobog Pervoptah and A-Rod was born of God. Absorbing bezlade and darkness of nothingness, Rod Eye saw his true, which is the essence of the law of birth, preservation and destruction. Combining them in yourself, Rhode am Great Trigalav, koy exists in time and outside of it, in the space and outside space, being the beginning and the end, cause and effect, the source of everything and everything. Rod joined with divom, standing up with him in one piece, so the genus is in the Diva and Diva are like that, and all this is a kind of God. Balancing Lad and bezlade, begotten of God the World of — Egg, World Harmony and Svarga Colo (Circle) living phenomena, something the legal rights rests in Peace Rod being packed. These things Egg Fire is the Universe, which is a constant factor in the Diva, creating the worlds in themselves, and they are doing a worlds other worlds. Egg Fire these things at the same time and the Holy Family Tree is born from it all sorts of fruits, which are the seeds of the Worlds. At the top of the Tree of the Falcon-Rod Tresvetly sitting, watching over their children. In Rhode Almighty ever present two opposites — the creative and destructive forces that replace and into one another — and Belobog Chernobog. These opposites — the basis of a whole: up and down, a man and woman, unity and multiplicity.
Creating the universe, its genus is feminine hypostasis of Mother Lada, which is the Tree of Roda. Men hypostasis Rod — Father Svarog — Great Fire of Generic Vognischa. Because at the heart of the Tree of Rod and every generation is Alatyr-Stone, Rod's eternal fire blazing. What are the fire and tree Alatyr-Eye Tree da Roda — are one. Tree of the gold — The Great Mother herself Lada (Swa, Glory), rozhanits naiperveyshaya and Fire-stone that — Svarog (Svarod — Heavenly Rhode, Rhode Rozhanych, LAD), originator of the universe and the universe itself. But what has been revealed, as long unrevealed should be. From there the Great Century of Svarog, which has a Bjelobog time when the universe exists, and is replete with infinitely long period of multiplying, and Chernobog time when the universe, destroying disappears. And so it lasts as long as a new genus God Svarog not generate. The birth of this there is no end-edge, for he was not the first birth and will never last. Great age of one hundred years of Svarog develops every summer Svarog — of 360 days and 360 nights, every day Svarog earth is 4,320,000 years. But in the Days of these great there are smaller, but they still have a smaller — and so to the smallest. During the destruction of the world, when all the rest in nothingness, Rhode Rozhanich Svarog heaven in near-Rod Alatyr Bezsmertny compressed. In this hour, Rhode God multiplies a force, that new Svarog (Egg Universe) rocks. But from Rhode God no more, no less is not, but only Div it increases or decreases because Rhode Tresvetly is a never ending one and beginning of eternity abiding, peace and abundance of life manifesting itself. Because Rhode God — the beginning of all beginnings and the total of all outcomes. He is one, and never its unity nor diminish or increase. Rod exists in itself. None other can not exist side by side with him, and only him, for he lives not by the force of the spirit or soul, but Sam Rod is the Soul of all souls!
Again causing begins when light-fire Oka-Rod in the darkness begins to spread, the Tree Rod proliferating. Svarog, the birth of a new refreshed from the souls of the righteous God Rod klichet, koi previously lived on the Government, and then to Mother Lada they were born. And they become Rod particles — Native Gods, peace right back, koi his Father help produce world, every man for his business answering. Therefore, in light of all of his appointment has — every one stone, plants and humans. Native Gods care expected of a person generated by them. Being the children of the faithful, we support the work is sacred to the gods to help live by rules, Lad on Earth creating. Great Mother Lada on the earthly level manifests itself Makosh (Mother damp earth, cover), Cherish, shares and all other women, koi am — its manifestations.
Svarog is revealed to mankind the starry heavens, symbolizing the image of the Great Father himself, koy manifested in their children — Gods-Svarozhich.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi! All worlds and heavenly bodies — living beings I am, but because, like everything else, have the time and health ailments, death and rebirth. Each of them — their spirit and soul are. Every Body of Heaven — the Temple of the Gods one family, and they wear it in yourself as a person human body. All Native Gods — Svarog, Lada, Perun, Svetovid, Velez and others — are the faces and expressions of Roda. Rod set for Native Gods favor, koi interact with each other, creating Eternity for a common goal. Being one essence, God defines the purpose and the best use of every phenomenon, which it is. Always Magi commercials: "our Gods are one, and if it would be a misguided, koy the Government not knowing, will utter that we have many gods, though he will be banished from the race! Knowing this, the Gods in Triglav abide! For Rhode Tresvetly — am God of gods and the essence of the Almighty, it is one and am mnogoproyavlen combining unity and multiplicity, and Ukrainians-Rusichi — His direct descendants. Behold, we were the first to Triglav mail. Because Native Gods keep yelling at our right hand, through Verkhovod Fire descent, our forefather — Faith and giving us the Vedas. True Faith — Orthodox, for true Native Faith — is Vera Vedanie Rod God and Gods native, who may stay.

2. Carb vedaniya Bjelobog and Chernokoga
Chernobog with Bjelobog Perun
in Svarga combined,
The world order is kept in balance.
They are one and there is no one without the other.
The whole world consists of two opposites, which manifest themselves as the unity and multiplicity, white and black, male and female, up — down, love — hate, though — falsehood, and so on endlessly. Belobog Chernobog and these are the two halves of one whole, opposite the first elements that support each other and at the same time fighting each other. Of whether they are from each other the world is created, based on the opposition, the basis of the universe being. They are inextricably linked, so none of them can win, because they are without the other does not exist. Belobog Chernobog and strength and by the power of darkness are shown, which are the first principles of human existence, Rhoda, the universe, being in every event, object or entity. Supreme Rod — United and mnogoproyavlenny God that exists due to the fact that there is a unity, manifested as love, life, the desire for unity and multiplicity, the desire to be a separate, self-contained, to dispose of his time and place. Race between the one and the other — a balance creates the world to save up. The Power of Light seen in the desire to rule, holiness, birth, creation, and the power of darkness — in stiffness, destruction and eclipse.
Allah is one and Rhode mnogoproyavlennym universal principle, which does not have a division between good and evil, black and white, top or bottom. When a man who combined in his mind the two opposites of being aware of them as a whole, then it rises above its everyday understanding of reality and become consciously connected with Rod, to live according to the universal law of rules. Ukrainians veda-Rusichi not always what you see in reality, there is only profoundly wise man can see the reasons mock evil and danger of so-called good. For what is bad today, tomorrow can be a good and unique. The perception of the world depends on the maturity of the human soul, and each is his own. Thus, the dark people — the darkness feel good and bright people for it — the greatest evil. Disunity always loses on a dark bottom and light — is always at the top. Ukrainians-Rusichi from the creatures of the World — Orthodox, so bright souls with God and the wisdom of the Government are looking for. Immature soul finds everything contrast, from the truth does not know, but a wise man sees the unity of all and the like. A person going for perfection through reincarnation becomes wiser.
It often happens that a rising level of development of the soul and feeling good on it, man ceases to strive for improvement and, therefore, ceases to be the Creator. Not rising to the highest level, remaining at the previous year, it starts is not the place to occupy. Consequently Vedogon him — the Spirit, the light part of the soul to the body attracts certain things that his position of comfort and happiness body may seem evil. But there is no other way, to be accounted worthy soul — go back to the higher. At the same time, taking the place of someone else, the human soul is constantly feels the pressure, so it can decide that the world is evil. That's not true great, because everyone is able burden given to him, and who refuses to carry the burden of his or someone else is taken, the Doleyu punished. This lesson should not be considered cruelty and kindness, for every Native Rock Gods know best, and by the shortest lead. Everyone is entitled to their understanding and unintentional mistake, but the more it will cause harm to people, especially with him and ask. And it so happens that the gods want to experience Native — from the person in life and tyazhche tyazhche gets, but when he zealously working, leaves his duty, but is aware of the reason for the test, then it is very fast to the good and the good rises. Recognizing good and evil, koi inherent light and darkness, we see that what for some people and nations is the greatest good, for others is the worst evil, and vice versa. It all depends on your point of view and the level of awareness of reality. It is not always what's good for Vesey, Knight will be good for is not always what's good for Knight to be good for Incanter and vice versa. So you should always consider the phenomenon from all sides and, preferably, the gaze of prophetic. Interaction and mutual transformation of the Forces of Light and the forces of darkness occurs at all levels and in all forms of the Almighty. Remember that these two forces in the universe are the same, each — no more and no less than the other, but one of them, at times, more manifest, and the other is hidden. Each of these forces has its own period of dominance in the world and the universe. These periods are shown in the Days and Nights of Svarog, and thus, by periods of rest, and they are balanced. Remember that today evil tomorrow may be good, but that good today — tomorrow may be the evil. From being always ready to be taken to the new world. Veda: to move the world explicit, the necessary power is not obvious — the Power of the Spirit, Power of Faith, because one without the other does not exist. If we want to have Power to the powerful, must have faith and a powerful, if not the Power of Spirit in the people, then he will lose the body (degenerate). True faith is a Vedanie holy, for faith without Vedaniya — nothing. Faith — trust in God, and Vedanie is knowledge which constantly proves his innocence. Native Orthodox faith united and mnogoproyavnaya, but on contains awareness of the Faith and Vedaniya. Under the force of light is commonly understood as the good, pure, active, and under the power of darkness — the evil, unclean and passive. Light and darkness are the simplest form of assessment of reality, and therefore result in the emergence of concepts such as good and evil. Thanks to them, one gets an ideological framework that helps him find common ground with others and find their place in life. Merge or being identified with just one manifestation of life, we generate a rejection, rejecting a part of yourself and becoming deficient. Evil we perceive the power of rest and idleness, which inhibited progress, but it's stupid to get angry, because it is through this all happens when it is destined by God. If the desired project in the world Reveal, this indicates that the forces of darkness are overcome and a qualitative growth, and therefore, the light overcame the darkness. Being part of the Rod of God, a man from the Sort (as well as the heavenly Father) has a light and dark. Bright — all the makings of talents, aptitudes and capabilities, and dark — it is ignorance, anger, illness and imperfection. Both light and dark lies deep in the bottom of our souls, entangled bezladem and hassle. All this is the soul of our wealth, but to understand it correctly. All-Ukrainian Orthodox Rusich, irrespective of caste, a warrior, so he must always be prepared for the unexpected and different kind of struggle with the gate of. Gate of it is laziness, ignorance, cruelty, meanness and other low quality. No need to throw away the inside dirt from herself or run away from it, saying that it is not, it must investigate, identify the causes, and to love, accept it as a part of yourself. Then a miracle happens marvelous: diseases and disadvantages of themselves in the soul of the darkness dissolved and the light is born. If we are harnessing all the forces, remove from yourself spiritual darkness, we begin to hate and fear from her, by law, the unity of the forces of Light and the forces of darkness, more overwhelms us and the world, thus causing pain. Only when a person rises above his mundane level of consciousness and assessment of reality, tasted that the power of the Light and the power of darkness — an integral part of a whole, he begins to learn the laws of the Government. As long as people negatively evaluate one another, the world will always be hate, suffering and struggle. As a result, people will remain in fear, and fear of anything, he will again attract what is most afraid of. For that which we create and project outwards, and returned to us.
Spreading around Good and Light, we bountiful harvest of happiness and love Gather!

