In Mogilev detained activist Tell the Truth

Society In October police department of Mogilev, which brought Sergei, do not miss the activists of the "Tell the Truth" and do not say, what's going on Sergei Laputina. According to unofficial information, the department being interrogated.

13:50 The police car drove into the yard activist police department to search. At the moment, there is no record of the arrest of Sergei, and to still knows what he is accused of. Among those who expected an activist about the department, has been an independent trade union lawyer Sergei Fomin, who took over the police witness.

15:00Ended inspection machine Sergei Laputina. The police seized several dozen copies of the newspaper "Tell the truth"Civilian" Tell the truth. "Now they are looking at. Laputina in demand for transportation of documents printed. Papers no. Policemen find out lawfully carrying Laputin newspaper.


Tell the truth

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