In Japan, getting ready for the end times

February 6, 2012 15:28

There are building the city-arks.

Deficit areas in the Japanese islands spodvig grand project scientists to create new islands. Huge "arks" to represent floating islands, which will drift on the waves. They will be located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Each of these arks will be installed on a grand platform, with a total area of ten hectares and a height of one kilometer. These islands should fit up to 50 000 people, provided with all necessary. Every detail of this design will have a weight of about 10 000 tonnes.

Ark — not a panacea for doomsday

In the middle of each of the ark, the island will build a skyscraper in the form of "green cities" for the people, and as the energy involve the clean energy of the ocean and sea currents. The buildings will be made of lightweight magnesium alloy. The developers plan to build skyscrapers around the parks, gardens and walkways, as well as arable and forage meadows and fields. To protect against possible tsunamis and high waves in the "Ark" will be built special dams.


"No way the Japanese are preparing quietly to Armageddon. Or do they got the deficit areas "- writes blogger LJ.

Hopefully, the end of the world still does not come, and these grand buildings will go as the sale of water attractions. Yet water rides favorite people. Especially, if they are located in the middle of the ocean.

In the edition of "Find all" believe that it is necessary to ennoble and equip environmentally the territory which we have, and leave the water arks "rainy day."

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