3. Carb vedaniya Triglav
Staying in Triglav, will know the strength and weakness,
Dobudesh Veda — as their faith,
Falcon fly over them and only if you remember Him.
Almighty God — a single, and Rod mnogoproyavny contains unmanifested form — Diva and displays — Rod Rozhanycha. Rhode Rozhanych yet presents itself Svarog and Lada. Male and female of the universe are completely interrelated, and their combination creates a third force. Thus, Svarog and Lada universe give birth, which is their product. Combination of unity and differences between two of the opposite kind is a sacred Triglav. Triune world and exists in three states: Birth, perfection and destruction. "Veles Book" tells us: "We were the first to
Triglav honored. " Three forces — the Father, the Mother and Child, unfolding in space and time (Diva), generate the universe and run it.
Trinity of being advocates mandatory condition for the existence of the universe, of all things, and not Jehovah, and has three states: the birth, maturation and closure. However, each end is the beginning of a new birth in the new stage and a new capacity. Power Rod Triune God ("three doves in the light scurry"): width, height and length — being developed, they create space and volume. Three colors: yellow, blue and red create the diversity of possible color combinations. Therefore, the entire world-trehsuschnosten and triune.
Rod trinity manifested in Holy Family Tree, which has a three chapters, three levels or three World — Law, Reality and Nav. Holy Family Tree roots (lower section), located in Navi — unmanifest world of first principles and ultimate cause of birth, development and destruction of the universe. This is the world of the Ancestors, rest and Primal Force Spawn universe. This lower world have created a hard cloth and vibrations that are just starting to appear out of the sofa. At the same time — a world of destruction and permanence, of death and non-existence (in the perception of those who are in the world Reveal). Nav — is invisible underworld, "the other world": a world in which dominates bezlade. So it can be both inspired, inspiring and joyful, and cruel, black and angry. World Navi all disconnected, there every creation — for itself. In it live creatures, born to live in a world of rules, but under that of the Most High of the World, or for their injustice in Nav overthrown. It is a world dominated by a wraith, spiritual darkness and the pursuit of destruction. None can see nothing but itself. Imperfect soul out there surrounded by demons and evil individuals who chew it, and then she must endure for their own falsehoods of their breed.
To survive, the souls are drawn to the light of the fire Svarog, vozzhigaya and multiplying it in yourself. But even this dark underworld governed by the laws of rules that come to it in the form of the Holy Spirit light of the rules — Svetovid (Light-Diva).
Reveal the world — is the trunk and branches of the Tree of the Holy Family. This is the average head — the middle world, which combines visible and invisible, material and spiritual, light and darkness. World Reveal God Rod "plays" himself, creating his temper and destroying. Thus, he knows himself in his creation. In "this world" is a person's life, it is revealed, we see and it is valid, that it shows the influence of mind over matter, and matter — in spirit. Being the world's Reveal, people combine the soul and the body, so the Reality — the best place for self-discovery and self-improvement. Here man, watching him, surrounding events and phenomena knows Spawn Roda (nature of being). Seeing the faces of God every day, he has the ability, through faith and Veda (knowledge) to increase the strength of Fire Veda own soul and move on to a higher plane of life and development of their nature — to become the Creator.
Crohn's Holy Family Tree, the top head — a world of rules, the world of spiritual life, the gods and the laws of nature, which permeate generated Originally, giving him the order and harmony. World of law is manifested in laws Explicit world, known to scientists and the laws of the spiritual world, which led the wise men. Steer can combine to create harmony and balance, maintaining established and this invisible world of subtle energies. The right is the basis of faith and the Vedas, bringing them together. In the crown of the Tree of Life is born "acorns" — the soul, the essence of the worlds, plants, animals, humans and gods. Because all of generating saturated Supreme Rod, and from Him all life is endowed with a soul. But caste and quality of different souls in different ways.
To grow and develop, all entities start out from the bottom — in Navi and, growing out of the Stone-Alatyr, life after life growing in Reveal and improve, eventually returning in the right. All Souls Being held in Rhode-Triglav, so righteous soul understanding and unity with the Gods Rodney should strive to acquire. Gods on equal and being with them in the Triglav, the person goes to God, God becomes. People — the essence of the fruit and the child of a great sort, so it has a soul and body, Koi are manifestations of Diva and kind, and hence, it should be Thou Lada or Svarog.
Veda: every man deep in itself contains something from a woman, and every woman has something of a man, like a fire contains water, and the water — the fire. As Rod likeness, the human body is in the Reveal the Tree of Rod and Soul — Egg, which is the body of the light penetrates the Veda fire, emitting a glow around. In the world of the beyond is the soul of the Tree of Rod and his body — leaves. Therefore, the soul grows with each birth. The man who is three chapters three World learns Triglav mastered, will gain great strength and become invincible. Vedanie comprehend this secret, unity and contrast Being aware of, and have experienced, be above them. Then will be the main route to success in any business, as a whole, more beautiful than piecemeal. Master the Triglav — to live on the right, having mastered the laws of the generation of the universe and to be in unity with Rod Almighty.

4. Carb vedaniya Alatyr
Labor on their fields,
for your labor — it is an offering to the gods.
For wisdom have Alatyr-Stone.
He will protect am, and he'll reward.
VedayteUkraintsy-Rusichi! Rod God gave the children his great knowledge of faith and holiness Orthodox Vedas, laid at Pocono, and eternal stone chiseled on Eternals. The stone over stone-stone, for the stone-Alatyr. People know it under different names, rekuchi it differently, because it is unique and polyonymous. Alatyr — Rod is the throne of the Great himself Rhode Trisvetly, the beginning and the end of Being and Existence, tip and turn the Government, its highest peak. Whole consists of two opposites, each is opposed to a two states, two poles. Therefore, from one to become two, two — four, four — eight, and so up-ending. Of two equilateral crosses the state, it creates an eight-star. Cross comes from a combination of male and female, both vertically and horizontally, and has four finish. All living things have four periods of development — birth, youth, maturity, old age. Sun-Dazhdbog consists of four entities, like a month clear. Year God has four pores. The people — four blood groups. In the end, the four manifestations of Rod God-Fire, Air, Water, Earth — are at the heart of the universe. Consequently, the cross is a sign of the trinity and quaternary, paired and unpaired, male and female, white and black, which are the same. Alatyr consists of two Crosses — Svarga, oblique and direct, which, when combined, create the eight-pointed star. Double octagonal cross-star (two fours) — that are the image of Bud Creatures of all things, Pervokristall — the point at which the birth of the world began and the world itself as a whole. At the same time, it is the state that is the soul in its perfection, as stone dust, plants, animals and man. Being a man, it also has four challenges: to be dark and profane stinks, then — Vesey-Master, a warrior and the wise men. Overall, eight — is a sacred number, symbol of eternity, never ending traffic, the eight sides of the world, even an octave has eight notes. In Colo (circle) Svarog has eight major holidays, in the life of the Orthodox Rodnoverie has eight main age of initiation, passing on the quality of which depends on the height of his Spirit in the life of the present.
Combination of eight points in the middle of creating the ninth, and nine is the number of Rod God, who are the divas of the Gods and the collection of Native. It was nine months a woman carries a child for nine — three groups: the Triglav Heaven (Three Absolute)-first principle, which, being in each other, give rise to all that exists. The most important temple sacrificial fires have eight with a ninth middle. Ninth, the main point is the intersection of all the others: it is the Alatyr — the sacred "live" rock star, an ancient symbol of God's presence. He is the essence of the Spawn world, a symbol of the universe, which are egg-born Pervobogom Falcon-Rod. Through his righteous soul with Gods native joined.
Sacred stone Alatyr (latyr, altar, vivtar) this eye-Rod's altar, which are the generic Vognische universe, he Vyrii world rights rest on all sides of the world, forming the basis of the Tree Family. Gods and it brings people demand as thanks to the glory of God for Rod life he constantly creates, Fire Morok Consciousness pervading. Alatyr — the bodies and souls of eternal tutelage, for he RodaTrisvetlogo eye and heart.
Orthodox Rodnoverie gratitude to God Almighty for his birth and the possibility of self — Life is his by right. This means Righteous Life: dedication to family, the desire for unity, Order and Good, that Rode the Earth — its virtues and virtues are manifested.
Alatyr — is the center of the universe and the universe itself, come out of it and it all come together the way the spiritual and material. It manifests itself in any place of the universe and in all places at once. Alatyr personifies power and immortality fruitful creative life force. The strength and power lies in the countless and never ending number of live embryos, the kidneys, which lie beneath the Sacred Stone and that each spring Dazhdbog sows the earth and humanity.
Death affects only the leaves (the body) Family Tree, and the trunk and branches (the Spirit) remain alive forever. To Death and want to destroy the old and unsustainable, giving space to develop new buds of life. Sign Dazhdbozhim (planetary system) is Alatyr Star (Heart Galaxy) — Sun Red, so praise the gods must face turned to the sun, or at night, turning north to the Stars-alatyr far.
Alatyr-Stone, being the source of birth of the world, is the resting place of Native Gods, it They gain his strength. Seeking the alatyr or mentioning his conspiracy, we all witness in Heaven Holiness take. For as in the conspiracy that: "Under the stone hidden power of the mighty, and the Power of no end", "Who Rock Alatyr erase, that my plot overpower." It is clear that Alatyr grind-stone can not, for He is the Almighty Rod, that is, the whole universe as a whole. In Alatyr vykarbovany (engraved) statutory rights, which are the Pocono Family, He is the ultimate source of holiness and the Vedas.
From Alatyr-stone takes strength God thunder god Perun. Carving out Alatyr lightning, Perun razzhigvet Lightning Flame and brews miracle drink — the water of life: the drink of the Gods, which carries a life-giving power of the Feminine Origin of the Universe (for the Earth — it is rain and dew). At the same time, Perun produces Alatyr of Fire, which is a Power Male — world it he fertilizes. Living Water rain revives nature and gives the earth yields.
As a symbol of the deep genera-Ukrainians Rusich-Alatyr like nothing else unites us with the Almighty Rod, his presence promoting spiritual and physical perfection, as well as material well-being of our Clans.
In the image of his holy symbol Alatyr connects all religions. He is the source of other holy sign-Ukrainians Rusich — Kolo Cross and Triglav (Trident). The main thing that everyone should know the Orthodox Rodnoverie, is what is eternal and Alatyr ineradicable chain that connects all things and Being — the gods and humans, ancestors and descendants of the Aryans, Scythians, Ants, Rusich, Ukrainians, all the "dead the living and the unborn. " As if we did not call in different periods of his life and life of the Universe, the chain links us to a single genus. Power-Alatyr never ending as the universe. Therefore, all religions, power (energy), the essence of the worlds — are only a tiny particle of Rod God.

5. Carb vedaniya Svarga
In Heaven there, whether on Earth, in (Colo) Circle
Living conditions —
Everything is in motion.
The truth is that everything has a
Its place and time.
Knowing this, be wise in deeds.
Magi wise, the heavens and the light going in for thousands of years watching noticed that everything is in Heaven and on Earth, moves to Svarga (kolospirali). Smaller circle rotates around itself and a larger circle, and more — around even more, and so before ending. Since the rotation has a certain extent, is born time and date. Any Circle-Swarga — is on the beginning and end, giving a sense of movement and range of the lower level. The entire set of lower-level circles creates a single Supreme Being.
Because of this, God is revealed Rhode peace, and the Universe — Rhode Rozhanych movement. In this qualitative change in the movement can be seen as circles of a cycle of (stage) separate. From this circular periodic change sustain the development and destruction, regularity of the universe. Svarga movement and its corresponding portion (phase) determines the mode of existence of an object or phenomenon, including human beings, people and humanity. These circles are related to the earth's rotation around the sun and the solar system around the center Beregin (galaxies) of our, which revolves around an intergalactic center and metagalaxies — around the center of the universe. The rotation of the Earth around the Sun-Mokosh-Dazhbog creates Sunshine (Brace, Dazhdbog circle) — calendar year. Rotation Dazhdbog Eggs (Solar System) around the center of the Lada (Beregin galaxies) creates Dobou (Colo) Svarog star, siderichny year. Frets rotation around Alatyr Svarog-year intergalactic center creates Svarog, and the rotation around megagalaktik Alatyr Roda — Center of the Universe, the Eye Rod, creates great age Svarog (Great Colo). Most important are the ecumenical community (space) in the hundreds of thousands of years.
Doba Svarog (Colo Svarog), manifests itself in the change Svarozhich (Halls Svarog circle). Because a little more than 2000 years old palace changes supremacy. Veda: stars strongly affect the fate and life of every man and of humanity as a whole. This is due to the fact that constellations have unique vibrations that they spread around, the Earth and its inhabitants affecting.
Each constellation is a small similarity (micromodel) universe, and therefore most of Rod God — that is, a certain God, who, as well as the genus, has its manifestations are often (stars) and forms (the invisible forces of the Soul and Spirit). Through the constellation, dominating at the moment in heaven, heavenly Father Svarog manifested.
As a result, the rotational motion of the earth from time to time starts to move away from the center of the galaxy. This leads to the fact that the mind and positive qualities of humanity are reduced: a dark period begins. At this time vedanie Pocono (and consequently — law and custom) to the smallest amounts. Spiritual values, family and humanity rather are in decline, Veda (knowledge) is not available, so it's time simplified religions that do not have a deep understanding of reality. In this case, the concept is a solid replacement for all of the concepts and practices upon by new explanations that are true (Pocono) is not responding. These Svarga (cycles) in the custom of many thousands of Slavic, like the days of the earth, as the great Doba (Colo) gods are understood to have a Midday, Midnight, Dusk, Dawn. These names correspond to the Indo-European Yugam, so can be used interchangeably. It must be remembered that the greatest changes occur not at the extreme points of the ellipse (Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali-yuga), and after their passing. The decline of the consciousness of the people so connected that the center of the universe, which alatyr kind are constantly coming radiation Sacred Fire Rod, who by God's grace, joy, happiness, and prosperity in the ordering rule for the people speaking. This Vedogon permeates all things and beings, going from great to small and vice versa. So he transferred from generation to Alatyr Alatyr Lada, and from it — in Alatyr Dazhbog, and the Sun-Dazhbog sent to mother earth. Power on Earth Vedognya spreads on alatyr Kin Vognisch. Power is the mighty, the top is from the Sun to the people, and then — from Alatyr Earth Mother through the birth Vognischa, temples and the houses — goes to the people below, and from there — once again returns to the sun, going on to alatyr Rod, and so on forever. Night of Svarog Vedognya less on Earth gets, from the decline of human consciousness occurs. But after each inevitably Bright Nights Svarog period begins and when approaching alatyr Lada (the center of the galaxy) we wake up. Society morally, physically and ideologically purified, reviving the lost knowledge and digging new ones. On Earth, again begins to dominate righteousness, wisdom and true spirituality, humanity is deeply aware of itself and its purpose. The idea of death and resurrection (rebirth in a new — higher quality) of God, Nature, Man, Custom appears on the different levels of the universe and is the basis of the native Orthodox faith and ethnic beliefs Slavonic-Aryan peoples. Veda: the summer of 7511 God began Dawn Doba (Colo) Svarog. Now we are going through a period of turning — the Earth begins to move toward the center of the galaxy, and our consciousness begins to awaken. Already there are rays of light that preceded the light period, but in the morning, sleep is the deepest humanity. Therefore, we are still waiting for the big test, which displayed mass bezporyadkami, wars, earthquakes, floods and other natural and social disasters. Only the unity of the power of thought, good faith and righteousness (Faith-Veda), Ukrainians Rusich, Slavs, Aryans and every person on Earth depends — will there be a human society or perish as previous civilizations. Such disasters always occur during the completion of the cycle and remain in the memory of mankind as a universal flood, etc. Thus, the Earth-Mother cleared of dirt and parasites that destroy it.
Rusichi Trisvetlym Originally designed to give people the Fire of Faith and the Vedas, by his example and teaching them to righteousness. Human beings are not perfect, so it can dogmatic thinking and zakostenevat accumulating "external form", but losing the deep (internal) understanding of the rules (World of the Gods, the law of God in the Pocono Native Faith). Therefore, from time to time need cleaning subconscious that during the life of one person is in the rites of the varna and age of initiation, and during the life of humanity, in the cyclic geoclimatic and social changes.
Person, situation, or in general, the existence of an object or phenomenon occurs, revolving around something, and there comes a time when you can not stay at this level, you have to climb to a new level, in order to release previous to someone else. So the life of the Orthodox Rodnoverie is also Colo Swarga, which consists of the varna and calendar dedications. Rising or falling, people die for this symbolic level, to be born at a high.
To survive in times of disaster, the Ukrainians, Rusichi should rethink the deepest foundations of their lives and change, acquiring new properties, or to die, becoming the humus for the other genera.
Accordingly understanding Cola Svarga Alatyr — each circle (a phenomenon or process), before reaching the end, turns into its opposite, if not rise to a higher level. Source of development and raise to a higher level act as internal forces person or entity, and external. External force on a person may make direct divine influence, the influence of the environment or certain people that make a kind of boost to the community, as the Magi — for a single person during the initiation.
Today, the One and Mnogoproyavny God knocks at the hearts of Ukrainians-Rusich, forcing them to remember and recognize its mission — to be a teacher Universal Laws rules for other people. At the same time, it should be understood the unity of the universe, and hence the fact that, as we rotate around the World, and the world revolves around us. We can therefore say that the movement of the stars, too, going around the Earth, and the processes that take place in it, is also a strong influence on the Upper World. Native Gods interest in mankind to survive and continue the development of God-manhood.

