In the Altai found another Russian Mowgli




From a remote village in the Altai orphanage brought 6-year-old deaf-mute boy who took care of the house where the only living thing — a dog, according to News.

A six year old Andrew does not eat, and lapped, did not know how to use a spoon, on others rushed. "When he was handed the food, he began to sniff, and then just got to eat," — says the nurse edge of a social shelter "Trust" (where the boy was taken) Eugene Reznikov.

"He portrayed the dog" — say educators. Most likely the same one that lived in the yard of his house. "The house was situated in the suburbs," — said in the personnel file. "Contact with peers missing. Boy's only friend — a dog" — quoted by a private matter shelter director Nicholas Moshkin.

With surrounding the child communicates with gestures. Examine the baby immediately after entering the shelter could not: experts — on vacation. Chief Pediatrician Altai Kagirova Galina, who came to the shelter, the situation is clarified in part: "The child needs to be hospitalized. At two and a half years, he was diagnosed with" deaf-mutism ".

The child's mother abandoned, three years ago, she sought to take away parental rights, but could not find. In June, the Court made it in absentia, and the baby was in a shelter. How he lived all this time, we can only guess.

Soon Andrew will complete a medical examination. Then, likely to be in a specialized children's home. In addition to the human condition, it will give the boy a chance to recover and can be adopted.

"The child clever" — say educators. He learned how to hold a spoon, to play football. Stopped hiding from caregivers. He likes the clean, soft bed. However, for adherence to contend with Andrew: lie down and get up with the baby used to the sun.


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