In South Korea built a Robocop

November 27, 2011 5:27

Another prediction of fiction may soon become a reality. South Korea to build a real robot police. "Robocop", as their prototype, Action Hero, fight against crime.
True, this has little like Robocop legendary robot policeman. Outwardly, it is more like a huge windup toy plastic. Armed with only a police robot cameras and various sensors.

The creators of Robocop, a South Korean group of researchers Asian Forum for Corrections, are going to use him in prison. Robot on wheels and a height of about a life-size would help the guards to monitor prisoners. Three such Robocop will patrol the territory of one of South Korean bands, which in March next year will begin with experiment.

"We have almost completed the work on the creation of its operating system, and are currently working on the appearance of the robot to make it look more friendly in the eyes of the prisoners," — said the agency Yonhap project leader Professor Park Chul Lee.

According to BBC, the test robot "in the field" will last one month and will cost 1 billion South Korean won ($ 864 million). The project is sponsored by the South Korean government, which plans to soon become the world leader in the manufacture of robots.

South Korean scientists and engineers have created a number of models of robots, which are used for both civilian and military purposes. Robots patrolling the border with North Korea, children are taught correct English pronunciation, do cleaning apartments and even play in a play.

Nikolay Alexandrov

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