India’s Effort non-nuclear submarine fleet

India's Effort non-nuclear submarine fleet
After the disaster with Sindhurakshak Submarine Command of the Indian Navy has submitted several projects to modernize the existing fleet of non-nuclear submarines and accelerate the purchase of new submarines, reports now
Provides modernization class submarines Shishumar (HDW Type 20), pictured by equipping anti-ship missiles, Kilo-class submarines will receive the latest fire control system will be purchased new simulators for training crews use guns, to tender for the purchase of new submarines.
Sources said that the contract for the modernization of 2-PL and Shalki Shankul class Shishumar German construction will be completed in recent years. May be purchased about 100 Harpoon anti-ship missiles South American production, and two torpedo simulator in Germany.
With the loss of the submarine Sindhurakshak full amount of operational submarines of this class was reduced to 11, but it is planned to put into operation two submarines of this type that are to be repaired. Emphasis will be made on the equipment of the boat Sindhukirti latest fire control system.
There will also be accelerated tender for the acquisition of a new type of non-nuclear submarines with airindependent propulsion significantly prolonging time finding submarines underwater. The tender is the role of producers from France, Germany, Spain and Russia. After a one-year delay requirements for boats may be issued up to December this year.

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