Houses of straw — simply and with a taste for life!

Construction of houses of straw blocks is becoming increasingly popular. This material — cheap, clean and strong enough, despite all the skepticism of experienced builders. To learn how to develop the industry of construction in Germany, see the movie.

A Kiev Irina and Alexey Kravchenko also built a country house of straw …

Hut not from a lack of funds, and a two-storey thatched mansion with excellent repair. Problems buy bricks and make it "as a people" was not — Irina's chief financial officer "Delta Sport", Alex is working in the same direction of the chief accountant of the wholesale, so build a dacha they can easily afford.

But would like a special home. To live in harmony with yourself and nature. Therefore, in addition to defining the building blocks of straw, Irina and Alexei decided to build a house, respecting the basic Vedic principles in construction, such as the orientation of the house relative to the cardinal, proportion, purpose and location of the rooms.

This is our training house, — says Irina — just build it, I realized how we want the house. Our goal — to create a family estate in our ecological settlement nutcracker, a piece of the homeland for our three sons.

— The estate will also be made of straw?

Sure! Taken as a basis regular projects frame houses — more a fantasy, but the technology is completely paid off, despite the mistakes. For example, we used the drywall, which was found to be applied in conjunction with heating panels in every room, so it does not miss the heat and the cold accumulates. In addition, straw abhors a vacuum, but between the straw covered with clay and gypsum board good 5-7 cm This space now — a thermos of cold and a place to live mice. Or attic — a source of heat loss, as a traditional roof insulation (mineral wool and polystyrene) can not compare with straw bales, keeps heat is not so good. Finishing this "break" space is much more expensive, and roof repairs and maintenance is difficult. It was better to make the second floor and non-residential roof, insulated ceiling straw bales. But in spite of the mistakes house on heat saving more than competitive.

Reputation spoiled pigs straw house

Thatched houses — not news. They began to build for centuries. In different parts of the world. And built differently. One option — straw dipped in clay, pulled out and stuffed with formwork in a wooden frame. With the invention of presspodborschika straw technology has reached a new stage of development. If you use straw dipped in clay, and fill it into the formwork, the process of erecting the walls on the house of 100 sq.m. take 3-4 months, and for some time to dry, depending on the climate and weather conditions. Straw bales can also end up walls for 3-4 days at a time and plastering at once, leaving the straw open for a long time. The faster, the better.

— We in the house survived the most extreme cold — when it came to 30 degrees, — says Irina — all neighbors during Epiphany frosts left in the city, despite the gas heating, electronics, electric heaters. The neighbors wall frozen through. We along with the children had a great time in the country. Heated oven. Straw retains heat better than a brick 4-fold and 7-fold more concrete. And breathe easier in the house of straw — it made of natural material. Yes, you go see for yourself.

Inside the house smells of wood and straw. On the ground floor living room, bedroom, bath, toilet, baby. In the second — the room of freedom. The entire area under the roof does not partitioned, one big space. And there's no furniture — carpets and cushions on the floor.

— What about the durability and fire resistance? Not for nothing did say burns like straw …

— The reputation of the house of straw strongly tainted tale about three little pigs — laughs Alex. — It's in the movie house of straw shatters what it wolf blew. In reality, these homes are a few centuries, and the walls are fireproof. Checking — using tests: the wall for a while and watch fire burn through what period it can catch fire. So, a wall of straw bales withstand 45 minutes of direct flame exposure, with lime-cement plaster cracked and charred, straw under it also slightly charred, but did not light up. These figures are considered sverhognestoykimi. Clay straw missed inside and out. A clay — refractory material. Straw is used for house construction pressed in dense briquettes. Burn the cake is not easy — it's like a paper: sheet will quickly, and a thick book so easy to be lit again.

In winter, the water heats the oven in the summer — sun

This system works is simple — water electric pump is supplied to the tank, installed in the attic on the front of the well and the tank flows by gravity to all sanitary points — sink, shower, toilet, kitchen sink and washing machine, as well as in the tank for a in a furnace to heat water.

— In winter, hot water is heated oven, — said Irina. — And in the summer, when the stove is not fired, the water will heat solar collectors, they are currently working on the installation. We have already tested their work on a country soul, efficiency has surpassed all expectations.

— I expected to see a hut from which protrude straw "feathers." And you have quite a modern home. How do you build it?

— The walls are built of straw bales — remember, as in, "Well, wait a minute!" Wolf went to the combine and all that is raked, fell out of the car in the form of briquettes.

Dense bales — not prosunesh hand. The height of the straw bale — 36 cm, width — 45, and the length — 90 cm is the cheapest material to build a house — straw brick costs $ 1. Just went to the house of bricks 400 — count, $ 400. Brick walls would have cost us $ 6000. It is best to use for building a house rye straw — no one eats it, so there's no one to start, so in agriculture rye straw used for litter for animals, or simply burned. In addition to a very favorable cost, heat-saving properties have attracted and the fact that straw — Fast recovery resource. Since trees need 30 years to grow to become building materials, straw months. Of course, the heat-saving properties of straw for heating gas or electricity consumption and significantly reduce these already severely depleted resources.

Tiled walls, they smear mud.

— Sami anointed?

— Yes, with friends. Previously, as houses were built? The whole village gathered and put in a couple of days a house. The whole village is then pounding like. We also arranged — call all your friends and relatives with their children. Brought two truckloads of clay from the quarry, and prepared a festive table. And together churned down clay and straw, thrown into walls, like snowballs, and smeared the clay on the walls and each other — all the music. Celebration lasted for two days. It's such a boost of energy! Our guests have demanded continuation of the banquet. And the next weekend, we again kneaded clay — smear the inner walls. Call no one is required, but a phone call asking if you can still come.

Next started working professionals — interior decoration began at home. But with the spices we tugovato, so most of the work still make friends, who quickly learned from the experts. I must say, it turned out not only no worse and sometimes better. The main thing is to do with the soul.

— A furnace as laid out?

— This is another story. We invited the masonry from the village Lukiyanobskaya — grandfather of 80. You should have seen how he put! In one breath. Tired — head on a brick and sleep for an hour or two, back to work. The boys asked him to teach, and he said that the women's center to create this business, that's his grandmother taught, and her mother, too, and so from time immemorial ovens stacked women.

— Well — also your job?

— And well, of course, dug up. We only central electricity. Water, heat and sewage — autonomously. Standalone software plan to do in the nutcracker — it makes much more sense than to pull the tube on all sites, and environmentally friendly.

— A Nutcracker is a village of straw huts and each will build himself a house, from which it wants to?

— Of course, of what he wants. We just tried this option and offer it as the most economical and environmentally friendly. You can certainly build a wooden house — also a natural material. But good wood in Ukraine, first of all, there is no second, and so cut down the forest and wants to breathe, too, and it is desirable to clean air, and now, not in 30 years, and straw resumes in one season. Will bread — will building material. $ 400 on the wall, we add the roof, ceiling, floor — is building on the forces of almost every family. A finish inside — it's a flexible cost. You can sheathe the cork tree, and can be pokleit wallpaper. The main thing — the house is reliable, economical and comfortable. Checked!

Svetlana Skarlosh

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