Hail the size of a hens egg fell in Gantsevichi district

Hail the size of a hen's egg dropped in the Brest region. Anomaly in 20 minutes destroyed the gardens and thousands of hectares of crops in Gantsevichi district. 161 damaged house, 22 Agriculture, school, kindergarten, and House of Culture. Three farms area — "oak forest", "Krishilovichi" and "Agronacha" — suffered serious damage.

Just Gantsevichi area as a result of heavy rain, wind and hail damaged 190 houses, destroyed crops on 713 acres, is on 740 acres — is damaged.

According to forecasters, in the region on May 29 was recorded wind gusts up to 14 meters per second, dropped nearly decadal rainfall and hail with a diameter of 18 mm.

To eliminate the impact will be allocated from the reserve fund of the Brest Regional Executive Committee. The damage from the elements, and will be reimbursed by insurance companies.

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