6. Carb vedaniya essence Pocono
Gods are right at Pocono laid,
And Rusichi him into the world to bear commanded.
No other curls, but only every Rod
Customs and given the nature of his Vedanie.
Ukrainians, Ruthenians, who was responsible! You — Dazhdbog Grandchildren, Sons of the Sun — Russ, Rusichi, Slavs, Aria. You are the children of Veles and Perun, descendants of Native Gods. Our vedanie Rod Holy Slavleniya Pocono and the Government brought to the land of their ancestors Native — Gods of the Government. These perfect knowledge of the universe and explain our world, explain the procedure, the reasons for its development and decline, according to the place of humanity in the universe and the purpose of each of his birth. They teach Rusich how to be pure and true, kind and honest, giving Lad genealogies.
Pocono — is the coil, the beginning and at the same time, a set of rules and laws of the rules by which built all things and beings. So for Rusich Pocono — great holiness, knowing that a man of wisdom is dialed — how in the world to live and organize their lives.
The life of each — the essence of the knowledge of legal rights that are Pocono. Who better knows Pocono, he is closer to the gods. Pocono is the source and the same fundamental principle of any usage.
Pocono on our praeternally Alatyr-hewn stone, which Vyrie heaven under the oak-Starodub lies. On it — Sacred Fire Rod on, all the worlds by faith-Veda spreading. And the essence of the one with alatyr Fire-stone — one. Who runs the Light, the Light right to know laws that make Pocono.
Each Rusich, owning Pocono understanding, is able to correctly identify their mission and purpose in the world of waking, but because to know, what duties assigned to it, and the rights that flow from them. If Rhode Ukrainians Rusich-lived, Pocono knowing — is the best time for it holds the best ways to grow your.
Originally willed by God, that we should become Gods in the rules, because he sent his sons to the Earth-Mother — Rod Sons Sun begun. Because Pocono Family Vedognem burns in our souls, that we were in charge of the True Way and lived on the right. Therefore must be dignified, walking paths are right, and take care of the Eternal, for the body is perishable, but the soul is eternal.
Pocono Family Wisdom — are eternal, because it is the understanding of the universe and the laws of the Government, which holds onaya. For all kinds of Earth — Pocono one, but everyone knows it differently, so the custom of as many genera on Earth. Vedanie Pocono generates custom because Pocono different genera and the nation in their own way to explain, but those who truly explains, lives with his native gods in harmony.
There Births to Bjelobog that stretch, but there are those that by Czernebog, so they led everyone in his time. Veda: in one kind, there are people with different force of Knowledge. On whether it has Veda Magi, Warriors, Vesey and dark uninitiated. Those who know more — Customs administered Peace explained. Because of differences between Varna, is customs of the Magi, the Warriors have a custom, and is — Vesey. Each of these practices teaches how to perform its function. Custom true understanding transmitted in Varna and families in their own example of the unwritten laws: how behavior and relations of labor and also in relation to itself and Mother-Nature. Customs of each family merge into customs territories, customs, castes — in Generic Lad, and together they merge into a single, custom mnogoproyavny Holy Family Rusich Ukrainians, who are the way of our family, native gods willed.
Pocono are the constant, and custom changes with time. Maybe the name change, certain manifestations, be another explanation, but the inner essence of the Pocono Family remains unchanged. Therefore, custom — is the outward manifestation of Pocono. As a result of the influence Kolospirali, Movement Being sacred custom of the sort that in the Faith and Veda appears, has its peak of development and decline, similar to how the sun bathing at the highest point, and the Kalyada — in the lower.
Vedanie death and resurrection in the highest quality of God, nature, man is the foundation of the Holy Custom — vedaniya Orthodox Faith, aboriginal, ancestral Beliefs RodaUkraintsev-Rusich. Understand the mystery of these things by the example of the sun-Dazhbog who is born as Bozic and symbolic "die" as ash gray Yar. Likewise, the Holy custom vedaniya — slavleniya Govern Rusich — forever live and symbolic dying to be born updated on new, higher stage of development of our people. Please note: changes may affect only the outward manifestation of custom, because the inner — self Pocono Rod somehow destroyed or altered can not be. This notion of sacred and eternal as the laws of the universe that make it up. From our Orthodox Faith is one and mnogoproyavlenna, continuous and unrelenting as the world rights to which aspire. Human consciousness is also subject to the law Svarga, so clear and sharp vedanie rights, and with it the Pocono Family, gradually becomes hidden and inaccessible to the understanding, thinking and dogmatiziruetsya zakostenevaet, accumulating only "external form" Custom, losing his inner essence — Pocono. But in time, after the trials and tribulations that comes back fond Doba and everything goes back to the best.
Man also from time to time need cleaning subconscious that during the life of the rites performed in the varna and age initiations, while for the Earth this cleaning-floods and earthquakes are. For purification and renewal of consciousness takes time inner drive and be sure to push the outer. Push one revival vedaniya right to perform, while the return to the native land of the Gods or the people, through which they are manifested. These people become agents of the Spirit kind, for as a result of the descent of them have the gift of the Force Rod vedaniya the rights and Pocono. Such people become for other teachers and lead the people to their benefit. Veda all the most majestic Conductors were Aryan mankind, Russian, Ukrainian-Rod tribe. Knowing Pocono, under different names, they were carrying people united and mnogoproyavlennuyu Orthodox Faith-Veda, which gave birth to our mother earth.

7. Carb vedaniya True Faith
Our faith is true.
For it is rightly famous.
Go to the patriarchs Vyriyu,
Native gods holding.
Ukrainians veda-Rusichi! Native of our faith is the Pocono Family. Rest of the laws of the Government formed, and the laws of those heralded as the world is based, why is so and not otherwise, as the invisible to the visible fuses, how to fill the Soul Light Rod, the eternal being and prosperity. Because Pocono Family is the foundation of all the teachings and beliefs of different. Reveals the truth of the laws of the one who sees unity in multiplicity, and unity — the multiplicity, those who are in his heart to God
Eternal opened and knows that there is good and evil, but only to the laws of the Government.
Each of us is given by God Rod occur in their world, and that's why I own sound mind and purpose, and vedanie, and strength, and experience. Therefore, each person is unique, as a way of understanding reality, which it is. Thousands of these ways, they manifest themselves in different religions, doctrines and ideas. Some of them are up to the light, the other down — in the dark. Why is very easy to make a mistake and feel Nedolya Black, when the soul millennia, lifetime after lifetime will wander out of Reveal in Nav, not knowing the truth and the light of the rules.
Veda: the best way toritsya with his Rod, for thousands of paths that lead to God, have only one direction. It is in the knowledge of the Tree of Rod is because the knowledge of then-gives insight into the spiritual and vedanie divinity of the world, to whom God is the genus.
In order to move to the path, you need to believe that in the end you will find ways what you desire, and one person should crave — the knowledge of God in the universe and the gods in themselves. Then the person gets the support of Native Gods, more faith in Vedanie strengthening.
Veda: True faith must be a man happiness and joy to wake up, to the life and work of inspiring. In righteousness living, Rusich everywhere confirmation of their Faith sees a world watching, talking and trying to goodness, the Reveal — the legal right knowing. When faith laws that soul develops world going on — do not teach, but in the nature of confirmation not find — it is not true.
Sometimes a man wants to do everything by his will and against God's plan is. Because he suffering there, he is struggling with difficulties over the years, the source of which — he. Only by understanding that everything in the world has its own soul and Vedanie, a person begins to learn from the world to live in harmony, seeking perfection in order to Rod and around the world to connect.
True Faith man with Gods native joins on perception based Soul, which appeal to the gods of the family — is improving. Because people do not blindly believe, but knows, feels and enjoys the love of God Family. It found its way to Earth Rod begins to see clearly, in all the love and help of Native Gods seeing. And even when the hard, Rusich Rod Almighty for His love of glory, because the more tests, the more success you can achieve, and the greatest danger — even more joyful victory.
The way to God is through the understanding that all the good and the bad that happens to a man — depends on it. It was only when he had in his time taking responsibility for yourself, no one in their troubles without blaming, only then he can become a creator of himself and his destiny, thus knowing God. For the human soul then becomes a mature, wise and divine — only her world right kind of God is opened.
Our true path is always with us, so we do not see, because we live in it according to the laws and customs, which are absorbed with their mother's milk. That's why I do not think — how in the world came from and how we live in it. At the same time, and do not want to know that everything that we do — good or bad — comes back to us, our life changing.
Veda Rusichi: you should know that the struggle of the world Reveal escape is impossible, on the contrary, feel free to go to the difficulties, because they are in order and that you are better and stronger than steel, to the gods of love and wisdom, strength Vedaniya approaching. True believer knows and feels that the Truth and Power Pocono Higher world Rusichi present and they always help when we stick to them. That is why in the world living, need to believe in justice and truth. Do not be afraid of the invisible, unless authorized by law to live. Therefore, we have to live easily and happily, and the difficulties to be understood as all the lessons of wisdom that to increase the power of your Spirit, given by God. Knowing these things, do not blame anyone in the troubles, for Power of the Spirit grows only when the patient work of its increase.
Depth understanding of the world in itself increases, you are gods native to the events and the fate of the world are starting to affect Explicit. But is not the goal of your insolence and arrogance should be, and the desire to find their place and purpose to fulfill, so that the light of God in themselves increase. Then the human world is changing. He ceases to be a freeloader and, instead of just taking from the world — it is all being, the other begins to bestow his labor and the new breed, the Creator becomes.
When people see the unity in multiplicity can, your soul is in essence realized he wakes up as God to their children. When the human mind is covered by darkness, he needs spiritual teacher and conductor, otherwise no clear light of the True Faith, he can get lost in eternity. In Kin Vognischah Rusich always true Faith and Vedanie can find. Carefully stored them Genera sacred, birth Volkhov that the wisdom of our nation for future generations and cherish spiritual hearth Native Faith — Orthodox Faith support to Rusich soul in the darkness will not be lost, and to the ancestors in Iriy light in the world of rules were, in joy and in the goodness Native praising gods.
Veda: towards a more Faith Rod his right they should go, and faith in yourself Vedanie increasing. Will find only the best shower of his family, because his mission execution Roda good, God commanded, and the execution of another destination Rod — death.

