Independent media and politics: who to whom I should?


Open letter policy of Alexander Yarashuk accusations against the independent media — an occasion to reflect on the status and quality of local media? Is there degradation of local journalism, and independent including? Who owes whom — journalists politician or vice versa? Should the media have not engaged politically?


On these topics in the "Prague accent" lead the discussion leader analytical programs BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski, journalist and blogger Victor Maliszewski and chairman of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk.

Drakakhrust: An important event of last week was the correspondence politics, President of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk reporters. The journalist of the newspaper "Solidarity" is not allowed to go to the meeting of Congress, the editors of a number of publications have condemned the position of the leadership of the Congress, Mr. Yarashuk addressed an open letter to his opponents, which gave all of them thinks. And not only because of the specific situation, but in general. Alexander Yarashuk wrote that for some time just stopped reading independent newspapers, as had previously stopped reading public.

It seems to me that the subject of the conversation may be no reason to have generated the conflict, and even the tone of the letter of Mr. Yarashuk and issues raised them. So to speak, and the judge who and what they are — Belarusian media? At first, I would ask Mr. Yarashuk outline the content of the letter. You threw read Belarusian independent press — and why?

Yarashuk: Why stopped reading? It has become banal uninteresting. From my point of view down the professional standards of the media, in this case independent. Today, just open the media ten years ago and compare it to this day, and

The independent media were largely partisan and biased.

I think that the comparison is not in favor of today. Many uncertainties, many spelling and stylistic mistakes — they irritate and hurt the eyes. But surely the most important — is that independent media have largely partisan and biased. It's not all the journalists concerned, but there is such a tendency. And therefore was not interesting to read. I stopped reading those authors which treat with great respect and who have not allowed themselves to lower the bar for professional.

DrakakhrustAlexander Klaskouski what would you say to the allegations of Mr. Yarashuk? In your opinion, is there a grain of truth in them?

KlaskouskiYes, a grain of truth in them there. But I'll start with the remark that Mr. Yarashuk not responded to the statement on the merits of the journalists. He said the principle of "fools themselves." He, as I understand it, does not deny that the journalist did not allow for a union meeting, but said that he had good motives. He had to explain that the "provocation" Solidarity "and its allies," accents. Instead, a lot of emotions, insults, shortcuts, but because of what the fuss broke out and clear.

The rationale is that a lot of the problems of the independent press. The fact is that our media sphere is the same anomaly as political, it is also deformed. But opposition leaders do not talk about these issues, they just resent the press their bites. However, the present and the press should be toothy, may just not have enough of this zubastastsi our journalism.

Individual resources vyradilisya in "BT vice versa," they have also become propaganda mouthpieces of journalism and there was not a hint.

We are the leaders of the opposition claims to the press when she touched them personally or a little PR. The statement that the press disorganized opposition in the general laughter is worth. To collapse the opposition completely different factors involved, first of all this pressure the state intelligence efforts, petty ambitions of the chiefs themselves, and not what the journalists wrote. UDF does not fall apart because the journalists criticized him.

The independent press, while in the underground, really experienced the severe strain. Individual resources vyradilisya in "BT vice versa," they have also become propaganda mouthpieces, journalism and there was not a hint. All the questions one answer: "I beg your pardon a criminal regime." And other journalists on the contrary completely ceased "shove on the rampage." Their humanly possible to understand, but the strip of professionalism is really down, journalism and became a wingless craft, I call reference unit while not include brains, and voice recorder, and this raw material ready for issue.

Journalists are different, there are unscrupulous. But those of my colleagues who signed the letter are least likely to deserve this kind of reproach.
They are professionals with a capital letter.

DrakakhrustMember of our current transmission journalist and blogger Victor Maliszewski recently in an interview expressed the paradoxical idea that if the Belarusian regime will collapse, the independent journalism and devoted himself to the fight against the regime will collapse with it. Maybe I'm a little vtryruyu, but I think your assessment of the contents of such. You unlike Mr. Yarashuk not a politician, newspaper wolf, but we are talking about the journalistic about the same as him. Not the same?

Maliszewski: You surely have noticed that I, unlike Mr. Yarashuk not a politician. I believe that in every situation you need to find some interest. Yarashuk "ran" for journalists for alleged a conspiracy, and added that they are the same no way the opposition, and even worse. Yarashuk spoke, defensively, he has a vested interest. When I say that journalism is no, I have no interests there. I believe that I have on this sanction is. In Yarashuk — I think not. If you start to learn the profession of journalists, immediately accused of attempting to free speech. And basically the way it is.

What about the fact that journalism will collapse together with the regime — to hit something, it is necessary that it be. Mode-that is, and how journalism has not. Look for the circulation of newspapers, which for many years did not grow (which Yarashuk in his letter

Journalism does not start when you are given the information, and if you refuse to provide it.

noted), and not only in the limitations of the authorities here it is. The Internet audience is not very growing.

