Gluttonous man may eat his own wife




Gluttonous husband — at first glance is not the biggest problem for the future spouses, men there are many more unpleasant drawbacks. However, the 55-year-old Pakistani Allah Vasayo Kambrani still can not get married because of this harmless features of the organism. Parents of prospective brides worry that much hungry, he can swallow his own pious.

Always hungry man can eat not only a huge amount of food he can, without any harm to the health of absorbing light bulbs, ceramic ware and other things completely inedible, the newspaper reported Doon. "For me, any items have the same taste, — he says. — I have the same appetite eat pilaf, chicken, kebabs, as well as carpets, saucers, cups and grass." At the same voracious Pakistani managed to never hurt a dangerous food and does not know what indigestion.

So, one day he came to the restaurant and ate 15 full plates of everything offered on the menu, which greatly surprised the manager institution. He said that he had never seen anything like it and had no idea that this is possible.

For all its originality frightening groom can be an enviable party for any bride. Ponadryvavshis to 30 years as a laborer, he decided to make his feature article in income. Since then, he makes his living solely through his gluttony by betting on the amount of food eaten. And stop Kambrani not going to. He craves fame on a national and even international level and is now looking for sponsors for further promotion.

Kambrani already collaborated with show-business, which took him around the country and put on a show with his participation, but often deceived him by refusing to pay or simply disappearing.

Yet, in deciding to marry a glutton, the bride is better to weigh and consider whether it is able to hang around all day and night life at the stove and keep buying new dishes and screw the light bulb eaten. And at the scale of marriage ceremonies that have unfolded recently in Pakistan, the lack of a future husband can be easily overlooked.

Recall that in January of this year at a local Lahore, a mass marriage ceremony — married 50 brides were given immediately. Of course, at the same time happy husbands were about fifty young people. Wedding walked on the money the local rich who wish to sponsor the event and highlighted every bride a dowry of $ 700 and $ 175 in cash. These same people have bought treats for the banquet.

Of the 50 brides who were already wives, 45 Muslim and five Christians. Maybe they could not get married for a long time, if not for the generous rich — marry without a dowry and luxurious wedding in Pakistan is considered indecent, and the country-that is poor. Therefore, families in which girls grow up, long before they begin to lay age "wedding" money. Now the relatives of the newly minted homemaker or by and for young women will be able to spend the money saved on something more useful than the organization of the wedding — such as improved housing or education.

In general, the mass wedding like everyone — and economically, and fun, and the sponsors, apparently, it's nice. Therefore, in Lahore have decided to continue this tradition and planned to marry once 100 brides. They say that girls who want to change their marital status, and at the same time and get a decent personal use by Pakistani standards, the amount of money a lot more, and they already have to stand in line to participate in the "wholesale" marriage.

Vera ZASOLICH, August 4, 12:50

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