8. Vedaniya Carb Way
Born, look my way.
Having found this very path,
Take away all that she could give,
And then go to the next.
Every person from birth Rasen and unique, because only he has the inherent characteristics that have the ability to work a different, specific skill or trade. This is due to the fact that everything in the world has its purpose, which is for humans to eat.
It shares, or by called. Of Newerth coming, the soul has the job, Rod Almighty it incumbent that the world needs to do Reveal. Every soul — the task is different, on the strength of her. Soul, life after life coming into the world Reveal becomes larger, lighter and stronger, reaching a certain perfection. Because it to do the will of God, she can choose the time, the family and even the country in which it wants to be born. Born into a predestined time and place specified, the human soul knows in advance its mission, and, therefore, the jobs that it laid Rod Almighty — that it accomplish or comprehend in this world should be.
Veda: All Souls — the fruit of the Tree of the Holy Family and to live in the world is destined to rule it. We are all connected to the souls of our ancestors through the Diva, presenting together a unified Orthodox Family Tree, spiritual and physical relationship which goes through all the worlds, and all levels of existence.
Adhering to legal rights, must go through Rodnoverie true righteousness leading to the perfection of body and soul seeking. Thus, we support the connection between "the dead, the living and the yet unborn" Rusich — Sons of the Sun, which are in the worlds Navi, Reveal, the glory and the Government. Every Orthodox should remember that it is part of the filament, which is earthly and the heavenly, the past and the future connects. Unity is our Rod can develop faster, leading us to God-manhood. When Rod Earth Rod Almighty by law to connect, then see clearly the kind of their way and purpose in this world.
Clean the body and soul of our nation recapture the Light born souls of our ancestors, who bring new knowledge of Newerth and a true understanding of the world of rules. After correct knowledge-Veda, is the basis of creation of improved Rod earth.
It often happens that poor soul was born, forget what it was sent to the world Reveal. Then the charge of people to help her way, predestined by God, to see a good example to instruct. To the knowledge of its essence it has to go it to them, because it is the only way of truth to it. It is the way in which people will open like a flower, his talent and originality of the world presenting. True Way brings happiness and joy of labor, gives the opportunity to rise up and live in harmony with God's plan of Rod. The man who found his destiny and become the path is correct, it is noble. Because there is precious Vesey, noble heroes and noble Magi.
Veda: all-Rod Ukrainians Rusich — is noble! Because he is dear to the gods native.
Veda: an understanding of reality and perception essentially begins with vedaniya manifestation of his soul's needs and aspirations, for this is the event around different causes. All the world is interconnected and built on the same legal rights, so the knowledge of self is the only way to know the universe and the Rod of God. The laws in each case are shown, they are people at every level should know. Therefore the soul is evolving — Vesey person does, and then, in the next life — hero, and then Magus wisely. But every time the understanding of man gives his answer to the question — what are the needs of life puts in front of him.
Just know yourself, we will be able to understand and see their way of life — the purpose of our embodied soul. Desire for Wisdom is the knowledge and ability level of the same, and in order to take on the world, you need something to give him. Received wisdom of the ancestors of our relatives, we must learn to give it to multiply our experience — their descendants, and therefore each of us to the future of our children and Rhoda.
Knowing yourself — we find our place in the universe and find our own happiness. On this path of self-knowledge, remember that all human suffering arise because people are not aware of his place in the one and mnogoproyavlennom world. As a result, people think that the world is divided into black and white, single and plural. In reality, it is merely different manifestations of the One — God Rod, and therefore generated by the laws of Him all one.
Foolish man, thinking is not perfect, with their level of development can not fully realize the highest levels and the need for the existence of opposites in the universe.
Veda: there can be no white without black, single, without multiple, since then — are the same. In Rhode Almighty all people, things and events — are connected. But in order for there to the universe, must communicate its manifestations. This interaction may be perfect and imperfect.
Imperfect interaction brings suffering and separation. When a person separates the spiritual and the physical, internal and external, then he, as a falcon with one wing can not fly and suffering.
In order to connect with God and to live by Rod legal rights, everyone should know their strengths and weaknesses, to know a man and woman, child, adult, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and see how these states interact with us. Only then one attains the perfection of soul and spirit, becoming true fate of his Creator.
For Orthodox Rodnoverie — time and place where he now resides, is the best. And be it through the mercy rule, Iriy in his soul creating, or go to the Nav, to do it for myself Sunshine — it is a voluntary choice of each.
Possession of the legal right and true understanding of the world gives a person the awareness of their place in it, and from that he's happy. But the human mind is often clouded, and he does not know what he wants. In the dark or in the way of being vicious, it can ruin your soul, the darkness and the darkness spreading around. In order to draw people to the light Trisvetly Rod — called Magi, teachers in the world Reveal put, and instructed the Faith and the Vedas its kind carry on tribal Hearth caring. The more bright people, especially around the lighter and the more people happy, the happier the world.
Choosing the wrong path, having true faith and Vedaniya, people live unjustly, untrue and he forced himself to suffer, unable to understand the world, not knowing Pocono Gov. For faith — is the way to God. But the path can be straight and bright, and can be curved and dark. Most of all, the way a person approaches, which he native gods and ancestors and trodden people tested. Take care that the people who are the true way to go — in Rhodes was more then all true and Rhode fulfilling his destiny, is not right to go to the Gods will.
True Faith and Vedanie gives true belief. Persuasion — grain native Orthodox faith, the truth of which is to oversee the operation of the eternal laws of the rights and feeling of the presence of Native Gods checked. The strength of our species — the unity of belief to every Ukrainian-Rusich, because ignorant, that life is kind of impossible.
Our gods are with us all the time. We can become gods, when we want it, when we have sufficient powers of persuasion and the will of the gods for it. Dazhbozhi grandchildren, we are on an equal footing with our gods, with their handlers in the light of the highest because the gods — the essence of our great kinsman, and we — their children right. Little child, knows less, but the time is coming and it grows native to the delight of parents. The power of God in himself with, we and we alone are capable of Father Rod become the source of all the joys and difficulties that occur to us. The difficulties that we are having and haunt us, arise because we have the power of God in our soul koiya is, we are not able to own, know your true path does not want. Therefore themselves inadvertently suffer, not knowing the reasons. The soul of the world affecting explicit, creates it, depending on how we perceive white light. When it's bad, it's going around us harm as good — works good.
We must learn to see itself, which causes black thought blackness around. Then we will be able to overcome the darkness, his thoughts changed for good. Watching your thoughts and reasoning over them, you can see and understand why certain things happen around, so anticipate what awaits us. Observing the external signs, we can see their internal cause and vice versa.
It should be good to remember that Rhode One and sets simultaneously, and therefore each person, as a manifestation of God Rod — one and mnogoproyavlen. A single person is a body and soul, through its manifestations and states — mnogoproyavlena, so it is for the knowledge of the most difficult. Soul, manifested externally, creates a lot of material situations around the body. These situations are shown in the material and spiritual changes. Passing through the joys and sorrows, the Soul improved. To gain this experience, she was born. That is how we improve as a creator. If we create our internal and external world consciously, in harmony with other people, clans, nations and Gods — then we walk the path of truth, and therefore achieve perfection.

Carb vedaniya righteousness
Live in the world by right,
Go past falsehood and truth are looking for,
and will have eternal life
Rode with the Gods in the Great.
Knowledge of the laws is basic to the native Orthodox Faith. Rule is a set of laws of creation, preservation and destruction of the universe. Every rite or ritual Native Orthodox Faith plays a priestly clans Trisvetlogo when expanding and collapsing universe. Therefore, compliance with the basic tenets of the Orthodox allows a person to connect with the Gods and his life well lived.
Right to manifest in man as an internal, deep vedanie Truth and recognized as conscience and a sense of loyalty to the action. Truth is the knowledge of a person the legal right to itself at every stage of his soul and spirit. Spirit — the invisible manifestation of Rod and his inseparable and integral part, so it is eternal, as the Lord himself.
People come into the world Reveal to learn to be a creator, to later become Gods. As Rod embodies itself in its manifestations, and one can in a certain period of time to perform a manifestation of Native Gods — Perun, Veles, Svetovid etc.
Man, as the Creator is able to create good spirits and demons — an entity invisible (subtle), which may help, but they can also harm. In general, all life has a soul and spirit (the essence of their information.) Everyone, as a creator, creates around his universe — a circle of friends, acquaintances, interests, events and adventures, in which he finds himself. All that is going on around him and to him, is a manifestation of his inner self, those desires, needs, or problems that forced him to create the Soul.
As a person acts in a confined space your level (the world Reveal), it is influenced by thoughts, desires and needs of others. Thus, he learns to interact with other people to achieve their goals.
Only in Rhode abiding people can achieve perfection. Rod broke away from it in otherworldly realms will have the coast, to which he could stick. Rod is one of the three worlds, because unity must maintain, for the Righteous, and these things are very necessary for our life.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi: when the world Reveal living, goals and objectives towards which man strives, begin to contradict his purpose in life (for which he was born), he begins to erode. The person who comes to the last line of its destruction and knowingly destroys Rod — Rod expelled from, regardless of the world in which he resides, and drops to a lower level. This manifestation of fair rules, which watches over Perun.
Rules are designed to help those who live in accordance with its laws, because its knowledge allows to live in accordance with what kind of God our Rhode requires. The right to stay in all driving acts of Gods, people, movement of stars, planets, galaxies and the universe as a whole. Regulation — the very essence of Rod God, so is the power of the highest.
After the death of a man who lived on the right, is entitled to a higher level to get up, take its rightful place in the ordered world of rules. All other on their own or by nevedaniyu continue to transform the world Reveal long until they reach perfection, and then — all of their own will.
After the eternal struggle in the world Reveal that imperfect soul perceives as inadequate (according to her) ordered, the world rightly perceived as a blessing in Irii. But getting permission to stay in the world right may only that soul which, living person in the world Reveal, explore the world, learn to see and apply the laws tend to stick to the wisdom of the Faith Carbo, has found purpose in life and walking the path of truth, sang it in relation to yourself, family, and Rod. Man unworthy, not noble — can not get into Iriy (Peace Rules), he lives under other laws. Steer will not accept him.
Change of state of any event is always in Rhode Supreme. Therefore, turning to Him for help and live righteously, honestly acknowledging their debt, who are the life-errors and correcting them, everyone can achieve Iria.
Veda: human nature tends to balance, so she often tries to stop, stop to evolve and improve. As a result, in human life begin to occur any cases that it move forward in the development of its force. After all, the movement — the basis of life, and therefore, the basis and method of existence of our species.
Life can be lived with high quality and low quality, that is, righteousness (perfected) or unjust (in imperfection), using another incarnation. People should be able to be happy to perform that work, for which they were born, because they chose it. Calls to renounce life — a great falsehood, for life — the gift of the gods, in which the universe is based.
People with Gods create the universe, build your world, power, home, to have a place where to live. When a person performs his own, only he intended work, then he gets joy from this. Sometimes it's hard to understand what God requires of you, then you need to learn to look into his inner being, to listen to the voice of conscience, to achieve altered states of consciousness.
Man is able to take up the knowledge, which is in Heaven — a world of rules. The teachings come from there, Ideas and Vedanie what should happen or how to live.
An important part of good human life is to understand the Truth (righteous living, living according to the rule) and falsehood (unjust violation unfeasible, when the motion is crooked (right), with the result that the path to success does not. Injustice is when the path is often distorts or opposes the way whole, resulting in a loss Lada. To determine where the truth and falsehood, each case must be considered thoroughly, and for this great knowledge to have. gentleman abuser may not be, because in this way, it ceases to be noble and righteous.

10. Carb vedaniya Karna
The truth in love, for it is you want from the Government.
Native sanctify Gods wisdom, body and soul cleansing.
Not that will not last the black carp, the anger of the gods proclaiming,
To remember you on the path of righteousness.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi! In Rode everything has a cause and effect. That used in this world has not been done, day or night stand, God's appearance or state of nature — everything has a cause, as a result of which there are consequences. Each new event or condition is a cause of subsequent changes, events or phenomena.
The primary cause is just and Pervosledstviem God Rod and Pocono rights they commanded as a source of truth. There is no end-edge transitions of cause-effect, life to death and vice versa. This chain interconversion creates life and the existence of All That Is.
Every person born has a purpose in life, the fulfillment of which is the primary responsibility of his life and essential for increasing at a higher level of spiritual development. Each person to determine the most direct and best way to increase his soul and spirit. The human spirit has a knowledge of the way, and the Native Gods, manifested in his mind through intuition and conscience, keep calling people to the light, purity, truth, love and justice. Each person has their own patron god, through which it goes. At the same time, in the soul of man is a dark part, which are going to dark thoughts, dark desires, meanness, treachery, the qualities of the soul, he does not want a notice.
Veda: The soul of man entire. And there's nothing dark, which could be the light, and there is no light, which can not be dark. If a man in a dark part of the soul does not look, does not explain the reasons for black and does not correct it within himself can create demons that his soul will re-open with the correct path knocking.
Veda: the world of rules is the world of the supernatural, sverhprozrachnogo, the most subtle and the most perfect. When a person does not want to grow, to fulfill his destiny, wisdom is not looking, and lives only in animals needs — this shows that he is ignorant of legal rights. Unaware of legal rights, it is a perverse way, repairing injustices and worked falsehood.
Because His soul falsehood plastered, mud meanness tarnished, why is heavy and after death can not ascend to the world of law, so falling into purgatory dark Navi. By the will of Rod, a man cleansed, reborn in this world, to go again the difficulties and joys, challenges and trials that he must pass or survive to become perfect and godlike. Just having the necessary quality of knowledge, he will reach the World Gov.
Pocono — a pure source of legal rights, is a continuous stream of causes and effects of Jehovah, who is constantly fueled by God Originally, the purpose of which is most prevalent in the light of the rules Diva. World of law creates the spiritual, the divine part of the universe.
If a person lives at cross purposes with God and not seek for spiritual perfection, then already in his lifetime, he begins to feel the weight of itself, that does not give him a chance to live freely, life goes bad and bezladno. If he continues to ruin itself, then it is making the disease and quickly dies.
Soul, which hit the Nav meets Goddess Karna. It strengthens bezlade, misunderstanding, fear, and greed, from which the soul begins to suffer greatly from those demons, which she created.
Man is the Creator, his desires he creates invisible creatures, which are, or good spirits or demons. Good spirits man help, his life guard, and the demons take manpower. These demons are the person in the dark, and there are Nav disembodied soul tortured. When the time came, Karna with permission of Rod soul to the world Reveal go.
The soul again to the world Reveal back, we need the good will of people and the Orthodox, who are willing soul of ancestors in the world Reveal call to revive Rusich their kind, which is needed. Having been in the world Reveal a new body, the soul has a chance to learn that the last time she did not understand, did not survive, and not learned.
Leading a righteous life, honestly looking at your imperfections, seeking to improve themselves, to enlighten the dark light of the right side of his nature, man becomes okay and internally ordered. Of His soul is clean, bright and light. This gives her the opportunity to rise to the highest light of the rules, where it is their science so long until it becomes God — a manifestation of Rod in charge of certain principles or worlds of the universe. When a man does not make any conclusions, and again begins to lead a fast life, to him again comes Karna. She reminds him of the soul must return to the right path embarrassing incidents and difficulties, on the occasion of his wrong path, and eventually disease. It is necessary for a person to stop and think: is it true he lives, is it true path to take and whether it will reach on the way of perfection? Realizing that he does not do so, one must sincerely admit his guilt before the Gods and to make every effort to correct it. If he does not, and continues unjust life events become more and more threatening, the punishment more severe. As a finishing tool, share turns to the man in black face, a thread terminates its own, and therefore the thread of his destiny, and the darkness of death consumes him. Consciously or unconsciously doing wrong, not trying to take his place, we Karan themselves, coming off from the unity with Rod.

