Healers were left without diplomas, but in search of a super weapon




The newspaper continues to inform readers about the situation with the "Professional Medical Association of Traditional Medicine (PMANM)." We remind our investigation into the activities of this organization began three years ago with the material Marina Rumble "Physician, heal thyself." Representatives PMANM after the material submitted to the newspaper for our action in court to recover allegedly caused to them by this article damages. In parallel, the representatives of the Russian Humanist Society (RGS), began their fight against PMANM demanding to recognize diplomas issued to them healers illegal …

May 6, 2004 after persistent appeals RGO to the General Directorate Ministry of Justice on St. Petersburg from there received the following response: "Inter-regional public organization" Professional Medical Association of Traditional Medicine "(PMANM) is not a professional medical association, the establishment and the activities of which are provided article. 62 "Principles of Legislation on protection of public health." When the scan is applied to the management of the Health Committee in the city with a proposal to deprive citizens of diplomas healer who received them on presentation PMANM. According to a written reply from the said Committee 19.03.04 resolution of the board of the Committee for regulating the activities of traditional healers 62 people are deprived of diplomas healer. " No members of the …

However, representatives of the "healers" Messrs. Zaharevich Gorunov and thin at the May press conference, said that the appeal against the decision of the Ministry of Justice — a piece of cake, and they "win at all courts." About their prospects do not know, but here's the satisfaction of the claim against our newspaper to collect money for the alleged non-pecuniary damage Kuibyshev federal court dismissed the healers. Apparently, to the credibility of its power aforementioned gentlemen at the same press conference, threatened with physical harm to our colleague, the special correspondent of "PPP" Eugene Zubarev (witness what was your correspondent. — MB) — that he does not continue to ask "inconvenient" questions including activities for PMANM. We, in turn, sent a statement to the police and the prosecutor's office. The investigation is not yet complete. However, by the members of this organization, in spite of the confusion that occurred within PMANM to put up with the beginning, did not intend to state control. I quote excerpts from the report of the Vice-President of the IPO PMANM Goryunova was made at the 6th Congress of the extraordinary IPO PMANM June 18, 2004 (information is taken from the official website PMANM). "… At this Congress we — those who created our association, we wish to announce that we're leaving. The first went from leading posts of association and trade union Tonkov after it was accused that he wants to take over. Now it goes all the team that started it — the so-called active group — so we call those 10-15 people, which dragged on his shoulders association over the years.

Healers, fight for your rights! Do not be weak, Unite the union, to the association. Work … Do not be afraid to officials. Here you information and regulations, so you can fight for your right … to host the fate of Russian healers were not the government, not the governors, not the Health Committee, not Halperin and Peunova and healers themselves, so they decided who would be accountable to them the head of their organization. I hope that this happens. " And … in search of a super weapon PMANM In addition, the association is and his institute — eniologii and social studies, or (another name) — Institute for Social Development of natural abilities (heads and teachers — all the same thin, and Gorunov Zaharevich). The Institute has state accreditation, but promises (to quote from the site): "a high level of education of the students. This is supported by the requisite professional institute in these areas and the influence of the established rules of training is often different from the usual requirements in the existing education system. These requirements and procedures required for the successful development programs and obtain as a result of high qualification. " What is taught in the Institute of colorfully describes himself Mr. thin: "Enio — it's just an abbreviation of the first letters of the sentence energy-information exchange. A very scientific field involved things related to the unusual behavior of the world: his mother and creatures inhabiting it. Including humans. In general, if understandable — then wonders. Different in form and content, scientific and unscientific, psychic, shaman and physico-chemical, theologically-occult and natural applications … At one time, in the era of social services. realism, this trend was deeply and carefully hidden in the bodies of special services and departments. The studies were conducted very versatile and super-weapon quest did not end today. Superweapon different — from the world-class super agent, able to stare imperiously order to stop the war and interplanetary conflict, to create special forms of generators that can convert material away or affect the whole countries and continents.

Today — the situation is different. In contrast to, or in addition unwieldy administrative system, a large number of different non-state institutions. Naturally, with the growing pains and challenges of becoming, with possibly controversial positions. One of these re-organized by the Centre and the Institute of Social Studies and eniologii registered with us in St. Petersburg in January 1998 in the form of private educational institutions … In contrast to the large number of agencies working in this field, the institute is really educational institution of higher education . " We assume that the healers will face a headache. In addition to recognizing their organizations are not professional and not medical, under the controlling eye of the state and the institution can get. Minister of Education and Science Minister Andrei Fursenko has recently announced the forthcoming reduction in the number of private higher education institutions. Speaking at a meeting of the Russian Union of Rectors, Fursenko said that the USSR had about 680 high schools, and now they are no less than 3000. "It is unclear where such a number can be dialed qualified teachers? Over the past 15 years, their was no more. " Fursenko explained that the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education will check directly from the autumn of 2004. Start reducing the number of higher education institutions, which will be the consistent policy of the Ministry of Education has already been made — while 15 lost their state accreditation of educational institutions. However, at the Institute of eniologii state accreditation, and was not, but probably, the officials will not disregard key word "institution" and "higher education".

PS At last — an excerpt from the same report A.Goryunova: "Because of our diversity laugh at us, doctors and officials, one healer says," I see the cross "and the other" dark spot ", the third — the" white horse ", the fourth says" Kidney sick "- and all this is one and the same person. In principle, the patient still, if only to help. "


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