In the Large Hadron Collider, making a movie about zombies

November 10, 2012 19:03

Group of physics students making a film inside the Large Hadron Collider. Characteristically, it's a horror film. Horror film that exploits the most "popular" general lack of public fears, which is waiting for the "black hole of antimatter," then some more shit from these "bloody obrazovantsev" which zamstilos Higgs boson search in the world.

Film «Decay» («The collapse") is very malobyudzheten (2000 euros), lifted virtually everyday camera Canon 5D Mark 2. Main idea is to ensure that use the "ideal place for a zombie movie", and remove the same zombie movie in the corridors of the LHC.

"Disintegration" begins with the fact that a group of scientists warned: Stop the LHC, or any disaster happens. LHC will not stop, because, they say, the discovery of the Higgs boson — the highest priority.

Disaster and really just does not happen, the LHC switched off, and soon after the movie characters make some opening, terrifying them to such an extent that they start to growl a terrible voice and eat each other.

CERN no relation to the film does not have, at least officially. Release date is still unknown, but it appears to not have to wait long.

PS Just today, the web caught my eye anecdote (hardly new, but still): "The film is about a zombie apocalypse has to start differently. In the district of Moscow Shchukin close to each other are two remarkable Institute — Virology and Kurchatov … "

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