11. Vedaniya carb, Body, Soul and Spirit
Keep clean
your body and soul
Svarog light filling.
Glorify the gods,
And you will live forever
From Gods to Triglav,
into a single truth and power of merging.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi, Trinity Family of God in every person of
is. And everyone has a human body, which is native gods in the likeness of the Great Rod generated, because the similarity to humans — the best. There are legal rights, to which the world is based. Therefore, knowing your body — we know the world around we can, because there are manifestations of all our Native Gods.
Need to understand that the body — one and mnogoproyavleno. It has different parts, each of which is a manifestation of a certain God. As a man of God to each individually drawn, of the unity of knowing, just those parts of his body in the treatment of contact possible. When the disease occurs, the power of his Spirit, soaking sore spot, his health should be set up.
Man is the manifestation of God in the world of waking. Power of the Spirit of his surrounding world, he do according to his will can. This is the body touches. On a charge of Rod Rusich people have that are in the treatment well svedomy. With gods and spirits talking, their images in the body encouraging the body heals.
The body is a manifestation of the flesh of the world Reveal, which from the beginning of Big Mother Lada takes, because she gave birth to the first of the gods, and from them, and we're their family, for Rusichi — Dazhdbozhi grandchildren are. The body of the man kind is given to merit it. The man who in a past life lived righteously, nice body receives, and the one who is unworthy of living, but also the right to get a new birth — the body can get maimed. Injury makes him wise, think about the essence of life forces, so that in the next incarnation was the best person in the development of its rise.
Veda: not only the body, but the whole world and all things explicit in it mere — in order to Native born to the unity of the person knew the seen and the unseen, thus — the Creator becomes.
When the disease or bodily comes any difficulty, you should know the reason — in your soul, which is a disease of human life in a whirlwind of stops, that he wondered whether it was true he lives, his destiny to fulfill? Whether it goes through the true wisdom of the Government in enhancing yourself or animals he roams the world, hlebozhortsem being that on his belly just cares?
The disease can still bring an evil influence of the force, strength, black, evil that people in their folly on the human body sends. But this should not scare someone who with the Gods in the Triglav for Human lives. He is the Almighty Power Rod is protected, and any other force in front of him — nothing. To continue with the Gods to live in unity, one should always take care of your body, keeping clean, for strength — the elements of water, fire, air and earth to strengthen.
Veda: your body — it is also the universe, and your spirit to it, and in it — the power of God. So first of all take care of themselves should be in his spirit before God's help is sought. For the body — the shrine and temple of your soul. About Rohde caring paired family, shining outward and inward beauty.
Veda: The human soul is light breathing Father Roda Rozhanycha — Svarog happens Light Unseen in man living. She is from the Eye Rod — Alatyr Trisvetlogo force takes, under the Tree of Life kidney alatyr born. On whether it has a two manifestations, the two parts — a light, which is Vedogon Svarog and light of the rules and the dark part, which is emptiness and bezlade Navi. The duality of this being, the soul appears in the form of eggs or otherwise — acorn or grain Family Tree, which is located in the human body, his life living.
Family Tree of being born, the soul must nurture and develop. During the growth of this — the peace of God and the legitimate right to know, that the most able in the future to create the World, to the children of their worries. She needs to go far away and see the three worlds — the world of Navi, Reveal and law. Life for life, the soul in these worlds are born, first in Navi on to Manifest, then the right. In Navi soul matures, increasing the light in themselves, to the highest manifestation of life seeking. Through the soul! first born in the dust — a stone or any part of the soil, in the darkness, and the latter-day predtvoreniya being. Next — the plant is, the way to pave the Reveal, and then runs an animal on Earth, so that this part of life to know in advance, and after that — in person is embodied.
Newly-born soul man is immature, which is connected with the world of animals, from still dark, the uninitiated it is. It is driven by animal passions, just take care of themselves. The qualities of the soul has a serf. But if he lives honestly, in the next life — Vesey born. Vesey host being capable of life so people must adjust to his family to help, and, therefore, living in truth, in the next life — a warrior born. Being a warrior, one genus, and power, protect, and then Magus born, people teach and preach the faith-Veda.
Souls of people who lived on the Government Pocono, after living in a world Reveal — the world of the Government of waste, from the works of the world Vyrii Reveal rest and wisdom are typed, and then again to the world Reveal come. Righteous great, becoming a warrior and Magi. After spending Veda teachers, Souls in the world of rules back, Dark Spirits becoming. Consequently, the Government in the world living, these souls eventually become gods. They Rhode God — gives purpose, from other worlds, they take care of themselves and create worlds.
When a man lives unjustly, the laws of the world to know the Government is not seeking Vedognya light on in his heart is not increased. When darkness covered, Vedogon fades, so a man in Nav again going back to the way out of it again from the previous step to start.
If a person lives does not know the purpose of each thing not comprehending it, again and again being born, unhappy feeling, hard for him to go through life, because he hurts himself. From when Vedogon — Bird of Light and darkness in the darkness of his soul struggles, darkness wins. But, as a result of the fight, if a person firmly Orthodox Rodnoverie stays conviction of Faith-Veda approved. His life is in itself the light of the Spirit grows.
Veda: Dark of the soul — it is lower, Navneet part in the middle — Explicit part: that place where the battle is going on opposite sides of the Soul, and on top — Vedogon, prophetic bird, rules of the Holy Light. In the light of the Soul recorded her way — the sanctity of the Most Holy, to which it should aspire, and dark — the ignorance, still persisting in previous incarnations, which prevents the person to grow.
Spirit in the soul of the belief in the correctness of the chosen path grows up. These things — is the point, which for the Soul — alatyr is. She's part of the manifestation of soul and in itself contains, for only through the Spirit and the desire to live — but the eternal soul can exist. Spirit Soul perfection, adding a whole, giving it the highest quality. How people live righteously
— how his spirit is strong. And how many people in the Bright Vedognya his spirit saved up, there is Soul and Spirit — either Nav or in right.
Veda: All things have a soul and spirit — every stone, plant, animal, human and celestial bodies. Knowing this, do not need the dark side of his soul, to be frightened. Do your best to love and joy, light, quiet get it, fears and prejudice soul detached look that cause them to know. Then the darkness that will dissipate. The soul becomes whole — the joys of life and filled with a sense of God. Must mean a clear: no white without black, and black is — to take calm myself for not punishing. That small dark part, which will remain in the soul, — in itself, with the body of the dead depart.
Bright spirits of the ancestors — in heavenly peace Vyry Govern depart. There, at the Meadows Svarog, the goodness and joy of staying. Its kind — for the shield and Ward are doing. At one hour of heavy, they are the will of God in the world of Rod Reveal back, guides and rulers of the glorious Rod Ukrainians Rusich-born. This is especially true for the dark times, when people are unaware of the Light of Truth, from Rhoda his discarded alien religion befuddled. To bezlade it Lad turn, Bright Spirits conductors those rules in the bearing itself, convey their kind gift Vedaniya by which the truth all can see and hear. Therefore, they come right, even when it seems other bezsmyslenno. The Magi from the mighty, living body in Reveal, if necessary, as in the Nav, and in the right to go to the Soul can. They are living in the world Reveal, doing the work of God, for their bright spirit inspires them to do so. From that, they can not die, and in the highest world away, the appointment of his outstanding. Even when their bodies wear out, the Spirit — forever live, and transmit it to his descendants inherited through physical touch, a look or a particular thing.
Veda: Of the many souls of our people — Soul-Rod Ukrainians Rusich consists of a set of all souls in the universe is made up of God Family Life. Just out of a soul kind, which is the essence of Div, are all the other souls. All of them after the death of the carnal body — to return to his Triune Source, the unity of the three worlds are happening, but with the Spirit of the individual are, for Rod Almighty — is the Spirit of Harmony, Truth and Justice.

12. Carb Vedaniya blood and race
Blood — holy.
And the blood of our verbs,
What we — Rusichi all.
Should we keep the Slavic Births,
to rest not to lose.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi! In the Supreme Rode all united in diversity and mnogoimen-ties her. Smaller Genera are large, and the large genera are even greater. All births that looks different, internally unified, but that apparently is one, inside can be different — that's why the Father Almighty own cause. In animal can see that each has four legs, a head, a red blood, brain, heart and other organs, but apparently they are very different.
Everything in the world has its place, has its purpose. Dog and Wolf — one of the tribe. They are similar in appearance as well as internally, but instead of a dog when we leave the wolf to guard the sheep herd, instead of peace — will have trouble. And Rusichi all have blood relatives, but have different genera. Childbirth is good, but there is evil. Ought to know that, even among good Genera found wicked men, as among the Clans of evil there are good people. For good drag, with clean people bear case
those. Before with some Native thing to have, one must know whether it is good or not Rod, and he with your Rod in the past lived. Genera with the evil of affairs does not have, do not call for a visit, the best things in his family do, your brothers and sisters to help. Like someone to take a job, you see — he Rusich, Orthodox he? For it is easier to work with someone in their native virtues vospitannnym, community vouched for him, because he knows about the education of his family, it is better to lose a mother, rather than with a stranger to find. Stranger found himself will seek to take over, causing injustice, and from that will have trouble. How to lose your mother, you must know: that is — for the work of God, for you are you working for the benefit of their clans. He will thank you and in life too obvious and in the hereafter. All generations of living creatures, despite internal proximity, are different, and they are endowed with their own special features. When you take with you to hunt with a hunting dog — a stray dog, it will only scare game, doing nothing useful. Similarly, people are different in their fathers. This difference manifests itself in the affairs in relation to the life and virtues of righteousness.
"Race", or "dew" — this Water Gods, Living Water, Pure Water. RACE Slavs and Aryans is Living Water (blood) Native Gods. Births in the race is lower, there is more ancient, and is the oldest. They all come out of each other. From the Slavic-Aryan Childbirth differ from one another not as externally as internally. Rod-Ukrainians Rusich — Gods of the right to put a beginning, deigned to Earth. They gave us the Pocono Race and vedanie the Government made a fire in the hearts of his children — Vedogon Saint. About us through his father Oriya covenant given that in the Holy Books Generic written: "This said the Oriyu Svarog our" How you create a product of his own fingers. And let it be known that you — the sons of Svarog. Behave as befits the children of Svarog. And how will my children, and Dazhdbog will your Father. He should listen to what he tells you, and then have to do. What did he uttered, and then they do. "
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi: we were born of lightning, which from Alatyr took and shot through the Sun to the Earth Svarog. On Dazhdbog — Father of our fathers, and Makos — Mother. In human form, shaded glory and power of God, manifested Lada Mother and Father Svarog to Earth later. And every father on appealing to the gods, calling them to become husbands for their daughters. And they came to him Matinee, Paul stall and Vechernik — as smaller Triglav Triglav Great.
Carrying the fire of God, we are — Light. Light this fire of God Faith-Veda other branches we have to bear, Pocono claiming. On Rusichi of Slavs — the very first, because other Slavic Childbirth — is our children. Truly ignorant we Pocono Family, which all knowledge — base. Nature of each kind of forces it differently understood Pocono, so customs and religion are born different.
Each clan and nation in the world has its place and its position, some Native God. To fulfill its mission and the power given to them. When Rod is not a place on Earth is or is not doing his job, Lad on Earth is lost. On the people perish, Childbirth degenerate, the relationship with the gods and lost ancestral roots die.
Belonging to the genus is determined by the Blood and Faith. Blood without faith — as the sheath without a sword, for faith — Sword of the Spirit, which protects his body Rod and his life is ordered. Childbirth, lost sword of the Spirit, lost relatives "are akin to those people whose religion they profess Gia. Wolf on a chain planting, keep the house we do not compel, and he would die in captivity or be reborn, becoming the owner of a faithful dog. Similarly any Slavic-Aryan Rod alien religion assuming loses its divine likeness and dying, living in captivity, or turning into a humble servant.
Rusichi — hardworking and proud people who do not take someone else's, but not as they give. They go to fight, and when there is a need to save Rod. Rusichi — ESSENCE Rhode Volhvovskoy and military. Rusichi other Childbirth — Pocono train, Eternal Wisdom gods bequeathed to us explaining, because they grandchildren Grandfather-Vseveda — Rod Almighty. Each Rusich other nations can be a teacher, because he is by birth — Son of the Sun, and Wisdom — his nature.
So light and wisdom to save Rhodes, we have the purity of blood generic care. For mixing with other people, we doom ourselves to create, root Rod undercut. Each Rod Earth thoroughbred must observe, to perform well its purpose, otherwise bezlade will happen that death Childbirth our lead. Fathers should teach their children that couples themselves only of the Slavonic-Aryan Clans took, because together they must continue our nation together dedication passing. For who himself unworthy couple chooses, the falsehood he will do, and his righteous soul will decline, bezlade around Shiryaev. Young should know well Pocono Birth — Life as build and Rod continue. Before you create a family, young fathers to each other at least a year to get accustomed to.
Velez's father and mother taught us to keep Makos Blood RACES clean. Fulfilling their covenant, we, like thousands of years ago on the back, we will take their children out of the hands of Veles. For we — Grandchildren Dazhdbozhi.
Read Pocono Family God and Gods family, and your Family will be blessed, and immortality through the ages!

