In Vawkavysk and Byalynichy banned picketing movement Tell the Truth

The response of society Volkovysk executive committee, according to activist Vitaly reveler, explained that the picket, under the law, can not lead to the collection of signatures.

In addition to the executive committee do not know when will be the fourth All-Belarusian People's Assembly, and, they say, to still not defined the procedure for nomination of delegates. On the basis of this Vaukavysk authorities and refused to hold a picket.

Collect signatures for Neklyaeva banned in Byalynichy.

Belynichi executive committee are also not allowed to hold rally on August 15 to collect signatures in support of the director of research and educational institutions, "Moving Forward" Vladimir Neklyaeva delegate to the Belarusian People's Assembly.

In response, signed by the chairman of the district administration Alexander Voronin refusal argumentuetstsa that currently do not set the date of the meeting.

"It was announced by Lukashenka idea of the meeting. Created committee and approved by the person responsible for its preparation. We understand how people active so which can be begin collecting signatures. After all, we did not break, but we still Voronin has warned that in case of an unauthorized picket us to prosecute. Me thinks that the regional hierarchy? "- Commented refusal activist Boris Vyrvich.

Application for picket served three Belynichi activists. He had pass on the House floor before the District of life.

The last time in Byalynichy picketed in 2006 during the presidential election. The authorities did not give permission, but the applicants had a picket. It activists campaigning for presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich.

Yesterday was not allowed to hold a rally to gather signatures in support of Vladimir Neklyaeva delegate to the Fourth Republican People's Assembly in Bobruisk the same as in Byalynichy, the wording of the ban.

Application for a picket of Neklyaeva filed in Mogilev. July 28, three applicants are waiting for a response from the City Council.


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