In kindergarten, found a snake den with 40 pythons

December 27, 2012 20:45

Photo: abcnews

Australian officials were forced to close the day care in the Northern Territory because of its territory inhabited by at least 25 young pythons, and their much larger mother.

It all started on Wednesday when one of the young Australian carpet python was spotted on the playground of a kindergarten "Mitchell Center" in Darwin. The next day, seven more small snakes were seen crawling through the kindergarten, which take care of children aged from six weeks to five years.

Preschool director Luisa De Bomfort invited representatives of city services and two contractors to investigate the matter. They looked inside the walls of the center and discovered something shocking.

"They found a nest and the mother," — says De Bomfort.

Female carpet python has been found in the wall, and next to it was at least two dozen eggs, out of which hatched snakes. According to experts in the wall was another female about 2.5 meters in length, however, find it as yet.

"I was confident that we would find more than one snake, because last year we had a similar case, at about the same time" — said De Bomfort in an interview. Non-toxic carpet python is very common in most parts of Australia and New Guinea. The length of an adult can reach 4-5 meters and, like all pythons, he kills his victim, throwing her with his body, soul, and crushing her bones.

It is possible that a snake as large as the one that was found in the kindergarten, could harm the baby. So in 2009, a 2.5-meter-long Burmese python, which the family kept as a pet, escaped from its cage and killed a 2-year-old girl as she slept in her bed.

Incidentally, this is not the only surprise with snakes, which occurred in Australia this week. In Queensland, the three-year-old boy and his mother were shocked on Monday when they saw that the eggs, which are collected and put the boy in his closet, hatched babies are very venomous eastern brown snake.

In both cases, fortunately, nobody was hurt.

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