Just look at how the media reveal a variety of topics. One can find many angles, and write all the same. There was even statistics on how many people visit the three sites at the same time — "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "News" and "Onlayner." And it turned out that all three sites are visited by only 2% of users. 77% is enough to go to one site to find out all the news. This clearly demonstrates the essen
ce of the Belarusian journalism. I'm not even talking about the newspaper, there is quite dark. Even if we take the online resources, we can see that the top 5 most read resources — those who take someone else's information, this aggregators. Just read one aggregator to be aware of everything.

I call myself antizhurnalistom, and sometimes zdekuyusya of journalists — take the topic after she had heard in the media, and return them to the subject and show those angles that they have not seen.

Our journalism has long been censored and put yourself in such conditions, so you can talk — but officials do not talk to us, do not give us the information. Journalism does not start when you are given the information, and if you refuse to provide it. That's where the fun begins. And our journalists here smoldering eyes.

Drakakhrust: Maybe my eyes and went out at the journalist of "Solidarity", which is not allowed to go to a meeting of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions.

Mr. Yarashuk you in my letter us that a publication like something is wrong you have presented, not as you would like. But now the right-wing media in the U.S., such as TV channel Fox News, lead a war against President Obama. And not always, to put it mildly, this coverage meets the criteria of objectivity and impartiality. Just like before printing the entire left American adtoptvavsya on President Bush. And it's not just those who are in power, from the American left media always got it right politician from the right-wing media — left. Print — this is not just a mirror, and the party is a political struggle. In America, and not only there, it is. And in Belarus should be otherwise?

Yarashuk: This mestachkovasts, provincialism of thinking does not corrode. Victor began this talk, I will continue it. I actually consider myself a politician. And I thought it happened, a kind of gift itself.

I called my colleague, the President of the Russian Confederation of Labour, Boris Kravchenko, and asked: "Alexander, how much you paid to have so much propiarili? 'I say,' Boris, you can laugh, but it is absolutely free."

I understand the principle of solidarity craft of journalism, but look a little wider and farther. August 4th, I met in a neighboring country with one of the sponsors of the independent media. So they grabbed his head. And he went on and resonance with extremely negative attitude towards those who signed an open letter to me. We are talking about an elementary partisanship and lack of professionalism.

I am absolutely sure that turned out to be a surgeon, who at the time when the need has revealed this abscess.

In fact, I got to the point, and I know it. I have been closely following the debate in many forums and I am absolutely sure that turned out to be a surgeon, who at the time when the need has revealed this abscess. Now talk about it out loud, including in this program. And the glory of God.

DrakakhrustAlexander Klaskouski seems to be a couple of years ago, you had a public dispute with another union leader — Mr. Bukhvostov about the role and place of media, so to speak, "in the operating system." I would ask you to express your opinions about the relationship between the world of politics and the world of journalism. Roughly speaking, someone who should?

Klaskouski: No one no one should. The trouble of a number of opposition politicians that without knowing it, they think in the spirit of Lenin's well-known work of the party organization and party literature that journalism should be a cog in the wheel and all-Party mechanism. By the way, Alexander Buhvostov at the time argued that journalists should be strongly energetically promoting the UDF, as it was said in the Communist era, "the mind, honor and conscience of our epoch." And where now is the UDF? And that's because it criticized the journalists?
Politicians love to talk to journalists, "We are with you in the same boat." We are in different boats. Politicians have a mission in

Politicians love to talk to journalists, "We are with you in the same boat." We are in different boats.

Journalists — their own. The mission of the press — is to wash dirty linen in public, the normal press, as x-rays, vysvechvae shortcomings and
government and the opposition. And when the press begins to serve or power or opposition, this degradation. And we see it in opposition to some resources.

That is pure experiment. Now, each party has its own website, as well as any newspaper. So why on the party's website 25 visitors per day, and the site 25,000 visitors. For some reason, people do not read lamanuvsya individual titans of thought and the fathers of the Belarusian democracy, and read the damned zhurnalyug. This is a dispute that touches people, and who feels the nerve of public opinion.

I'm not saying that journalism — a zone closed to criticism. I do not work in the first year online and on your article every comment I receive a tail, and sometimes evil. And you, Yuri, get, and Victor. This is a cross, which must be held every public personality. It is necessary to treat this in filyazovsku and do not feed the trolls. And politicians to build from a women is also not necessary. The press always going to write about what politicians would like something to hide.
While Nekljaev was a poet, no one asked him for whose money he gives his books. As soon as he went into politics and became a leader of the "Tell the Truth", once all interested in where the money for it. And any jerk at a press conference that will be the master of tyranny and ask where the money is. Here the laws of the genre.

Drakakhrust: Victor, how do you feel about the angazhavanastsi journalism. It is in Belarus are enough of partisan, and now, before the election, it became more expressive. This is the normal life of the media or professional disqualification?

