In lakes Bashkiria mass fish die

This spring, the lakes of Bashkiria has already registered five cases of sudden and massive fish kill, according

The first warning sign came in early April, with the lake in the Annunciation Achikul region of Bashkortostan. Local fishermen said they found a large number of dead carp.

According to the analysis of water samples showed that no contamination of the lake.

Another case of mass death of fish in the same month occurred on Lake Bath in October. According to the national department Rosrybolovstva dead carp, tench and pike.

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In early May of environmental organizations, it became known that cases of mass death of fish have also occurred in Karmaskaly Meleuzovsky and districts.

On the eve of the Republican press reported that at Ufa Lake Kashkadan unexpectedly died pike and perch. As if there was some sort of chain reaction started.

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