In Vitebsk, a competition for the creation of national anthem

According to the requirements expressed by the regional executive committees, it must be Russian-speaking, "have a high artistic level, intanatsyyna-melodic clarity, patriotism, zapaminalnasts, solemnity".

Assess the quality of works submitted to the contest will be a special commission appointed by the chairman of the executive committee Alexander Kosinets. Are invited to participate as individual writers, poets and composers, as well as creative writing groups.

The task assigned to the regional executive committees of the makers of the hymn is as follows: the product of a "must correspond to the status of the city of Vitebsk, as an independent administrative unit of Vitebsk region, which has indyviduyalnasts its historical and cultural value "and" reflect the uniqueness of Vitebsk, in the context of development The Republic of Belarus. "

Five years also by the decision of the regional executive committee was initiated by the creation of the coat of arms and flag of the Vitebsk region. On June 2, 2009and these characters have been approved. Flag Vitebsk green, and on it placed an image of the coat of arms: red shield with the French Chases — silver rider, who holds in his right hand lifted up his sword, and the left — a shield with a gold six-pointed cross. At the top of the coat of arms — a golden crown, and at the bottom — two golden oak branches entwined with and connected to the blue sash.


Vitebsk, anthem

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