In Mexico, the evacuation in preparation for the impact of Hurricane Rina

In connection with the approach of the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula Hurricane "Rina" evacuated more than 800 people, according to ITAR-TASS.

On the eve of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Mexico announced a red danger level due to the expected arrival of the hurricane. In schools in six municipalities temporarily suspended activities, beaches ban on swimming.

At present, the territory of Quintana Roo is about 83,500 visitors. State authorities urged people who already have tickets for these days take their arrival.

The authorities were forced to evacuate about three thousand men with "paradise" island Holbox as it is too low in the case of a hurricane simply can flood wave.

Today the hurricane weakened to the first category of risk on a five point Saffir-Simpson scale. As at 02.00 Moscow time the cyclone was 265 kilometers south-east of the island of Cozumel in the Caribbean and was moving northwest at a speed of 9 km / h The maximum wind speed at the center of a hurricane is 140 km / h

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, "Rina" is also affected western Cuba and bring gusty winds and heavy rain to south Florida. That's why NASA was forced to evacuate people from their underwater laboratory "Aquarius", located about five kilometers from the staff.

Three astronauts from the U.S., Canada and Japan, as well as the three scientists were in "Aquarius" as part of NASA to study the possibility of landing on an asteroid in 2025.

While preparing for a hurricane, "Rina" is working in the aftermath of heavy rains that hit the south of the country last week. According to recent reports, in the state of Tabasco from showers affected over 300,000 people. On Wednesday, the Mexican Red Cross sent 65 tons of Tabasco in humanitarian aid.

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