In the Kama came abnormally cold nights

In the Kama came abnormally cold nights

PERM, August 3 — RIA Novosti.On Wednesday night in the Middle Urals in general and in the Perm region in particular was very cold because of the arctic air, the same weather forecast and on Thursday night, said on Wednesday the GIS center of Perm State University.

"The night of August 3, has stood out in the Middle Urals unusually cold in parts of the air temperature was only 0 … plus 3 degrees … In the Perm minimum temperature was 4.5 degrees plus. For the beginning of August is a very low value, close to the daily minimum air temperature, "- said in a statement.

On Wednesday, the temperature in the Perm reaches about 18 degrees plus, it is below the average daily norm by 5-6 degrees. As reported by forecasters, even more significant contrast, the temperature is compared with 2010, when the average temperature in the beginning of August was above normal by 7-9 degrees, and the maximum on different days ranged from plus 28.5 to plus 36.7 degrees.

"The night of August 4, will be the same abnormally cold as the past, in an anticyclone against complete still nothing will prevent the cooling of the air near the ground. The air temperature in Perm expected around plus 5 degrees, in low places, especially on the east edge, plus 1 to plus 3 degrees … "- note the weather forecasters.

According to their calculations, a slight warming can be expected tomorrow afternoon, when shifted to the east of the anticyclone temperature will mark plus 20 degrees.

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