Googles algorithm to learn to determine the importance of species

Mass death of fish / Environmental DisasterIt turns out that the algorithm of search engine Google is not just for search sites. It can also sort the most important species and determine which of them should be gone to was a global environmental disaster.

PageRank algorithm has been adapted in order to determine the types of organisms that are food chains and major biosphere without which other can not exist.

Each species is important in its own way, and the disappearance of one species does not go in vain for any community of organisms. A large number of species and many more food links makes them sort the importance of a complex process.

But scientists rewritten PageRank was able to build the food chain species and determine the most important ones. Since method of determining the importance of site works for animals and plants. On the basis of the forecast as devastating to the biosphere will be the destruction of any of them. It turns out this interesting comparison: search engines optimization is to have referred to them more, and to spin the same way a species, you need to eat many of them.

According Alessina Stefano, one of the sponsors, the similarity of the idea is that both the level of importance of the site is quoting other resources, as well as a species becomes the more important, the more other species depend on it.

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