Guests of the Earth or its owners

On the topic of UFOs filmed numerous documentaries and feature films, written a lot of books.

There is also a lot of facts about the contacts, including imprinted on the video. What is clear is that humanity is waiting for this contact, after which humans can learn the secret of the universe and the answers to many other perennial issues, such as how quickly and reliably take power in the lease. The question is now the subject of UFO's various fabrications and myths.

Many tend to think that the scientists developed countries while under the tutelage of their governments hide the truth and they know a lot more than ordinary citizens. Modern society tends to assume that scientists have long research of various objects of extraterrestrial origin, such as aircraft debris, and even the remains of the aliens themselves, who died in a shipwreck.

People now have to wonder why the aliens did not go to the contact, someone said that our civilization has not yet developed enough, and we need to improve science, and maybe even spiritually, and someone that they do want contact the aliens arrive for their own purposes, for example for a set of water, or their scientific experiments, including those on human beings.

Humanity every year more and more advances in the study of the universe, in the vastness of space, starting new units are being built telescopes, but also for the earth itself is a lot of unexplored places. First of all, it's the oceans with their great depth, which can keep secrets about UFOs, which are often observed near the water, and moving under water.

Perhaps the assumption of the existence of alien bases in deep water where they live for centuries or even millennia, studying the planet and its inhabitants. In any case, the issue related to the UFO is one of the most important for humanity, and it is unlikely a man would refuse to learn the answer.

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