Maliszewski: I think it is a disqualification. I, as a blogger, even very palohayusya when they start talking about the influence of some bloggers. If I think I'm doing the influence, I'm not going to write what I see, I'll start to influence.
Now, on the eve of the election, I received offers to work for a particular candidate. I deny all that

As Churchill said, everyone wants to be kept informed — truly, honestly, and in full accordance with his views.

maintain distance from everyone to have the right to ask any applicant worst question of those that they will be asked. I'm not sure that the media will be able to ask questions like those whom they will work.

As Churchill said, everyone wants to be kept informed — truly, honestly, and in full accordance with his views. And so it is.

We have a president a few years ago said that the main opposition in the country — they are journalists, and most he got it from them. Now he is unlikely to say so and not journalists. And it is the politicians have spoiled our journalists.

It seems idiotic to hand out awards to journalists for their courage. 've Probably all Belarusian journalists have received these awards. And it is — a sanction considers themselves to be professionals.

Or professional they really are — the big question. As for spelling errors that are so troubled by Alexander Yarashuk, I am writing specifically for spelling errors to confuse all these errors.

Drakakhrust: You did not pay attention to the other bugs?

MaliszewskiNo, that did not take it very seriously. In fac
t, everything must be treated with a certain amount of humor. And our media and the opposition, and officials lack of irony. If it was completely different to communicate.

Drakakhrust: Mr. Yarashuk, that Alexander Klaskouski reminded about numbers — the number of visitors to online resources such as and the number of visitors to your congress. They differ significantly. And with all of your claims to the media — and where you were and whether there would be public opinion, if not for them? So maybe you should put them bows, because if you do not have the media, you are nowhere.

Life — it's all a game. Politics and journalism — it's also a game and we should treat it as a game.

Yarashuk: I'm not suicidal, to declare war on the media. I would like to continue the thought of Victor. Dear journalists, good people. It should be easier to relate to everything that happens is not as serious as funny gets. Life — it's all a game. Politics and journalism — it's also a game and we should treat it as a game.

I think that a lot of journalists have understood perfectly what he meant by his letter Yarashuk. Among those who signed the letter against me, there are people I know well and which bad attitude. But I deliberately raised the bar to show — not so, guys, you can call in too far.
My opponents are very predictable, that does not give me pleasure, because you want to and your opponents are at an appropriate level.

No more madness than to say that Yarashuk enemy of freedom of expression and independent media. Yarashuk — the enemy partial, biased, unprofessional independent journalism.

Drakakhrust: In a situation with which we began our conversation, Mr. Yarashuk was the victim of corporate journalistic solidarity, perhaps even automatic. Sometimes this solidarity — it is very good, the independent media in Belarus are constantly under the gun. But is it always good — solidarity in defending their rights, and someone's opinion — their craft privileges? Victor, what do you think? If you are a journalist should not be partisan in politics, why should he be engaged by a corporate problem?

MaliszewskiI, by the way, too, would have signed this open letter Yarashuk. And including of solidarity. If journalists are not allowed at the event, for me it does not matter for what reasons. It is an occasion to say that the violation of the rights, and to join together to protect them. I do not understand how journalists could remain silent in this situation. Of course, I had to say, it was necessary to make a man who did not let excuses and explanations as to why he did not let me. And do not explain the fact that someone is not objective, and cause some arguments.

The Belarusian stories have been cases where solidarity led to the fact that journalists turned a blind eye to something.

Although there are delicate moments of solidarity. To you come and say — you have to sign, because we are under attack. And if you do not sign, you are not with us are against us. The Belarusian stories have been cases where solidarity led to the fact that journalists turned a blind eye to something.

Remember how life got Markevich and Mozheyko? When you consider what they have written, the journalists had to say simplicity: Markevich and Mozheyko had no right way to write, the power had no right to respond to what they have written. That is true solidarity. And when it is said only that the government had no right to respond to what they have written, and put a dot, the solidarity begins to work not for journalists, against journalists, if I closed my eyes.

Solidarity journalists needed, they should be protected from the opposition, too.

KlaskouskiI would answer the rhetorical question: which corporate interests in an open letter to the editors Yarashuk? There protect the right to information, which is written in the Constitution. This is not to Jeanne Litvin, head of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, or Starykevich Alexander, the editor of the "Solidarity", the right is the right to information. This is needed policies and all

Let Belarusian politicians would learn from this workshop zyadnanastsi journalists.

citizens. So there is no "esprit de corps" and not some interest in the guild, it is a struggle for loudly speaking, the constitutional rights of all citizens.

There were calls not to take everything seriously. So I also jokingly say let the Belarusian politicians learn from this workshop zyadnanastsi journalists. Maybe then they would finally put forward a single candidate. And that after a dull room. DO NOT select and say that, of course, this press was to blame.

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