In Japan, the dog who survived the earthquake and tsunami, returned to owner

In Japan, on Monday was continued touching story of a dog that was removed from the roof, drifting at sea. Her owner a report of an animal rescue on television and immediately contacted the zoological center. And they met after a long separation, because the dog is held on a makeshift raft for three weeks.
April 1 saw it from a helicopter coastguardsman — roof of the house, he was sitting on the animal was almost two kilometers from the coast. Used for rescue boat. Extraordinarily lucky dog, she survived the earthquake, tsunami, survived without food or fresh water, and in the end, even found a former mistress.

According to the latest data, the number of dead and missing in the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has exceeded 27,650 people. The disaster claimed the lives of 12,157 people, whose bodies have already been identified by relatives and another 15 496 people are listed as missing.



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