Gardens of Heligan

Botanical Gardens — it's magnificent parks that are created by amateurs, and all the beautiful plants. In the UK, one of the most popular places of such a plan are the Gardens of Heligan, who pitched their spaces in the territory of Cornwall. They are distinguished by incredible extravagance, which increases every year.

In the 18th century, these unique gardens were established members of the hands of a wealthy family of Tremaine. Special their heyday they were in the middle of the 19th century. But the First World War in the parks employed more than 22 gardeners. However, immediately began to decline. Only at the end of 1990 a descendant of the English family decided to restore the beautiful gardens. This process was involved and the most famous designer Tim Smith.

Despite anything to the vicissitudes through time saved here beautiful lakes, shallow, babbling brooks, amazing sculptures of stone and beautiful plants. Especially known here 2 unusual sculptures: "Dirty girl," and the incredible "Giant Head." Maybe after some time, these gardens will become legendary. Although, today, they attract the attention of a huge number of travelers who admire the beauty of the here and multiplicity gardens.


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