In the parallel world is accessible by opening the door to the mysterious

November 27, 2011 5:50

Mathematician and quantum physics say that the planet may well exist parallel worlds, or in a scientific way — other levels of life. However, ordinary people refuse to believe it, and the scientists do not yet have reliable evidence of their scientific assumptions. However, cases of contact with the parallel worlds of people still locked.

 In the book, the well-known Russian researcher of anomalous phenomena Vadim Chernobrov "The Mystery of the parallel worlds" describes an episode that took place in England. Girl for a long time could not get out of the forest on its highly visible hillside because getting inside of a space surrounded by an invisible but impenetrable wall. It is a few hours trying to get out of this trap: screaming, walked and drove his hands over the invisible wall, vainly searching for a way out. It has already been searched, but passes very close to her rescue, not only did not see the girl, but did not hear her cries for help, even though she clearly they saw and heard. When the search party left, the transparent wall itself suddenly disappeared, and she easily got home.
Logically, any living beings on the other side of this is invisible to us in normal wall, so can watch us, hear every word, while we are not even aware of such "spying."

It is in a similar situation in 1998, were members of one of four expeditions to Medveditskaia anomalous zone in the north of the Volgograd region. They clearly saw and heard two people appearing next to them, but the two men for a long time did not notice them and heard their cries.
Belief in the existence of some other levels of life worlds and dimensions originated on Earth with the emergence of mankind. All pagan religions existed firmly the idea that the priests, the prophets and prophetess, and shamans and sorcerers can temporarily transform into a different world, to learn the secrets of the past and the future. It is quite possible that there are some windows in space and time through which identified themselves as members of the human race can look into the past and future, as well as beyond the wall are invisible to ordinary people.
In many places, the land is "a cursed place," where a person happens all kinds of strange phenomena, or where people disappear. Now these zones some scientists call the clefts between adjacent realities, others — a curvature in space-time continuum, and others — the portals leading to other dimensions. If an ordinary person falls into one of these anomalous zones, it ends up falling for him, as a rule, disappearance without a trace, and only in rare cases it manages to escape, but with a significant loss in the physical and moral health.
In the XIX century, when there was a limousine, in the U.S. state of Connecticut caught two storm with heavy rain people Colonel McArdle and Judge Wei decided to take refuge in an abandoned wooden structure. They did not know that the locals call this building a "house of horrors" and does not reach it. For several years before this untraceable lost a whole family — the head of the family, his wife and their five children. So, McArdle and Wei went into the house, shut the door and immediately found themselves in complete darkness and dead silence. They have not seen a glimpse of lightning and the rumble of thunder heard. This stunned them, and groped in the dark hands, heavy wrought door, opened it. Before their eyes appeared another room, which was dim. In this room, out of nowhere came a weak greenish glow. Thanks to him, the travelers could see lying on the floor shrunken corpses of adults and children. The judge entered the room and immediately disappeared. Colonel, standing at the half-open door immediately slammed it shut. Then it was found lying semi-conscious on the road a long way from a terrible home. Later he came to himself, but to the end of his days remained mentally ill. We must assume that McArdle and Wei were in another dimension. Judge unhappy, apparently too absorbed in another world, and therefore disappeared.
According to the latest research, the transition zone between the adjacent worlds has the ability to change their size and move. One might think that it is because of this in 1936 in the village near Krasnoyarsk simultaneously extinct population.
In Peru, in the town Markauasi, there is a stone forest, which, according to researchers, is a portal — access to the other spatial dimensions. A few months ago, there occurred a dramatic story with one of the young patients known in the Peruvian capital of Dr. Raul Rios Sentai: here it is partially paralyzed. It happened like this. Woman resting at the campsite near Markauasi. Late in the evening with friends, she went for a walk to the Stone Forest. Suddenly noticed a little strolling and lighted torches hut in which people danced. Rios tried to be patient first near the unusual spectacle, and her friend tightly follow. Once a woman came to the hut, then they immediately smelled cold. But the first of them, not giving it much importance, looked into the open door and was surprised to see that dancing dressed in the fashion of the XVII century. She was rushed even get into the room, but her more aware of the anomalous zone of stone forest girlfriend resolutely pulled the arm back.
Subsequent examination of the patient Rios showed that her body was paralyzed as much as she could enter into the space of a stone hut. One can assume that if a woman entered the room itself, it would paralyze or completely, or is it forever would be in another dimension.
Yet to make such a definitive conclusion seems to be impossible, as in the phenomenon of parallel worlds are still very unclear. After all returned safe and sound from them above mentioned girl from England and participants Medveditskaia expedition.
All of these are the facts, according to researchers, suggest that parallel worlds are not two or three, but many, and besides, most different, significantly different from each other.
It is not excluded that one appear at UFO and aliens, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness different monster types.

Author: S.Shishkin
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism »№ June 2011

On the subject:

The door to a parallel world was found in the mirror …

Ten years ago, at an amusement park in Kent UK began disappearing children. They went into the "room of laughter" and … did not come out. The police knocked. And recently, a female medium has announced that …

… Knows where babies. In one of the distorting mirrors of the ride, she said, is output to a parallel world.

Open the "door"!

We live in a three-dimensional space, where everything is measured in length, width and height, and are able to think only in its framework. We know that one dimension — it is an endless line. Can easily imagine two — plane. And see about three familiar dimensions. But the fact that there are many more, and recognize academic science. In modern physics, popular so-called "string theory." To understand it is extremely difficult. But the main thing — it may be the existence of other dimensions!

— The number can be up to 26, but the extra dimension as it collapsed, because we do not see. Experimentally detect them is also not yet possible, — says Alexey Bazilevich, Ph.D. in physics.

If the fourth and other dimensions exist, then where do they lead? It was in those places, which we call the parallel worlds. Imagine what it is, you can use a simple analogy. Imagine that you live in the plane, that is, in two dimensions, and you do not know that this plane intersects with an infinite number of others. But on some lines crossing there are sites in which your two-dimensional figure can accidentally into the other, "foreign" to you plane. Similarly — to traverse space, that is, parallel worlds.

In 1931, an American researcher Charles Fort coined the term — "place of teleportation." This is a land area where there may be a sudden movement and discover "doors" to parallel worlds. According to various versions, from there to us visited by UFOs Barabashka, ghosts and other creatures. But since the "doors" open to one side, it is possible that you can go through and to the other?

Proponents of anomalies are convinced of missing people who have an account in the thousands each year, should look into parallel worlds. More precisely, it was worth — because no one knows exactly how to get there and back.

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