Gloria — the second Earth or leisurely fiction?



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They say the sun, in a diametrically opposite point of the orbit from us, hiding another planet in the solar system — the Gloria. Is this true?

Igor Sergeyev,
St. Petersburg

The idea of one more of the Earth is believed to be coming from the priests of ancient Egypt. According to them, the people were endowed at birth is not only the soul, but also a kind of astral double. Well, as the understudy must reside somewhere, and it was invented by another planet.
Indirect reflection of the idea has been in the teaching of ancient Greek Philology, who unlike their predecessors put into the center of the universe is not the Earth, and a central fire — Hestnu. Revolved around him all the celestial bodies, including the sun, which is as it played the role of a mirror, reflecting the rays of the central fire and spreading it throughout the universe. Philolaus thought that the earth is like a pair formations in space, too, there must be something like that. And suggested that somewhere in the diametrically opposite point of the orbit, constantly hiding from our eyes for the "heavenly fire", a kind of rotating Antizemlya. Since then a lot has happened, but the idea of the existence of double no-no and re-emerge. As far as it is justified? First, we present the arguments "for".
In fact, there Antizemlya in reality, it is not easy to detect. Why? Anyone who has ever looked at the sun for long, knows it. Many astronomers hurt yourself eyesight and even blinded, trying to watch the luminary. Meanwhile, the area that it covers up in the sky, it is sufficient for there to accommodate a decent planet …
The second consideration is based on the fact that the researchers for a long time failed to predict the position of Venus in the sky. Capricious "morning star" did not want to follow the traditional laws of celestial mechanics. Some scientists thought it was a consequence of the impact of the movement of the planet's gravity is not taken into account in any calculation of the celestial body. It was pointed out that in this way from time to time naughty and Mars …
Finally, the existence of a twin Earth says some evidence astronomers of the past. Thus, in the XVII century, the first director of the Paris Observatory Giovanni Cassini's namesake posted not long ago in the vicinity of Saturn interplanetary probe, announced that he had discovered near Venus, a celestial object, referred them to the satellites of the planet. However, its existence to this day not been confirmed by other researchers. Since Cassini was unable to watch the Gloria?
This assumption is expressed in 1740 by the English astronomer and optician James Short, and 20 years later — the German astronomer Johann observer Tobias Meyer, known for his accurate lunar tables for determining longitude at sea.
For a long time no one of these facts are not recalled. And here's a new surge of interest in the mythical Gloria. How is it caused? Some of the UFO observed that there exists a planet in fact, it could be the perfect base for … UFO. Ships launched from a twin of our planet, very comfortable approaching the Earth. No need to go from orbit to orbit, we need only a few speed up or, conversely, to slow down the flight of the spacecraft.
However, serious astronomers admit the possibility of a double. Because the Earth rotates at least one more moon, they say. And we do not notice it only because it consists of … dust and tiny meteorite fragments, which are grouped in the so-called libration point. According to the laws of celestial mechanics near the Earth — Moon there must be some point-trap, where the gravitational field can chase their prey. Such a point is systems and Sun — Earth, Sun — Mars, the Sun — Venus … Dust twins planets, it turns out, is not so rare in the solar system. That's just hope that they can be life, but still reasonable, however. Dwell in a cloud of dust is not very comfortable … It seems that finally clarify the picture of future interplanetary missions of reconnaissance. One of them, for example, by the year 2005 is scheduled to send in the solar neighborhood. Perhaps he is passing to answer the question about the location of the mythical Gloria.

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