Geniuses have created machine creating geniuses




Seoul DreamFree company has developed a digital technology that allows you to deliberately regulate brain rhythms. Affordable units on the market should weaken or mobilize their owners provoke creative explosions and stimulate memory. Before we talk about the car itself, we must mention an interesting detail — DreamFree — is a young company founded in 2000 by members of the South Korean branch of the international organization Mensa International, which may well be called the "Order of the geniuses." Mensa founded in 1946 by attorney Rowland Burrill (Roland Berrill) and Dr. Lance Var (Lance Ware). The only requirement for membership in the society is the high IQ, about 158 or higher. Its exact value is not given by the existence of a large number of tests (there are "special" of the society Mensa) and a few divergent "numerical" results, but we know that in Mensa are welcome people entering the top 2% of the population in terms of intelligence. Who membership organization of geniuses (of course, "genius", it's probably a little bit exaggerated but briefly and figuratively) can boast about 100,000 people from 100 countries. The original purpose of the authors of "wise men of the club" was to create a non-political society free from all racial or religious prejudice. The tasks of society today: support human intelligence for the benefit of all humanity, promoting the study of the nature of intelligence, promoting and stimulating intellectual and social potential of its members. But now a few South Korean "knights" of this intellectual "Order" have attended a show of intellectual and creative abilities of other people. The procedure, which they have chosen, and not the new name. In a certain sense. The rhythmic chants and prayers in many religious rituals and meditation techniques have achieved similar results for thousands of years. And now the world's a lot of technologies that provide for the synthesis of specific rhythms and "send" them to the brain through a combination of pulsed light, the electric field, the sound … It is believed that playing certain rhythms of the brain, can cause the necessary types of brain waves, creating the desired state of a person — a relaxing and thoughtful, creative impulse, or deep sleep, accelerated learning anything, improve memory or endorphin levels rise. Here it is necessary to recall the frequencies of brain waves and their relationship to the human condition. Delta (1-4 hertz) — a deep sleep. Some frequencies in this range, as reported by researchers are conducive to wound healing and regeneration processes of the body. Theta (4-7 Hz) — wistful thinking strange intermediate state just before falling asleep or waking up, the peak of creative power. Also, the authors believe the ideas can lead to other conditions of the brain, such as intense concentration and enhanced alertness, using the alpha rhythm (8-12 Hz) and beta-rhythm (13-40 Hz). All this was known before, but the followers of all the previous "piano tuners (damn you, brain)" believe that with their intelligence they were able to achieve in this case greater heights. And these "high" materialized in the product line. The technology, called PEEG, available as software for the handheld computer or "smart phone" (plus — a special headset with built-in light, "modulators" of brain waves). There is also a self-contained unit to adjust the brain from the company itself. Koreans promised to seven different effects (different degrees of concentration or relaxation, stimulation of memory and creative research), which should occur after 10-60 minutes of applying the device (depending on the selected mode). It is interesting that on the reverse similar results fit those researchers who are developing technology electronics control "power of thought" — after removal of brain rhythms allows better control of the state of the brain, so — to the person to tune in a desired manner. On this principle, even new types of games. But then, what do the Koreans, the game does not. Suspicious and sullen people would surely say — "Yes, they are just money zashibayut." But, remembering the purpose of Mensa, want to believe the best of intellectuals from Seoul. By the way, the triple motto of the company (we challenge your dreams, we are working to realize your dreams, we make your dreams (or dreams, anything can be translated as) real). Echoes the romantic mood of the society Mensa, is not it?


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