In the center of St. Petersburg on the asphalt road collapsed

In the center of St. Petersburg on the road collapsed asphalt formed hole five feet in diameter. Failure to hit three cars were seriously damaged. Owners of wrecked cars will now be difficult to obtain compensation. Road builders are reminded that the ground failures in Russia take place every spring, although they can be prevented.

In St. Petersburg, just three cars fell into a hole formed on the road in the center of St. Petersburg. The incident occurred about 10:00 am in the Nevsky district, about 143 houses on the avenue Obukhov Defense. According to witnesses at the scene indentations measuring approximately 1.5 by 1.5 meters. Near the pit was not warning signs and fences, in her turn fell three cars. "As a result, three unfortunates -" Logan "(suspension broken so that the wing and bonnet dented), then two more cars with pierced wheels and suspension twisted" — quoted "Fontanka" eyewitness.

According to "Gazety.Ru" reason for the failure of asphalt was breaking the pipe: water flowed from it to the surface. On-site emergency personnel work "Water canal", which eliminates the problem.
"According to latest information, the traffic on the avenue Obukhov defense limited but not stopped. Put up fencing around the pit ", — the press-service of" Water canal "in St. Petersburg. The press service of the traffic police of St. Petersburg could not comment on the incident in any way with the failure of the soil in the center of the city and proposed to apply to the Emergencies Ministry, which also admitted that they did not know about the incident.

Drivers who drive under the prospectus Obukhovskoy Defense earlier, repeatedly noted the terrible state of asphalt pavement. "Starting from the Cable Bridge, where the constant dips in the ground with no signs pointing to them, and ending with the entrance to the intersection by-channel, where the road is generally similar to the place after the bombing. Also across the street from 225 over a month sinkhole "- eyewitnesses online TV" St. Petersburg. " In June last year, the regional authorities have closed the street to repair asphalt. Again for traffic avenue was opened only at the end of December last year.

Asphalt failures due to accidents in underground communications or voids occur in big cities every spring, when the temperature rises. In mid-April in Moscow collapsed on the ground Ryabinovaya street. Then no one was hurt. President of Association of Road Research Organizations RHODES Oleg Skvortsov said that to prevent incidents with the formation of large pits on the roads might — just timely monitoring.

"The trouble is that all communications are laid under the roadway. But they are in such poor condition that the country does not have enough money to radically transform them. The only method of dealing with such washout failures of asphalt — timely monitoring. As today equipment allows inspection of pipes without opening asphalt, "- said the source" Gazety.Ru. "

The owners of the damaged vehicles from the collapse of asphalt can be difficult to obtain compensation for the damage.
"These difficult questions are provable, as the organization that operates the equipment, due to a fault which the accident occurred, often do not provide information on membership of the equipment in order to avoid liability. Even a judicial inquiry is not always such information is provided. Although, in practice, the court usually decides in favor of the victims, "- said the lawyer in insurance Anton Basin.

If the vehicles were insured under comprehensive insurance, the owners run the risk premium is not in full. "In accordance with the Civil Code of the insurance company has the right to require all documents to ensure the right to be subrogated insurer, ie, compensation for damage to an insured event to blame the insurer after payment of the insurance premium. And because the victims often can not provide a written confession, then the insurance company pays a premium not in full ", — the expert adds.

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