In Iowa, a dam burst

In Iowa, a dam burst

As reported by the City of Percival, Iowa, to the south-west of the city burst dam installed on the Missouri River.

The National Weather Service also said about the incident on Thursday morning. According to them, it was a mile to the north-west of the town of Percival in Fremont County.

Local officials have sent a message to the State weather service that the threat of flooding exists only in the previously evacuated areas between Highway 29 and the Missouri River. Percival is east of highways.

As reported, a representative of the National Weather Service meteorologist Josh Boasted: breach was not detected immediately, but only after the water level dropped below the river, near Nebraska. The water level dropped about six inches, and this morning it was 27.6 meters. It is assumed that the breakthrough came about four o'clock in the morning.

It is also reported that the size of the gaps about 100-150 feet.

Percival is located sixteen miles north-west of Hamburg, and here were to build a secondary dam, after previous incidents when spilled Missouri River flooded large areas.

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