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Czeslaw Senyuh: "When it's hard, I sing BELARUS Lullaby"

Czeslaw Senyuh

The poem "A New Earth" Kolas. Tragikamedyya "Locals" Yanka Kupala. Book Vasil Bykov and Ryhor Baradulin "If rukayutstsa soul" … With these iconic works of Belarusian literature Polish reader could meet thanks to the translator Czesław Senyuh. He was born in the town of Liubcha Novogrudskaya area in 1930, but for decades lived in Warsaw. Recently starting his ninth decade, Mr. Czeslaw eyeing the new masterpieces of the Belarusian literature. With a translator, hero of the day spoke Michas Scoble.

Michas Scoble"Mr. Czeslaw, we have heat, and you have a flood in Poland … I would not want you to his apartment in the center of Warsaw on a cool change falvarachak on the banks of the Neman anywhere near your home Lyubcha? "

Czeslaw Senyuh"You know, if zaisnavali such conditions, I'd much rather would have changed would have given you my apartment in Warsaw, and he would travel to Belarus for Neman. This is my dream. Unfortunately, this can not be, but the dream is well and be happy, let's say that my castle Lubcha restored. Is there such a fanatic restoration of the castle. And I recently learned that built up that tower, where I went to the nursery, where he started to learn the Polish language and Polish different cases, while there was Poland. So I perceive it with great joy and, as you can see, enthusiastically telling you about it. "

Scoble"Once upon a Polish researcher Stanislav Piganov could not understand some of the words-belorusizm Adam Mickiewicz. And if you transferred Kolas, or left some Belarusian buzzwords in his translation of the "New Earth"? Or to every Belarusian word was adequate padshukany Polish equivalent? "

Senyuh"I did not translate the words, I translate the meaning, the whole phrase. In poetry there is no language about how to translate the word. As for belorusizm in Kolasa, I think they will be, if carefully read my translation. I am not ashamed that I left belorusizm where they were required. "

Scoble"Your interpretation of" New Land "is a bit longer than the original, or to be exact, on line 164. You worked 10 years, did an outstanding job, but line by line, yet could not fit. What caused this? "

Senyuh"I think the main reason here — prosody of language, which I translate and with which I translate. The Belarusian language rich. First, click on mobile, which allows you to build a phrase in verse, poetry, verse build whatever you want. And to find words adequate to this natsiskovay freedom in the Polish language is impossible. So I had to find a way to somehow convey the meaning in the phrase, which I find in it. In Polish it is not easy to do, I tell you. "

Scoble"After a decade of hard work on the" New Earth "you razveyvalisya? Is it easy to have that "new earth let go"? "

Senyuh"I went along the same path. Just began to translate poetry and prose Baradulin Bykov, and thus managed to book "If rukayutstsa soul", Polish "Gdy witajase dusze". This book has also come out. Fight fire with fire, as they say. "

"New Earth" as you can, as long as you know that in Polish in Poland has not been published.

Scoble"More recently, you have translated Kupalovskaya" Tuteyshyh "which, unfortunately, have been dealt with a repertoire of Kupala Theater in Minsk. And if they are going to put in Poland? "

Senyuh"I have such hope. But now we have to wait what the outcome of an attempt to put "Pinsk gentry." This will be the first prime minister of Belarus plays on the Polish scene. It puts the theater "ramp" in Warsaw. Will premiere on September 30. Let's see how our Polish public will, and then we will try to look for the theater, the stage at which it will prademanstaravats Kupalovskaya play. "

Scoble"I know that now you translate the poem" Polonaise "by Vladimir Neklyaeva. Easy for this work is given to you?"

Senyuh"I have already" Polonaise "translated. Moreover, it has even published here in Poland, in "Gallery" in Czestochowa. Even now I keep it in my hands and I can say with pleasure that her fate interesting from the point of view of the Polish reader than in the "New Earth". "New Earth" as you can, as long as you know that in Polish in Poland has not been published. "

Scoble"I once heard you sing the anthem of the Union of Belarusian youth. And if you have a lyrical mood that you himself that? "

Senyuh"Day of the golden warmth of the sun bathed, / sinyakryly butterfly flew over the rye / fly like a dream, above the ears low, / As chime of a poor stroller …" This lullaby sung by me, my older sister for ten years. I memorized it, and whenever I find it hard, I try to remember. "

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Andrus Takindang: "I formed COUNTRY WORK"

Andrew Takindang

Today's visitor to our studio Minsk Andrew Takindang. Belarusian mother and father — a native of the distant and mysterious African country of Chad generously endowed the only son of a multi-talented. Just another kid Andrew began to write poetry, draw, play, students are actively involved in the creation of the now popular folkmadernovaga of "Echo", and almost a year ago was the lead on the TV channel ONT educational program dedicated to Belarusian half-forgotten word. With Andrei Takindang Aksak said Valentine.

