General Maev: Tank «Armata» will shoot missiles

General Maev: Tank
Day tankista usually celebrate in Russia during the second Sunday in September, this year it fell on September 8.

The other day, Prof. prazdnichka tankers and tank builders last chief of the Head Armored Directorate Ministry of Defense, Chairman of DOSAAF Colonel-General Sergei Maev told to RIA Novosti Catherine Zgirovskoy plans DOSAAF training drivers mechanics dilemmas of tank and main characteristics of the new development «Armata».

— Sergey, what are the plans for the preparation of DOSAAF tank?

— The question of increasing military specialties. Read at the moment that will allow us to prepare the tank crews, surely, you can not. There are legislative rules that determine which structures can have military equipment. DOSAAF Russian military equipment in its composition can not have. But there are different training options — exercise database with the development of computer technology and equipment layouts. We do not exclude that there will need to prepare, including tank crews — our system is ready for it. With the configuration of the structure of the service will be even logical if a puzzle put DOSAAF of — technical and technological complexities of methodological problems in this I can not see.

— Does DOSAAF propaganda measures to verbovaniya youth armored troops agitpereletov example in the Air Force? Maybe you have ideas DOSAAF «tank runs»?

— With the arrival of the Minister of Defence, Army General Shoigu in the Armed Forces, a new phenomenon — the holding tank biathlon. Thing is pretty fascinating, although that is done at the moment, we had read, and planned to spend somewhere in the early to mid-90s. I know there’s a thought for the next year to invite tankers from other countries — it will even be more fun than propaganda hop on the plane.

— On the basis of the Russian army tank «Armata» plan to make other types of armored vehicles. Quality would suffer «Almaty was», which referred to as «the tank of the future,» from such versatility?

— The forerunner of «Almaty was» was another car — even then there was a question that we must have a common basic chassis. Always assumed that the chassis must be the bearer of not only the tower with a gun, and other types of guns. For example, on the basis of the T-54 developed Bitube-self-propelled ZU-85. In the idea of ​​the creation of the tank on the base chassis other weapons not anything terrible. «Armata», being the basic platform for the creation of new equipment, is specifically tank. But other developers view armored vehicles, if they wish, can use the base chassis from the tank «Armata».

— What are the main differences between «Almaty was» from T-90 and zabugornyh counterparts? Will he shoot missiles?

— As for what he will shoot, we have adopted the concept, which differs somewhat from those concepts that have been adopted in other countries, starting with a series of tanks T-64, T-72, T-80. «Armata» will rocket and cannon tank — will shoot as ordinary classical shells of different types — high-explosive, armor-piercing discarding sabot, cumulative, and missiles. Caliber guns determined by the development of protection zabugornyh tanks — it is always created an instrument that fully guaranteed hit enemy tank. Selecting the type of tools is dependent on the caliber of the gun — if you take an old type of gun or some unconventional propellant, the gauge may be another — all depends on the initial velocity of the projectile. Which of them will elect a designer, I do not say, well, it’s up to a certain point is a state secret. «Armata» is a new type of tank, with the latest housing design, modern design protection, with another level of running and maneuvering properties, with another level of firepower.

— Will it be a wheel?

— At the moment a lot of innuendo on what you need to create a tank on wheels, but for the ordinary Russian tank tracked more applicable, since the conditions of implementation of tanks is not the rolled condition of roads, freeways, and field conditions. After all, the tank must maneuver on the battlefield, and if they will move only on roads, the penny they cost. Skillfully maneuvering tanks with small losses can keep the enemy. This versatile machine, which should possess all the qualities of its implementation in all areas of terrain in all weather criteria, at any time of day.

— It is expected that the car will go into service by 2015. Not obsolete «Armata» until the implementation of the project? Zabugornye rivals also are working on the latest heaviest armor.

— I know quite excellent platform, it does not become obsolete, as it laid a very great potential. Another thing is, how will be combined surveillance, reconnaissance, setting goals, firing capacity of the machine. Before designer worth task — he must constantly keep under control, which is done in the world. You can not create a machine that at the time of adopting its own will keep on traits of what is available to our potential enemy, even if we are not going to wage war with him. If by the time the equipment on the properties below, stupid becomes all work and peculation. I do not think that our designers so unintelligent to make the car of the past century, they have to create the car of the future, and it will show the state tests. If the machine does not meet modern requirements, means will be punished by the people who have made it, and the car will be finished.

— How much will a tank crew «Almaty was» taking into account the high level of automation machines coming?

— The question of whether that «Almaty was» will be two crew members, not worth it. All the same there will be three members of the crew. Another thing is that they will be interchangeable, which will allow the tank commander to operate this machine — it was previously, but not to such an extent as at present. Now means allow the tank commander to take over gun control.

— What, in your opinion, will the rational preparation time driver-mechanics, operators, gunners for new cars?

— With regard to the time of preparation, then, certainly, the complication of technology requests, on the one hand, the growth and deepening of preparation time, and on the other hand, the overall level of education of young people grows. Make predictions, how much time should be prepared for the crew «Armata» I would not, for this is carried out experience, but to master such a tank in full, less than 3 months did not.

— It is advisable to enter whether the latest generation of armored vehicles for all categories of military personnel, including conscripts, or is limited only contract servicemen?

— I think it will be a mixed principle, maybe one member of the crew will be on contract, two — conscripts; maybe two crew members will be on contract and one draftee. But I know that the previous training program there tanks must direct the driver 280 km, then he receives a certificate of the third class, without it is not allowed to operating a combat machine.

— Thank you very much, Sergey, congratulations congratulations.

— I wish to convey to all the tanks, tank builders great personal greetings, many people know me personally as Chief Head Armored Directorate, and wish you all prosperity and strengthen our tank might.

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