In Belarus, an annual catch of about 80,000 stray animals

August 16 in the world celebrate the International Day for the homeless animals. Initiated the establishment of such a day by the International Society of Animal Rights (ISAR, USA).

The problem of stray animals is relevant for Belarus. On animal protection in the country annually harvested about 80,000 stray dogs and cats, most of which usmerchvaetstsa.

In this case, murder is often inhumane methods: in many cities bench animals themselves victimized them. Cases of cruelty to animals very rarely reach the courts. For example, in 2009at trial was conducted only three such incidents.

The most successful situation of stray animals developed in Minsk, where the company operates on a temporary space animals "Fauna of the city."

According to company director Edward Lipnitsky from 6000 630 homeless dogs and cats caught in the capital Last year,, 65% were transferred to new owners, or in the animal protection organization.

Today, "Fauna city" will hold another protest on the giveaway population of dogs and cats.

On the eve of the International Day of stray animals August 14 Public Association protection of animals "Aegis" is also held an action to find homes for stray dogs and cats. About 100 homeless animals were exposed in the metropolitan park Chelyuskintsev.

As the chairman of the society Natalia Belyanova, the first step to solving the problem of stray animals in Belarus should be the adoption of the law on the protection of animals from abuse.

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