In the Altai region is unprecedented for April heat

In the Altai region is unprecedented for a mid-April heat. "The air temperature above the average long-term values of 4 degrees, the temperature in some areas of the province today rose to plus 27", — has told Itar-Tass in the Altai weather center. According to the present summer weather prevails on the streets of Barnaul.

The region is completely melted snow, rivers were opened by ice. Back in early April in the Altai region in a severe snowfalls. According to forecasters, in some areas of the region in recent days fixed absolute temperature record. Thus, in the foothills near Soloneshensky air warms in April so much in 1977.

Promises to be the most hot for Altai upcoming Saturday. The thermometer is forecast meteorologist, will show 28 degrees, but by the evening the rain and the temperature will drop.

Preliminary estimates also indicate meteorologists, not only in the Altai spring will be hot, but summer. In the summer months also possible precipitation deficit.

In connection with the heat all the forest fire service region are on high alert. From today in forestry additional restrictions due to the start of fire season, told Tass in the regional forest management.

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