13. Carb vedaniya Initiation
As Dazhbog updated born
Rusich and to the right at Svarga world goes,
Dedication to Kolo (circle) above the sunrise.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi! Native gods that brought the Slavic-Aryan Rod Pocono vedaniya rights, overshadowed They forefather of ours, giving rise to leave, that people have the wisdom of God. Things have been the first initiation of our family — celebrate the first birthday. We are commanded to teach other genera and Light Rod God illumine the world. Forefathers this wisdom of the Eternal Fathers transmit it and the people live by the Government taught. They enjoined it Rusichi Pocono protect and clean your Rhode spiritual and physical, that the gods could at the dedication of the people to come and teach Wisdom Rod, Rod Divine Spirit of God in the fall.
Every person who comes into the world of waking, from birth belongs to a varna. But to his men took his varna and recognized, it must pass a series of tests and the Sacraments of Initiation. Dedication — is essentially a man's knowledge, the discovery of a worlds invisible and ineffable forces, which he used to "be in charge did not know" and "see saw." Dedication — is a transition person from one state to another. There Initiation, which transfer a person from one age to another, and there are those that a person in his varna claim.
People at every level of development is different and can not always go out of himself one of the state to another. In order to make this transition, you need to die and be born in the old in a new way. Thus, a person is born a child, it's time — and he died as a child to be born boys, and then — as a young man dies and is born a man.
Light of Consciousness Vedognya person develops much more slowly than the body, and the development of this for bodily life happens. Each creative life force of the soul and increases awareness of the right to assert. From that person's soul — is his personal Tree Rod, in which tree forever, and leaves — perishable. Human body — it leaves new ones that grow and fall off, the very same tree every time increases. But to the Tree of eternal human kind souls was necessary, that the basis of his Alatyr-stone of the Pocono vedaniya Rights was created and Vedogon Thought it was burning all the time.
So growing Human Being. In the development of that — different peri ode is that through death overcome. Thus, through the experience of many deaths — immortality is acquired. There is no way, if one man wants to be, because we have a Rod of God, who lives in the world of waking.
You must know that dedication is also an exam. Every person, having dedication, the community has to prove himself worthy of the level at which claims that we can entrust him with certain responsibilities, for it holds knowledge and skills.
Without going through a rite of passage (regardless of age) people is a child. Initiation without divine people — are navichi (not born, zombies), slaves and nonhumans. The one who came into this world through the womb of the mother, is navichem (with Navyu related) until passed appropriate initiation — age and Warnow. And do not recognize varna uninitiated into it, if he can not prove his ability, the right of his own — a matter of life was not confirmed.
Due to the fact that man is composed of body, soul, and has in itself the Divine Consciousness (Spirit), it differs from all other creatures. As Trisvetly Rod — Highest Consciousness universe and consciousness of the human race on Earth — the highest. Rod God a certain level of understanding reality is, on which man leads. Therefore, when the level of a certain person or a period in his life up, he must be prepared to change essentially, going dedication to rise to a higher level to the light merciful Rod. When and how to conduct the Initiation — Magi knows.
Major initiations — eight. First Initiation — naming his conducting Magus from 9 th to the 40 th day of age. Second Dedication held for boys in three years for girls — in five years. Third — in seven years. Fourth — in 13-15 years. Fifth — Dedication to Varna, held in 18-21 years. Sixth — lighting family union. Seventh — the birth of children. Eighth — the birth of grandchildren. There is one more — worthy the acceptance of death, but it is more about the other world.
Each dedicated to — this is a test, checking a person's readiness to take a place in society, which he claims. Initiation after the person receives the highest quality, strength and capabilities, its importance in improving Rode. So, through a series of initiations, ordered Rhode Rusich earth.
Only through death, man is able to regenerate and achieve the highest quality. As a result, during the dedication he exchanges a large number of deaths per bodily immortality of the Spirit. Death removes any limitations and boundaries, so it is necessary to overcome the limitations of age or caste.
Each Initiation occurs in the day and hour when the Heaven's Gate opens and descend to Earth Native Gods and ancestors Bright. In the sacrament they sanctify novoprivedenogo conductors through the Spirit — Magi velimudryh. Thus, each Rusich connected with Spirit of the Sun, and how Dazhbog lives, dies and is reborn. Without going through the proper initiation, a person can not be considered a full member of society and can not be considered or Rusich Rusinkoy.
Dedications are held in a secluded place, without other people. Before Initiation, the magician perform the test of who seeks to pass it. This test is often bordered with death. During Initiation — sanctifies merges in their actions with, gods, repeating their path of death and birth, finding eternity of the soul.
Veda Rusichi: The soul of a man who did not pass the initiations — Death! It is not fixed in its Initiation likeness of God, the Spirit does not schooled! So it can be crushed and dissolved Navyu. Dedication can not win or get it, you need to live righteously, to find quality, which themselves will be forced to test himself in the dedication.
Initiation requires a person to live according to the rules of their caste, which in the Pocono Family and Ancestors in the commandments laid out. They are the rights and position dependent. When a person violates the custom, then he condemned his Varney and excluded from it can be.
The transition from one caste to another is possible only as a result of a great effort for life. Occasionally someone is crossing instant, under the power of God, which ensures a inner transformation of man and his leap in spiritual growth. Instantaneous transformation is available only to those who prepare for it, patiently accumulated spiritual knowledge, ability and belief in this transformation.
For the outer part of the spiritual transformation on mentor or teacher is needed, which leads, by example the necessary skills and way of perceiving life affirming.
Know that for each initiate must prepare, learn and improve, for dedication to Varna — a "second birth", after which a man finds his place in the Rohde. Therefore Spiritual Master (Magus) is a second father — a man who prepared a "second birth." Through numerous dedication of the powerful means for survival and development of Roda. After all, because of initiation, is its self-organization and ordering.

14. Carb vedaniya tribal system
Go up to the mountain and work, doing his Rock
So get over the second, you will become at it.
Whether the Gods and fight to protect his seed:
They will lead you to the third,
From there — Flights in Svarga.
Man is an integral part of the genus, the genus and the universe as a whole. Veda: the people — this is not just a number of people, and the one and the many manifestations of nature — Earth Rod, a creature that has a vested and spiritually connected people. Therefore, people have a soul and a body, you start treading higher for every single person and even his race.
Rod earthly soul — the Spirit of the Nation, its faith, language and customs — what motivates people to action, joy and happiness gives. and body — that all the people who form the nation. In the earthly Rohde each has its place and level, respectively, to the destination, with which he was born, this time in the world of waking. So the people manifested great Triglav. He creates three different levels of understanding of the world and destiny of every person in it. These three levels correspond to certain groups of people, who are called estates or Varna.
Varna — a spiritual value, a combination of knowledge, skills, and aptitudes of individual characteristics, mental and physical qualities that a person in the world comes explicit. Man is born in a certain varna to at this level entity Rod Rozhanycha (Universe) know. Warne three: varna Veda (Priestly), Varna Knights (Military) and Varna Hosts (Vesey). This forms the Triglav Earth Rod: right, Reveal and Navi. It manifests itself in a general, mass bezporyadochnoy shower uninitiated people who act earthly embodiment Diva (original chaos).
Each varna performs in his life the people, but it is inherent role. Therefore, none of them is higher or lower by value, all of them are equally important and each manages Rod and Power at the time, as the main and guiding force for the other castes. Therefore each other changing seasons prevalence values of spiritual, political, and economic. All castes fulfill his destiny, as a single entity, in which none of them can exist without the other.
Triglav Earth Rod and Earth Rod Div united as in Rhode God — united ordered world (Law, Reality and Nav) and chaotic Div.
Varna Veda deals with the science and the knowledge of the world order, so people should be Veda spiritually pure and pious, to show a deep reverence for the mind and spirit, constantly strive to acquire and develop Vedanie, distribute it among the people, bringing them spiritual light.
Varna Knights aims to establish and defend a just sovereign order and protect their family. Therefore Warriors (Knights, Cossacks) are designed to be brave and sacrifice in the struggle for truth and justice, be chivalrous generosity, strength, proud, self-restraint, self-control, good manners, bearing their own kind of honor and glory.
Varna Hosts designed to produce wealth for themselves and the State. The owners should be honest, responsible and reliable in matters of production and trade, stick to the established order, be generous, understanding that in order to enable them to work in peace to financially support the other castes, providing kind of knowledge and protection.
Outsiders — people who have not found their spiritual path. They perform the work that they perepadet generally speaking non-self-executing. Not knowing its purpose and with no ability to organize themselves, they should seek to wisely production discipline, understand the need for obedience, right to work for the owners and serve the Roda.
In the light period Morning Svarog (Spiritual Age) belonging to the varna depends on each person, so social background while the main is not important, since a person's position in the family is determined, first of all, his ability and talent. Each varna acts peculiar step in the development of the soul, so it's important, "looking" itself, not to be mistaken and find exactly its purpose and Varna.
After the birth of an individual and a particular varna during the Age of Spiritual determined Magi. It can also be defined by the individual, depending on the type of activity that corresponds to his inner nature and needs improvement. Precisely defining Varna, man fulfills his life purpose with joy, easily and naturally. Such activities reveals his divine nature, bringing joy and happiness.
When the man's place in society and is doing work that does not meet its intended use or not in his varna is, then he feels an inner dissatisfaction and stress. Soul, not being able to fulfill your potential, around the body begins to create a variety of situations that are sometimes very hard to continue to force him to "search for yourself." If he is to your inner voice and advice of Veda people do not listen, then the first — is evil, and then comes to injustice. Many people, not occupying "their place", to disconnect and weakening Rod ground, people start to live in poverty and are enslaved by other, more united people.
Help your Rod and everyone in it to find yourself — a direct duty of the Magi, store lei Holy Pocono Custom-Orthodox Faith-Veda.
When people are able to maintain the tribal system — this indicates the Government before the gods that they really deeply understand the Vedas and make their own lives in accordance with God's Pocono Rod God, who for konah nature and society manifested. The varna system — a "body-Rod originator" on earth, the witness of unity of divine and human, heaven Roda (the macrocosm) and Rod earth (mankind, the microcosm). In such a union is a direct descent of the Divine Spirit (Heavenly Force) improvement in people.
When the tribal system, public life is spiritual, moral, holy sacrament, which feeds and constantly enhances public life, so that it fills the deep sacred content, which adds to the flexibility and reliability.
In times of Svarog Morning all society Autumn light Rod of God (His Holy Spirit), each Earth Rod knows what he is born, and faithfully fulfilled his destiny. Spiritual knowledge and practices that underpin society, clearly understood by all and act as customs and traditions. With this way of going union Svarga four components: the Divine — as knowledge in the person of God — as the force of the Divine — as production, possession and self-help and divine — like service, obedience and labor. Svarga — Hailing the Supreme generated, and has in it:
— Wisdom that contains the procedure and principle of all things,
— Force that embodies the whole, supports and strengthens it,
— Lad (Order) that nourishes and brings into harmony all the parts
— Labor, which is the soil, which is the beginning of other links.
Due to the fact that people — part of Rod God, his divine destiny and calling can be satisfied only the performance of its delivery (public) duties.
At nightfall, Svarog and during her reign — in human society bezlade created, resulting in a comprehensive Rhode Earth loses touch with family gods, which only in the varna society possible. People take their calling is not appropriate office work is done at random, unworthy of being creators of Being. At this time, the external form is more important than ideal, it is the body of man and even clothes — are more important than his soul. In the Twilight of the Gods is the transformation of people with certain destiny, in the persistent social groups. People who have lost faith that arise cabins hidebound traditions, there is a need to keep the family in society on the basis of heredity: the son of the Magi — Magus is, even if you do not have any skills. So varna as the destination disappears, giving way to its opposite — caste (heredity). This phenomenon applies to all branches of each country. When the old control system de rusty destroyed, "empty words" developing, it becomes irrelevant, since its purpose is not fulfilling. Then it gradually or rapidly and decisively discarded to the next state system going.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi! Sooner or later, every phenomenon as opposed to his moves, so after each night always comes the morning because that was dropped once in the previous stage of development, can then only right and ultra-modern turn. Tribal system is now closer to the morning Svarog — the most advanced and ultra-modern way of development for all the Slavic-Aryan birth. It will help identify the most quality and realize the purpose of each individual, the most inspired and accelerating the improvement of mankind.
Ukrainians-Rusichi by building a new, powerful nation on its ancient principles, will enter the LAD with the universe, with the result that will be able to see and get divine help during hard times — the world crisis that is coming. Alone, no one would survive, how to unite the Slavic-Aryan Genera Genera so other human.
Our Slavic-Aryan Family must once again become Veda Rod, Rod, Magus. Other nations will Childbirth warriors and masters. Will be some people that the wisdom of Native Gods unknowingly remain outsiders. So it will be a large genus of the earth was created and saved. During earthquakes and floods will survive only those who like that Earth ruled by the Great Slavic-Aryan Rod, will remain. Major role to play in this Knowledge Treasured: Pocono Family God — Mother of the Orthodox Faith Veda (Vedic orthodoxy). All the while they are securely stored in labor Magi and is gradually opening up to humanity of modern law glorious Magi.
Better organization of society will enable to receive additional reserve forces and capabilities that will ensure victory and survival. Build a better nation celebrated-Aryan people will become conductor of the Spiritual Pro to a new stage of development of the society and help other people once again to revive the body of Rod Heaven on Earth — Warnow Story.

