In Germany, the dioxin scandal grows

In Germany, the dioxin scandal growsIn Germany, more than 4 thousand 700 farms closed due to the scandal of dioxin contamination of poultry. Most of the private farms — 4 thousand 468 farms — located in Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany, reports Deutsche Welle. All in Germany about 375 thousand farms.

Earlier it was reported that the producer of feed for poultry Harles & Jentzsch added to its products remains of fatty acids obtained with the release of biodiesel. This was the cause of infection of poultry with dioxin.

Reportedly, Harles & Jentzsch delivered 3 tons of additives in feed for poultry of about 25 companies.

Currently, the German authorities are investigating the circumstances of contaminated meat. Seized more than 100 copies of products Harles & Jentzsch, in 30 of which exceeded the standards for levels of dioxin in some — in 77 times.

As the German experts, the farmers of Germany because of the scandal in general may lose between 40 to 60 million euros from the weekly sales.

8 January 2011.

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