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Newborn gets first shot on the first day of life. He administered the vaccine against hepatitis B — severe viral infection that attacks the liver. Also in the hospital crumbs grafted from tuberculosis vaccine calledBCG.

The young mothers immediately gets a lot of questions. Should I agree to the vaccine? What shots and at what age should I do? When vaccinations contraindicated? What could be complications after administration of the vaccine?

Immunizations or vaccinations — This is the currently used method of mass prevention of infectious diseases. Thanks to vaccination humanity has managed to win some dangerous diseases such as smallpox, and to limit the spread of serious bacterial and viral infections. In our country, types, timing and sequence of routine vaccination of children against various infections — the so-called Russian calendar vaccinations— Tailored to the level of infectious disease, and age characteristics of the immune system of the child and approved by order of the Ministry of Health.

In order to be effective vaccine and were threatening the health of the child, is being developed as a list of the absolute (permanent) and relative (temporary) side effects in their implementation. In fact, parents often avoid or delay vaccination, guided common misconceptions (myths). By false contraindications — conditions which unreasonably and unnecessarily included in the category of contraindications to vaccination — are perinatal encephalopathy, diathesis and atopic dermatitis, goiter, etc.

In addition to mandatory vaccinations included in the calendar, there are Other vaccinations, held on epidemiological indications (during seasonal diseases in epidemic areas, dangerous infections). Children whose parents are planning to give to a garden, recommend conducting additional vaccinations against hepatitis A, meningococcal, and Haemophilus influenzae. In addition, before the start of the epidemic of influenza vaccination is recommended against this infection. Both children and adults, planning Travel to exotic destinations, it is strongly recommended to be vaccinated against infectious diseases prevalent in these regions.


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