15. Carb vedaniya Generic Vognischa
Protect Vognischa delivery, which dwells the Spirit of the Ancestors, the Force gives you, the right to unite with the gods.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi! The house of every family that has a child — a temple of Roda. Realizing this, to strengthen the righteousness and goodness of his family, who created the Ancestral altar with images of the gods, ancestors of Native and symbols of the Orthodox Faith. In the red corner store images of native gods, amulets and home holiness. In the house have to be oven, constantly Kindle in her seat — is sacred, especially in the winter, but for the holidays. Rusichi — are ognischane because Rhode Diva first emerged in fire: Fire of Mind, Fire Lore, Fire of Creation. Because for centuries zhzhem lights and put them to the gods, and as the world exists, we will do it.
Svarog father created the first Ohnište sent down to Earth lightning, which brought fire from heaven God Rod. Lightning from the first human born of the soul: the sons and daughters of Fire and Water. And commanded us Trisvet-ly protect Rod Generic Fire, the Spirit of God and the holiness of the great. Fulfilling the commandment that ye ought we to have a family and household, requires native gods in sacrificial Ohnište offer, Narek ognischanami.
Holy Fire Rod Heaven burns in the soul of every Rusich, if he lives to the right. The light shines from his soul good, joy and grace. This fire is the soul Vedognem called — fire of mind, knowledge and creation. Who lives in this spiritual fire in itself grows, that the world Pravivoskhodit, shining star of his descendants Iria. In joy and in sorrow, remember that the oldest man in the family is Priest Rhoda, a woman — Priestess. He kindles, and it saves generic Ohnište. They represent Rod in images Svarog and Lada, and the children and grandchildren of their — that Svarozhich. Celebrate the holidays as a family Kolo (circle) Svarog — because by Rod nurture, strengthen families, Pocono and custom save. Raising children, remember: the father of boys, girls and the mother — a living example of how to take care of family harmony and management control.
Rohde is a senior at Forefathers (grandfather, great-grandfather) and Grandmother (Baba, a great-grandmother). Junior in Roda for the holidays to be collected from them, especially when they invite — is the foundation of Generic Ohnište. In cases of family wife must follow her husband because her husband after marriage, race — that its genus.
Holy Fire-Svarozhich us warm, protects and defends, cleanses the soul and body of the young, with the Gods uniting native. Fire Rod almighty God radiates strength and compelling because generic Ohnište — is not only generic altar and the hearth and home, it's the spirit that strengthens family and the power of her ancestors gives.
As far as we honor Rod, so God and keeps us, because it is important to his seed to the seventh generation to know and celebrate the holidays memorial. For eight major holidays of the year with the family go to generic Ohnište community, in the church or temple, a sacred groves or forests treasured. In holy places Genera Genera with bro, because they — one community, one tribe, one Rod Ognischansky — Svarog.
If necessary, assistance should be sought among his own. And do not have the right to help krovniki krovniki refuse and in trouble than help, for this Rod retribution, Carney sending, injustice measure.
No one dares to raise snakes holy place or unkind word to say, because in Rode all brothers and sisters, and if so, what should forgive each other. If the same problem happens, witch ask not, so be wise.
For slavleniya gods sacrifice and ascension community may elect Priest or Priestess. This should be a respectable people of good family. Electing Priest or Priestess, the community needs to know that their families and love reigns Lad, the children are well maintained, and they are known for good deeds. This is evidence that they are sweet to the Gods and live by the precepts of the Government. Such a priest or priestess to the gods to bring good thoughts will be, and then they heard will be, and the gods will give the community vital. To adequately praise the gods, Priest good to know rites Pocono Rod Karbi veda of the Orthodox faith, customs and holidays Kolo (Circle) Swa-rozhego. Before the start of independent service, it must constantly take part in the rite of the Saints, helping the Magi.
Men and women in the service of Rod equally important, but more women to the person to engage in spiritual conversations with those who are in need, inspiring them with kind words and advice to help. If love is better prinarodno slavleniya Gods conduct, the Vedic commandments utter, though contrary happens.
Listening to the Gods, remember better Nav woman hears a man — right, because should help each other in the Holy Sacraments. Priest Priest community becomes valid when receiving initiation from the Magi. Passing study Wisdom of the Magi, he could be plain — Sage. Veda deep knowledge of the law of rules, rituals and customs, knowing their inner essence. Because they can be healers: healers, doctors who care about the health of the body and spirit of the community. With age and wisdom, doing sorcery, listening to Fire Consciousness movement in his heart, and passed the appropriate initiation, Veda may become wise men. Good Magus — a great joy and blessing of God to the community. He should be an example in all things: he has a good family and raised the children, thinking it a light and all-obyatno Vera pure and true. To fulfill its mission, and living by the commandments of the world is right, he has Vedaniya Darom, subconscious understanding of truth and justice. Well knowing Pocono, it preserves and makes Rites by ordering custom.
Main ability, which is owned by the Magi — is the ability to be in the states of superconsciousness and wander into the worlds of the right and Navi. Wandering into other worlds, it brings new knowledge, new force and can see the future.
There are people who are born with a vocation Magus. They are aware of their purpose in youth or old age. They see that the ordinary eye can not seem to hear what is heard by the ears. Perceiving inter-dumire they either approved at a higher level of perception of the world, becoming wiser, or seriously ill mind. Well, when there are a sorcerer who is destined to be a Teacher for the favorite gods. Received from him the wisdom and dedication, winning himself a man becomes a powerful Magus. Gods interact with him, and he hears them in his heart all the time.
Turning to the Magi, remember Rusich that wisdom — not in years, but the number of previous lives, which the soul has lived Magus. The older the soul than it is perfect, the people wiser. Over his life, he learned to understand the right and the Pocono Raceway in the explicit expression of their world. He already feels the call of the soul of the right and goes to her.
Community to have a Magus — is good luck, because he is her father and teacher. Magi little, because the main work of the Compliance Pocono holds responsible. Each area has a generic Ohnište — shrine or temple, where people from all over gather and majestic ceremonies doing. Donations for the whole region soar vehicle of the Spirit Family: edge Magi-Masters.
The holy place where they offered very significant sacrifices Magi communities come together to accomplish the Holy Mysteries, Dedication and get advice. All communities are Holy Magi Magi Council Generic Ohnište native Orthodox Faith.
Among the Magi Magi is also different. The best and most powerful of them, those souls who come to this world in pairs, as a man and a woman. If they were for life find each other and getting married, having children, because they are great, Strength Holy Family, as the earthly manifestation of the Triglav Rod, combining Svarog, Lada and their children. These pairs are the magi guardian. These three bright-Rod gave vow to live and die for Rhode Rusich. Because of their life, they do not belong: the generic Ohnište Holy Russia should they care, Truth prophesied, Pocono Family care of, I'm keeping the Magi know and teach. They all Magi — the court, and honor, and true path to Rod Almighty. Gods, manifesting through them may be in Reveal. Each of them is defined by God and thus in the world Reveal its own force.
Kolo (Circle) The Guardian may be explicit, but can be hidden, and the number of them is a great mystery. The Guardian of the Circle have a couple: man and woman, who are the first in a circle — is the Supreme Magus and Veda's mother Rhoda. They are the Father and Mother of the whole nation. For them, there is no obstacle in the world are right, Reveal and Navi. Wandering in the worlds of Navi and the Government, they read the Tablet of the Spirit, follow the conservation vedaniya Holy Pocono. They — the continuity of the life cycle of the keepers, guards Lada on their ancestral lands, the keepers of the balanced state of the law and in the world, Navi Reveal. They are related to the Triglav and three worlds in themselves hold. Father and mother Rhoda — Pocono-kolenniki, they are spreading wisdom on earth. Elect their own father Rod, protecting and guiding their actions. They symbolize the forefather and foremothers just Rhoda Rusich. They protect generic Ohnište Rus-Ukraine, The Guardian Circle and convene the court to be heard by. When the time comes, they have their right to another couple passed, having experienced it before.

16. Carb vedaniya Needs Request
By right living, our fathers give Tithing should, and one hundredth — in Veles, She is God's kindness to us and so returned Rod gets stronger, in the good pl.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi! Human life in itself has two faces, the first face — this bodily life, and the second face — a spiritual life. Man in Reality comes to life in the body to improve his life, because the perfection of the soul — that eternal life in Rhode Supreme, the Ancient of Triglav. Vedaniem Govern soul perfected, so to know, everything in the world in two ways: black and white, man and woman, unity and diversity.
With the Gods to live in harmony, not one of their faces can not be discarded, otherwise it will start to move in the opposite and can go completely. Sun shining in the sky first plant raises, and after drying and burning. Night came first gives a cool and life-giving water, and then cold Morita.
And in human life — every Rusich should know that he came into the world to perfect spiritually and physically. If it is, the spiritual forgetting, just take care of the body starts, hurt himself more to do, because it destroys the soul, and the age of its solid shortening.
Dying man of wealth of the earth in the world the right to withdraw can not, for that which exists in the world Reveal — in this world, and will remain. Light forces of the soul is not acquired, the commandments of the Government of the world without knowing it, a man in the world, Navi leaves and suffers from the darkness of his soul. On the contrary happens. When people forget about the body, the soul only cares it from light and light becomes. But, ruined body, he Reveal can not live long. Prematurely losing body, his soul is in the right, and then the gods of his relatives asked, "Why are so few lived, the body did not care, and the balance between Bjelobog Czernebog not keep?" Such a soul returns again to reality, often Vesey (host) becoming, bodily perfection, to become a real creator.
Veda, the people in Rhode earth is different and each has its purpose: some host (Weighing), some soldiers, and someone priest. But we all native gods willed that every donation to the center of childbirth should give to God's work and to the strengthening of the earthly Rod.
Victim — This is the tenth part of our wealth, Sacred donations that people have to bring to the temple, praising Native Gods. And it can be all: fruit grown in the fields, or products created work of our hands. Ever, it can not be a human, because the gods to sacrifice our blood of man do not accept, on the contrary, more and punished for it. For the life of a man only when the Court of God or Holy Struggle selected maybe.
When a person is a victim Rod gives it unity and contrast Bjelobog and Chernobog knows. In the living body, it is the soul and spirit of care, for donating the most expensive in the name Rhoda, he knows that he is not giving anything to get something impossible. Voluntarily giving part of the state of his, a man shows his faith, and with faith, he must firmly know that everything in the world is interconnected. His giving to it the great fortune always comes back. Donations before the Gods we witness that the Government are going through, and the wealth of our land is, because we live righteously.
Sacrificing one hundredth of God Veles, get help from him and the confidence that our fields abundantly give birth, and the deeds of our prosperity will come.
Donated tithe — treasury Rod is. She needs Rod earth is spent on the temple, the spiritual content of the troops, the training of young people, of the Magi as it is released to help those who are in financial difficulties. Tithe victim Rod Orthodox in unity and strength holds.
In the life of the present, not all Vesey (hosts) sacrifice to God's work is given. These Home (Ves) should know that, for the native gods in Triglav going, they then Warriors are born, but children put their soldiers and weapons to give them will not. On either starve themselves will not fulfilling his military mission, or set foot on the path of injustice.
Can a man be born and Veda, but a piece of bread not having affair svom deal will not. New knowledge is not passed, no longer care about the future, thus generic way of destroying. From acts of injustice is spreading. Rhode earth is destroyed, the unity of the Gods is lost, for those who do righteous little to spare, the more have never will.
Veda: physical — is a means for the improvement of the soul. Accumulating wealth, we are only a means to increase, but to Orthodox Ognischanina (Rodnoverie, Starover) must be the acquisition and improvement of the eternity of the soul of the spirit. Because vehicle to not confuse the true path to peace Gov go.
Is something else: people come to the temple, disrespectful, arrogant sacrifices, feeling very rich, influential and thinking more of this rich. Veda: this sacrifice is not just, and it is not luba Gods. It turns punishment to become rich and humane human life in all likah perceived favorably.
Those who knowing the importance of the victim, but with a little wealth, sincerely give the last thing on Rode care, will find a thousand times more than what is needed. Those who have strong faith and Veda, Native Gods always see, hear and come to the aid.
Magi often through teaching people new knowledge, new tools for the gods of wealth Orthodox Ognischanam (Rodnoverie, conservatives) tell or explain the reason why the good they have no salmon.
Veda: our nation is so constituted that the owners (Vesey) in it the most. They are about the welfare of their families care, good multiplying. But they have to be in charge of it's kind to them Rod is given, and the purpose of the fact that they and other varnas cared for, fulfilling its mission, the other varnas Rod bring their favor.
The good to be thrifty been saved, it must protect the soldiers. When Vesey (the owners) are doing falsehood, tithing to the community without giving, Warriors, instead of protecting them and harmony in the state of support, on themselves will make. Because the estate will host (Vesey) without protection. Then the soldiers would come and other people of good will take away.
With no donations for everyday life, Veda, instead of faith and wisdom of the Vedas Rod Earth carry on everyday life and the sustenance of the family start to worry. Because light balance and mutual support in Rode not multiplying, Righteous Manners and good qualities of men are in decline, and even the soldiers of their own earthly Rod Vesey (Masters) to start looting.
Human well-being is given by the gods for happiness. But when an immature mind it seems excessive, or the person is too attached to it, the loss of fear of his life he was in tight clutches of unrest and voltage drops. Such a person loses the happiness and well-being it is not a pleasant experience, because happiness — this balance between body and soul, wealth, and spiritual development. Can not be good by mine iniquity, it is not going to benefit and disappear quickly, making the soul of the dead.
Ukrainians-Rusichi, their welfare should be understood only as a path to greater self-improvement opportunities, developing new capabilities to your joy, and people for good. Wealth — the ability of the human mind to allocate space Diva things, events and phenomena that materializes, we learn to make peace Reveal. The hosts are doing it, the Warriors defend, and the Magi are taught how to create, protect, and in harmony with the world to live.
Donations without making a person shows that he does not believe their earthly Rod. That is why he care of Native Gods and unity with Rod Almighty loses.
Know that to be rich — it's a great test, which is not given to everyone. Orthodox Ognischanin (Rodnoverie Starover) has the power and the right of Native Gods increase their wealth and income grow, but must remember that the tithe on Rod should be given! Who is ignorant of the truth or not doing, greed burned. If this happens, the person to his right and stops to attract happiness, but only those to his draws, who wants him to take the good, thus providing help his soul to not burn. Because thieves are not immediately punished, that without knowing it, people sometimes help.
Nothing in the world is not giving that person the world is closed and the fire of his consciousness in the world is not emitted because Wedo-gon it begins to fade and the dark soul covers. Greed, envy and meanness — it's curved path, which is spread injustice, a man driving a dark Nav. If a lot of people is, they mess around you are doing, breaking the link Rod Earth Rod Heaven, then Earth Rod is not the right to live according to the commandments and starts Lad loses.

