In the Himalayas, glaciers are melting

In the Himalayas, glaciers are meltingAbnormally high temperatures, in part associated with the general climate of the planet, are the cause of melting glaciers in the Chinese mountain ranges of Himalayas, carrying a threat to local residents, tourism and the economy — so says the report, published on 25 October. 77% of the 111 weather stations installed on the south-western China have recorded a significant increase in the average temperature over the last 50 years, the report, published in the British newspaper for Environmental Research — Environmental Research Letters.

At 14 monitoring stations, located at an altitude of 4 km, the growth temperature was 1.73 degrees Celsius, which is two times higher than the average increase in temperature over the last century. Scientists led by Li Tsonghinga (Li Zhonghing) Chinese Academy of Sciences found that the changes in the glaciers is partly due to global warming. Also determined a significant change in the mass of glaciers downward. "Glaciers are an integral part of thousands of ecosystems and play an important role in human life," — said the scientist. In the south-eastern area of China, there are about 24 thousand glaciers covering an area the size of 30 square kilometers.

Previously, we reported that due to the abnormally high temperatures recorded in Europe for the month, in Switzerland there was a threat of collapse of the glacier.

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