I am here I will stay …




Here is what the head of the family Oleg Philippovich: — It was late in the evening. I'm sitting at home. I read a book. And then there's a knock on the door, a light but impatient.

Who could it be, I think. I'm not expecting guests. Time — almost midnight. All of my relatives living in different parts of the city, the third dream, I suppose, are already looking … Maybe some passers-by was late to the wrong address? .. He stepped to the door and looks out over the courtyard. Opened it. No one beyond the threshold is not!

He returned to the room. Again he took the book. I read. Suddenly, someone strongly pulled me by the hand, and an unfamiliar voice said loudly: — Hi!

From fright I almost fell on the floor. He looked left, right, up, down. No one! Maybe someone from the household spoke awake? Thinking this, I had to immediately remind myself that all of them are sleeping in the other room, and a door leading into it, tightly closed. A voice so clearly, as if the one who owned it was a step away from me. Yes, that is my hand … Someone strong, even very strong, she tugged, grabbed my hand in his arms, squeezed and shook sensitive that way.

I feel whole hand was raw, burning as if scalded her with boiling water … Lord, palm-what I see, blushed! That's a hefty blister on her. And here is the second … In fact burned palm … What the hell?

I would like to move. Far from it. Feet rooted to the wooden floor. I sit, you bastard, do not understand. In my head — a single thought: Is all this really happening?

— Well, of course, in reality — cheerfully said suddenly all the same voice, the one who owned it was a mind reader, reading my mind. — You can not see me right now, which is a pity. At this point, I lived a very, very long time. Ten thousand years ago. And you, too, once lived here, but forgot about it. At that time, there were continuous throughout the neighborhood glaciers. And right at that place where you're sitting in a minute, was your yurt.

— What do you want from me? — Cried out in the greatest fear, when I finished my monologue voice.

— It's nothing. I'm here just cozy. In your home no quarrel, resentment and envy. Believe me, I will not be a burden to you. I intend to stay with you a little bit more … And now, I'm sorry, I'm a little fun.

Immediately, forks, spoons and pots danced in the air, performing amazing "pa". And I looked at them dancing, completely stunned while, and quiet from the fear of hiccups.

The next day began spontaneous motions and flying a variety of things in our house. My wife and daughter, too, as I watched does wonders. "Revived" everyday objects themselves continue to jump and fly through our poor house to this day. In general, the situation is still the same! At the level of — "Hello, I am — your brownie.'s Going to come and whoop it up until I get tired …"

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