17. Carb vedaniya Mother Earth:
Land Rusov saints, for the gods descend to her descendants who ruled from the One. It is the cradle of our Rod and nurse your children to Protect and honor her, for through his mother.
Veda, Ukrainians-Rusichi: The Earth is the greatest holiness, this Father's house, where all of us spawned mother earth. those spaces in which you grew up, and grow your children. As a woman, a mother gave birth to each person, so Raw-Earth Mother gave birth to Rhode Rusich. Without it, we have Roux-yourself and affection of God do not know, that's why Mother Raw-Land for Rusichi sacrosanct, it is — the nurse and protector.
Mother Russia — the cradle of the Human Race White, the beginning and the foundation of the Slavonic-Aryan world. This is the land where the Blue Svarga descend from Native gods to teach people Pocono're right, this is the land that is home to their descendants.
Crude Mother Earth — this is the place, and is the entity, which is the white light, and takes the deceased infants. Our earth is soaked with the blood of our ancestors. Our Earth, where there are graveyards and tombs of our ancestors. Families of the earth — this is the land, which the Ukrainian-Rod Rusich may not lose under any circumstances. It is best to one and all perish than give his own land. Rusich can not live without the Earth, as the sword can not be without a sword blade, Rusich without the Earth — not Rusich and slave. It is better to die than to live a slave. Person of that Nav departed servant, a slave born again, and shame not to see it end, to break out of this vicious circle will be difficult. Even more terrible share — to live a slave to own land. To be a slave to own land is to be mediocre. Such a man is not worthy of human life.
Remember Rusich: every Slav and Arius occurs by birth on their ancestral lands. Once you were born in it, it is given to you as a legacy Carnoy from God Almighty. No one from another kind is not the right to own your ancestral lands. Mother earth after his kind to each kosh — put defines for the development of the spiritual and the corporeal. Kosh this is a small homeland, protect koyu ought to outrage everyone.
Remember Rusichi: death for the Fatherland — is naipochetneyshaya death that man's soul nobility and righteousness of the highest filled, giving it a direct path to Heaven. Orthodox, who died for his race and native land, immediately gets into Iriy Light, where his father Perun as native son meets, bestows honors and a new body gives in Polk Guardian Gov taking. Because, going camping, to fight inverse, take with you a part of the Earth Mother. If there is a fatal wound, lean bit of land to the wound to Svarog Orthodox in Svarga admitted to Rod and glorious ancestors sent. Gladly accept your ancestors home, and for the brave deed is nice you'll be in centuries.
Veda: Mother Earth Cheese — a manifestation of the Goddess Mokos — Protecting and preserving the protectress of the soul of every Rusich. She Cossack defender in the campaign. Increase from her strength of our nation, and it is possible for her birthing kindle fire, when the enemy's fierce obsession to fill. When a soldier returns from war, breaking many enemies, should ascend the Holy Mountain and the four sides deosil bow to fall to the earth, kissing her, and Magus ask that purify spent. For through enemies posechenny he Navyu connected and he can not in this condition in the community at the hearth of Generic be. When cleared the rights of Orthodox rite, Goddess Makos with him this link will remove, because it benefits the fact that Rod inverse prowess defended.
When a person receives the Holy Oath, should be allowed to eat a crumb of land. If a person is sworn in, testified Earth breaks, he will never have their own land will not, and the death of his soul goddess Makos not accept, and unworthy soul will stick through the world like a ghost.
The whole earth is Holy Russia, and there are places where the strength of the Earth's greatest. In such places, it gives his power, and there are those in which it takes effect the servants' quarters. Where some places are located on which to build a temple on which the settlements, where graveyards, cemeteries and create Croda do — then Magi knows. The whole earth must be preserved, protected from desecration and take care of its purity. In particular, take care of newly arrived foreigners, for which our Earth is not holy, so they scoff at her.
From the beginning of life, many thousands of years tribal land Russow has always been our Earth, and although it is not limited by natural barriers, the sea or mountain ranges, from time immemorial, we live on it. Enemies because we are jealous and prescribe the time, saying that we had to. Do not trust strangers. To this we say, that the Spirit of our family to relax and take our land with ease. Rhode Rusich with mother earth — one body, and spirit, because she loves us and protects. Newcomers do not know the people and Rusichi unrighteous, that of the Old Faith and Ohnište Kin refused, they thereby from the Goddess of fate — Mokos turn away. Mother Makos in response to give them up and hides his good, and not because they have a share of the good, the fate of a good living at it. Not hearing the fame and respect for themselves, Mokos Mother-invaders with white light work of heavy yes szhivaetsya diseases.
Live-zhivehonka zemlitsy Rusich Orthodox, and the power is more in it hidden from her vedanie right circle expanding, deep knowledge, Praschurovy: how the world is, how to live in this world where to find Iriy, and where the hell. Expenditures from the paternal land, labor our Slavic-Aryan Faith and I'm keeping the other clans have. This is what we teach the ignorant heathen, dark right to believe in the gods so faithful to do ceremonies for the good and happiness of earth and heaven.
Remember Rusich: yes holy Kiev Kiev land, for they are the heart and soul of Rod Rusich. Power of the great divine healing power they hold, and how to be born again shrines and temples of Faith First, this force is abundant and will rise and expand, giving the good and happiness of Rod Slavic-Aryan and all righteous people for thousands of years. These are the essence of our land World Mountain White Light, the world of clear, no flooding, no she is not afraid of drought. It comes protected by God, the power of the protected, and where Earth is not as open and shaking — Our Earth Tribal us kolyhnet injure or more, for the unity of it with us.
Veda: Land — this kingdom Reveal it in the middle of Triglav world law, Reveal and Navi is Earth — progenitress and mother nature in Reveal. Heaven and Earth — is the Father and Mother of the Orthodox folk, and every man to have a child is. Land held Dazhbog of Diva was created and is often seen as a Div. Earth, being a manifestation of Diva, contains the seeds of life, which God through native Rhode seeded Gods Svarozhich. So good when Kalyada posevat boy comes first — this messenger of the gods, who on Christmas Day of Iria come to Earth during the year to support and protect the righteous Rusich.

18. Carb of languages and dialects:
Every kind has its own language, who comes from the Tree Rod, adverbs in the world of the gods proistekaya.
Man — this is a manifestation of God, which in the footsteps of his Heavenly Father is, in all his inheriting, therefore constantly seeks to understand himself and the world that surrounds him. Understand the essence of a thing or phenomenon, it gives them a name and a title. The apparent spread easily, and implicit hard, because it does not exist by itself, but from the gods occurs. Seeing pictures and images of God, a man in symbols and carbene cetah rezah and their exhibits. So he created a language certificate and letter. Thanks to the speech there was a link between the people and the consent, and ordered it transferred the feelings, thoughts and dreams. Every word and action is a manifestation of the soul, because all that is symbolic and significant.
The image can be only what he knows. Often the words to define something is missing, it is on this side of the known and the unknown man with the world of the beyond talking. Sound and image (the image) is displayed by each item. Having been born in the soul of Rod God, all things through the eye of Her Family shows, and it all he sees and feels, for Rod Eye — Stone-Dawn, Alatyr Ancient of Days — the heart of God is. He puts in the name and function of each manifestation of the essence, so the true names of things, animals, humans and gods native — is a great mystery. The true name of a thing is a knowledge of its structure, purpose, properties, appearance and other qualities, hook as each character and the sound is a whole world, with the external appearance and internal nature. Usually, foreign substance is well known. For knowledge is the inner essence allowed only selected righteous souls are pure Vedognem shine.
Human word has great power and magic power, because it comes from the gods with prayer, and a conspiracy slavleniem us connecting with God. Word man can give health and happiness, sickness stop or expel evil spirits. That is why wise men singing gudnoe know and whispering all sorts of conspiracies, they are people heal and get on the weather.
The first people who were entrusted to Pocono and Veda karbovat (trace) The gods have chosen, and then those students find themselves. These Pocono and lead them to cherish their souls and for the people in need are. When understanding and Pocono Vedanie Rod of God in the hearts of men dying, the gods come back to the people and the souls of the best of them knocking, that heavenly wisdom they themselves admitted, Faith and recreating the Veda by the Government were going.
More Magi pradavnie saw that certain symbols carry an understanding of the world order, knowing that Knows people can influence the nature of Mother and the world around him. Because ancestors traits and cuts karbovat (mint) started from Alatyr their conclusions. And that letter was a saint because oberegovye signs shall bear, and conspiracy committed. Therefore, those sacred writings.
There are also secular writing, and plain language. But they basically sacred, because they — the sanctity of human souls and great charm. On Mother Russia Slavic proto-Aryan was born, and all current Slavic languages are the same root, a different branch. Remember: Slavic-language Arisky each branch of his — Holy!
When the language of their clans, we say that because childbirth is increasing, because the Tree Rod — and even a Singing Tree, from which sounds and vibrations of the universe apart, Div awakening, along with the light to create worlds, since sound vibrations, light and fire — are one.
Every human race on the Tree Singing their branch-vibration has. On the branches of the corresponding native language, each person has its own vibration is, and if the person's name that corresponds to the vibration, he lives in joy and grief do not know, but if not, then it starts to ache and his life needlessly lost.
Every nation has a great variety of symptoms, but in accordance with his divine purpose, it has some, but his inherent characters, sounds and names, which it is distinguished from the other clans.
There are sacred symbols and carbon, the sound and feel the sense of which is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people, because they are given to us from above, by the will of God for the good and happiness Dazhdbog grandchildren. Because generic characters and the writing is not understanding the mundane, and Pocono Govern subdued.
Veda: it often seems that the various events and phenomena occur on their own, but in fact it is not, for all the Higher Powers determined. Therefore characters Rod and Slavic-Aryan languages are sacred, each for their clans, and unbecoming to one another Slavic Rod Rod with his tongue-adverb captivity.
Often some characters are common to many genera, and even for the whole of humanity. This is because all the people, the teachings and religion of a single reality awareness come from, that's Eye Rod — alatyr is. Because ancient Orthodox Faith to all Slavs and Aryans — the basis and holiness is the highest. But this applies only to the external display and the inner essence of every kind is always special, so this recognition Oka Roda Alatyr only true Orthodox Christians know, that the Light of God Family — Live-mother joined.
Part of the native language are the names of the Slavs and Aryans. Because each Arius and Slav must be in original or its present name was called the native language, because language is an adverb Rhoda his soul force everyone gives and from their native land, the gods and the ancestors connects. To call a person a name unknown or another family owned means his soul with light white szhivaetsya. Once a man was born in Rhode particular, it is for him — the best, as it corresponds to the purpose of life. If the soul of another person wanted it to somewhere else or Rode was born. Veda: name can not be arbitrary, as it is — are the definition of a way of life. Child from birth is his will in the world does not have an explicit, so the responsibility for it lies with the parents. If they are a child of the soul, calling wrong, wrong on the road to the right, there is a great injustice and Karna comes to parents unrighteous. Those who are called false — false life are black and flour suffer, their place in the world looking for explicit. Name of the person with Rod Almighty Gods and ancestors in common, and it depends on the family and the birth of a Kolodare (calendar) Svarozhsm. There are generic names, family and kolodarnye. The names of cola (Circle) Svarog place, the name of the gods of Native taken, slavleniya which the period of birth falls. They are given in order that a man under the protection of the God-guardian was inspired by his strength, his life for the good of the guide. Order from us Rhode God demands that the soul had a name that matches the name and designed her for her time of birth. This ensures a soul an opportunity to follow a spiritual path of your God-guardian.
Veda: each genus has their names as generic names, not only in the name itself contains, but also the innermost essence of souls — the Spirit of God, that of God in the hearts of Rod them manifest. Right sound generic name of the person on the photo-sound Svarog his tunes, from Navi protection and to the right leads. While someone else's name — is a fraud and falsehood to the soul on its way round the guide, select and force stopping the growth of the soul. Because he called the child, it is necessary to give him the correct name, which corresponds to his family.
Generic names of the names of native place and with Rod earth combined, that is one with Rod Almighty. Generic names — these are the names that are in the family and Rohde common. Family name of the child calling, we are strengthening family tree root, increasing by Rhoda. Thus every newborn strength and ability of their ancestors by the nature takes over.
Great falsehood when the child outside the family, the wedding put together, is born. On it by Rod on one of its lines and loses his way of life is heavy, because that which is not good from the start began, often with good finishes.
Every child is sacred ordinance naming should go, only then he disconnected from the world, Navi-fledged person in Rhode becomes.
Veda: not everyone who has a human body, the person is. Being in a human body without a soul — not the person. With body and soul, man must improve them, and the language and naming for this — the best way. In the body, at different levels of their vibrations exist that faithful word stronger and weaker from wrong. Therefore, the name and the language in which a person says, always must comply with the essence of his family, and to bring this holiness no one dares, because if the strength of the refuse, refused to hear the Native Gods cease.
The language of each person in the spirit of the people of each of his family perfection that sword and shield of his race is. Weapons to keep it clean and have to own it completely, because it is the native speech Rusichi gods willed — their souls to the light of faith and the Vedas are filled and Native Gods glory. In the native language of the knowledge inherent nature of the world, therefore, in pondering the meaning of words and their hearts are feeling, you can discover the truth and God's great creation comprehend.
Slavic-Aryan language of the ignorant — a hollow sound, and the fact that the true nature of his mortgaged, they did not know, so the heart can not feel. Foreign language but the support has to be out of it and did not take the name, because it is bad for the share rights and share a Rod affected. Language of their ancestors, their names and the names of children should be the highest holiness, then the unity of the three worlds is saved, and Rod earth is going on Human Heaven.

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