In Russia stopped Shejman

According to the Russian site in the Moscow region for speeding out by Russian traffic police (traffic police) arrested a jeep, which was traveling assistant to the president of Belarus at Large, a former Attorney General of Belarus Viktor Sheiman.

As thecamping, it happened in the Ruza district of the Moscow region on Sunday, August 15. Sheiman was driving his jeep "Toyota Land Kruzer" from Moscow to Minsk in Belarus highway.

80-km highway traffic police car escorted the Moscow region — said the site a law enforcement source Russia. — Thereafter machine continued to walk unaccompanied. According spetssuvyazi APB gave instruction to provide "green light" car with Belarusian numbers. But something happened to the link, and traffic wardens have not received this information.

As a result, the 131st kilometer of the Minsk highway traffic officers on guard duty with Shejman stopped the car, which was traveling at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour, and another next to the post and went into the oncoming lane. Viktor Sheiman was released without the protocol.

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