German defense minister said the abolition of conscription

German defense minister said the abolition of conscription

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, minister German Defense, said that the country suspend military call and switches to the volunteer military service. "Formally, Germany remains a conscript army, as written in the constitution, but in practice it will become a professional, "- said minister.

Guttenberg added that the personnel of the Bundeswehr will be reduced from 250 thousand to 185 thousand soldiers. Now all German men of military age must serve in the army a year, but if it is contrary to the religious before the eyes of the young man, he can do alternative service, the BBC reported.

Minister noted that reduced the German army would be given increased attention to the fulfillment of tasks abroad. Volunteers will serve 12 to 23 months, with six months after they are send abroad. At present, about 7,000 German troops are serving outside of Germany. Guttenberg said that as a result of reforms will bring that number to 10 thousand.

Germany — one of the few NATO countries, where there is still a call, thus it is popular enough: according to public opinion polls, the majority of Germans support conscription army. The government puts the abolition of conscription, so as not to have to rewrite the constitution, but are convinced that the call is no more. Parliament is expected to accept the military reform in December.

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