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NATO began the active phase of a plan to prepare for war with Iran?
Alliance began operation in Turkey for the transfer of the German and Dutch anti-aircraft missiles (SAM) «Patriot», which will be located along the border with Syria. South American installation already arrived at the Turkish saves.

A NATO says it all: on-demand joint efforts of Ankara Union is preparing to reflect missile threat from Syria. But almost all leads to the idea that NATO prepared to repel an attack by the enemy is much more massive than Damascus.

Daily reports from the fronts of civilian war, which has more than one year break apart and injuring wounded «body» Syria are tongued evidence that Syrian Bashar Assad favorite from last forces manage to keep under control the area entrusted to him. And to attack a neighbor, much less the country — a NATO member — an absurd idea. But the alliance continue to speak: a threat to Turkey from Syria completely real.

In reality, the estimated occupancy «Patriots» shows that they will defend not first Turkish town of Syrian missiles, and its the same the NATO radar installation from attack from Iran. Indeed, in the case of the operation to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities (and the expert community says that it can happen this spring) first try to Tehran in response to bomb radar with which NATO is in control of virtually the entire Middle East region.

About the same at the end of last year in an interview with Russian journalists read and head of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: «With regard to the purposes of this deployment, I’ve read and heard that they say experts: if it was deployed to counter fire from the Syrian countryside, the it should be set somewhat differently. Its intended location, as they say, suggests that it should be applied to protect the South American radar, which is part of the U.S. missile defense system, created to protect against «the danger posed by Iran.» According to Lavrov, «if that is so, then it is even more risky, since it makes more temptations.»

Yet NATO continued to stay the course. «Our mission is accurate signal Germany testifying solidarity within NATO,» — said, addressing went to Turkey the German military, the Bundeswehr, General Rainer Glatz. As highlighted in turn, Dutch General Leo Boylan, it is about «performing tasks bearing purely defensive character.» «We’re going there to protect the Turkish population and to prevent the escalation of the conflict,» — he added.

According to the German radio station «Deutsche Welle», Tuesday freighter with 2 batteries came out of complexes located on the coast of the Baltic Sea port of Lübeck-Travemünde to Turkey. Later, also on Tuesday from the Dutch town of Eindhoven flew advanced units of the armed forces of Germany and the Netherlands, who will be there to prepare for the arrival of the complexes. It is expected that the ship with the German air defense system will arrive in Turkey on January 21, and the ship with Dutch SAM — January 22.

A U.S. European Command reports that South American «Patriots» already begun to settle in southern Turkey. Total NATO plans to put on combat duty 6 batteries SAM «Patriot». «Germany will deploy their complexes in Kahramanmaras, Netherlands — in Adana, and the U.S. — in Gaziantep» — NATO said in late December.

In the operation of NATO in Turkey also perceive the role of armed forces unit of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland from the Third Battalion of the NATO Liaison shall report to Czech media. They will be in the main involved in the coordination of actions between the SAM batteries «Patriot».

Help «WG»

Turkey during the second half of November turned to NATO to provide it with SAM «Patriot» to protect against possible air attack by Syria. December 4 NATO Council decided to place missiles. As expected, all six batteries will carry on combat duty in late January. It is estimated that the total cost of the mission, which can last up to a year is 42 million euros.

Vladislav Vorobyev

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