Valentine Aksak"Sir Andrew, let's start a conversation with the last time your case. I mean the program brief you on September 24, 2009 are driving on Thursday morning in the TV channel ONT. As for ordinary Belarusian public, then it all still looks very strange and even exotic: a young man with an African person tells the people here about the origin and meaning of their traditional folk, but already half-forgotten words. How do you in this role? What kind of feedback from viewers get? "

Andrew Takindang"I like this project because it is working on the first private television station, which then sells the ONT this column as a finished product. And because the team is young enough, the work is interesting and fun. It may not always look exactly the scientific side, but, thank God, we have the expert language of the program. This is the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Language Society Helena anise. She sees to it that we give the floor to the limits of language rules. As for the reviews, then there is a site where you can send them, but most of the audience write directly to me at the e-mail account, and are more daring and less zakapleksavanyya, then come up on the street and the right offer, which would like to hear the words in the program. "

Aksak"Whose idea was this — to invite you to this program?"

Takindang"That to me is a mystery. We called one day and offered. I was surprised at first offer, because I have never engaged in television, but somehow was involved and now enjoy. By the way, rece
ntly the program began to go out twice a week — on Tuesdays and Thursday. "

Aksak"So you have now twice as likely to have comprehended the street. Based on this program, and your poems, the language of his mother-Belarusian you know well. And it nice to know you have the language of his father — who was born to Chad? "

Takindang"My father spoke French. I specifically taught French at school and at university. He tried with his father to speak in French, and he stubbornly did not want to speak to me in Russian. As for the national languages of Chad, there are about two hundred. I raise hands — two national languages! One of them I do not know. I know a few words, the individual names — the names of juicy, philosophical. For example, the word "dubadene" means "stay inside." And I'm thinking — in the middle of what? I know some of the words a little, but talk — no. Need to live there permanently, to learn to speak at least one of the two hundred languages. "

Aksak"There is a myth that you were born and went with his mother to his grandfather in the village and there at first a little surprised your appearance, and then my grandfather said that brought you the best Belarusians for purebred counterparts. Is this true? "

A lot of traits in my character of a village man, although my grandparents were not peasants.

Takindang"I and a really big part of his life he lived in the village. My village is called hell. It's Lepel, Vitebsk region. My mother and father were in Minsk. After his father went to Africa, and his mother was left to work in Minsk, and raised me Grandma and Grandpa. And a lot of traits in my character of a village man, although my grandparents were not peasants. They were village teachers. Grandpa taught physics, and my grandmother — Russian language and literature. But I mowed the grandparents, chopping wood — all of this work forms a rustic character. Influenced me and the relationship between grandparents, between my uncles and aunts. Grandfather except that he taught physics, was a musician and an artist that also influenced me. "

Aksak"There is another myth about you. After one of the meetings, if you together with others imprisoned in jail, after riot police allegedly vybachalisya that you accidentally detained, and you tell them neatly on the Belarusian said they were not random and refused to leave the prison. Was it really is? "

Takindang"I'm trying to remember the days when they were active street protests. In fact, I was detained, and that's what I told them? .. One day after the mass arrest I was in prison, along with other dark-skinned guy. He may have told them so … "(Laughs).

Aksak"You have completed the famous art school named Akhremchik, then Belarusian University of Culture. You are known as a musician, as an artist and as a poet. Who you think of first? "

Takindang"In the artistic profession, I feel calm and confident. As for the music and lyrics, the relationship with them can be characterized as search. All of the arts — the constant study, but the musical commission takes up most of the time. Most of all, I feel like a student in everything. "

Andrus Takindang. Of new poems


Nettle is an old,
as if stained.
Memorize your holiday region,
has not lost his keen eyesight.

Evening early in the yard,
in the house began to sink,
juicy apple struck down
and obivshego their side.

Here braid hanging under the roof.
Autumn gave her peace.
Memorize holy days,
when, like stale bread earth.


Do not go behind the scenes
we hide from Bissau
Metro carries us home
single guilty.

Do NOT ask advice
We do not know the answer,
we ourselves to the salary
barely survives.

Do not go behind the scenes
better here, and it's better now
sadness and joy.
We — on stage
you — in the hall.


Die like your brothers,
better to die, son,
What to bring
parental earth
than to leave their faith.

You sucked the breasts three years
you grew up as a spike in the field,
brothers are waiting for you
in higher Eruzalime.

No power over the heart of the king,
He did not win the heart,
high overhead
Your radiant star.


I'm a flaming bush engaged in dialogue
and his voice said:
Gather into a fist chosen people
and head to the edge.

God has usually simply everything
but people have not —
Hamel million words
zbludilisya in the bushes.


Fall is not yet in force,
There are no rains,
I know in the forest areas,
Grazyna! Go to the blackberry.


Sorry, Olga,
I would like to just
I would just like to …
Sorry, Olga …


Frozen pile of firewood
PUSH to his chest.
Good day to you, woman!
Hello, Andrey!


With both hands, she holds the hoop.
Come on, move it raskrutsi one,
and I will write a poem about you —
replete with the poet's life.


Pryzhanitstsa to me in the province
frisky with a young hairdresser.
I would be in his underwear on the street would come out,
and around — bright cherry.


Joan of Arc, you're my darling,
or close to the chest armor,
do not rub or club and loins,
or simply do not want to bare


Bald tyrats hairy —
hilarious end vasmidesyath.
Man Ales from village to town
Apple brought a girl friend.
(Excuse me, have you seen this girl?
Here you go, a picture of her.)
Beautiful, but unfortunately, the picture
can not say for sure about the nature,
but the youth did not need abundant,
quite a sight to fall in love.
Therefore, not surprisingly, the guy Ales
Apple was shaking, if the stars shake.



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